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Success Mindset


If what you’ve been aligning to doesn’t come to life, you practiced believing so damn hard and yet it still didn’t happen, there’s no need to analyse or get sad or mad or think that it’s bad.

There’s no need to try and figure out what went wrong and what you should have done differently, no need at all – unless it’s that you wanna keep creating this scenario?!

Instead, see it for what your higher self knows it is – an oddity, a deviation, an ABERRATION from norm, something to just wrinkle your brow at, a little confused, a little ‘what the fuck?!’ a little ‘how did THAT happen?’, but with no energy or emotion attached to it at all, because really –

Why would you have an emotional charge, particularly a negative or contractive or fear-based one, around something that is just a very odd, very curious, quite FUNNY really, exception to your usual, and your usual, of course, is this –

You get what you want.

What you make a MUST.


The End.

So if by chance you seem to have NOT got –

Meh. Shrug it off. “That’s weird!”, you say to yourself. “A little irritating!” “But, whatever!”


The show of course being YOU, living your damn LIFE, merrily carrying on in the expectation that DUH girlFRIEND, of course you get what you want, do you KNOW who you’re talking to?!

The question is though –

Do YOU know who you’re talking to?

When you let yourself slump –

And get all down in a dump –

And become SUCH a frump –

(lol, I’m so poetic!)

– because, well, because, well, the ONLY reason you’d actually let this shit get to you, is if you thought it MEANT something.

If you thought that it was a reflection on your worth.

Your readiness.

Your cool factor.

Whether or not life or money or love or what the fuck ever LIKES you.

Whether you’re EVER gonna get there at all!

If that’s your mindset, then sure, by all means, dig in and figure out what went wrong, why you weren’t ready yet, what you didn’t DO right, what you missed, how you could have chosen or allowed this, WHY NOT YOU YET?

I’m sure you’ll find some interesting things!

Just understand that if that IS your mindset, and you choose to take that sort of investigative path, you are BY DEFINITION STATING TO ALL AND SUNDRY –

(not least your own self)


You are REINFORCING your own not-there-ness.

And locking in a belief that it’s a reflection of something you did wrong or that you’re somehow not at the right level. So, therefore, perhaps, you go looking for what you need to do to get to the right level, be worthy, be ready, be there.

And what is THAT mindset, pray tell?

Well, fine, I’LL tell.

It’s a mindset of acting TOWARDS. Of stating and re-stating “I am here and not there, so what do I need to do to get there?”.

When we know –

The only way to be the person is to be the damn person.

So if you in any way feel you that you’re NOT the person, that life is not treating you as such, then doesn’t it make sense that the very best way to get there, to be that –

Deluded and fantastical as this may seem to many –

Is to PUT YOUR DAMN BLINDERS ON to anything that implies you are NOT that.

To shrug it off as the oddity it IS on a core level, because that core you, that soul you, that next level you, the you who is there, SHE would not see it as anything less than a rather strange exception to the norm.

She wouldn’t take it personally.

Wouldn’t make it mean ANYTHING.

Would know in fact that it doesn’t!

And then would get IMMEDIATELY on with expecting the ACTUAL norm to return, as it always does and must.

Listen –

I do know how hard it can feel to hold space for something that hasn’t yet shown up for you in the physical.

It is COMMON to go looking for why not, try to figure it out, or assume it’s a reflection on us.

All of which may be true, and relevant … in a certain paradigm. But in the paradigm where it is DONE, in a quantum reality, the ONLY way of looking at it is that it’s done!

So, this is your practice.

Your discipline, the most important one perhaps.

And also, always, including already, your CHOICE.

You can continue to let not having contract and shroud you, and you will continue to experience not having.

Or, you can make the decision right now to be bigger than that. To see BEYOND it. And to act FROM where you desire to be, not towards. To recognise that there is nothing you need to DO differently, but you sure as fuck do need to change the way you’re seeing things, if you wish to change what you see.

Which in return, sure, may well result in you changing what you’re doing, but it HAS to happen in that order.

Right now, if you don’t have what you want, I suggest you lose the obsession with why not, why not you, why not now –

And get really fucking obsessed with expecting it because you EXPECT it. Because you’ve made it a must. Because that’s just how it is for you, it’s ‘of course’.

If you feel silly, or irresponsible, or delusional, to do this, when the so-called PHYSICAL evidence is to the contrary, I get it.

But do YOU get that you can’t afford to give in to that if you really wanna be the damn person?

It’s a LOT easier than what you’re making it sister.

Just be unavailable for anything else.

And realise that that starts with what you choose to see –

Whether or not you think you can see it.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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What we need instead is simple:

A clear freaking understanding of where today’s money is at. This week’s. This months. The long-terms. And how to do it all in a way where true wealth growth becomes automated and inherent to who you are. Where you can breathe fully in your creative needs each day. AND, where it’s ALL fun and yes whilst making a crazy impact on those you want to help!

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I’m teaching you exactly how I always know how to roll with my OWN ebbs and flows, and the exact way that I do that. This is why it’s tailored! I teach you how to design the process for YOU, and how to always know when things need adjusting or fine-tuning

Here is my all in all purpose and intent for you with this brand new course:

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