Success has an energy, relentlessness has a smell to it, DRIVE which comes from purpose? You can feel it in the air. It’s a FREQUENCY which comes right out of a person, and it’s either there,

magnetic as ALL get out,

or it’s not.

Wanna know where it’s not?

It’s not flowing abundantly forth from the person who dreams of their next big win, but doesn’t do ALL of the work that the person who woulda won it would do.

It’s not rising like volcanic cloud outta the person who knows that everything they want is ‘available’, ‘possible’, ‘for them’, or ‘meant’ … yet who day after day simply plays with vision instead of running full pelt into it.

It’s not present any longer on the person who WAS the person chasing their dreams whole-heartedly and who now just … kinda flatlines. Perhaps at a level far far above most people’s flatline. Identity locked in as an achiever, a winner, one who DID, yay! But nonetheless just not doing NOW.

Not doing?

Not doing what the person who is the motherfucking person would be doing right now. Whatever that means for you. Not BEING the person who is the motherfucking person would be being right now. And you already KNOW where that’s true.

Because here is what is facts. Undeniable. Do-not-even-try-fuck-with-it facts.

Despite your sometimes lack of clarity. Despite your human lack of certainty. Despite not knowing ALL the moving parts.


In fact the mere fact that you find yourself swilling in uncertainty … bits of the vision missing … doubt clouding you and causing you to think you really DO need to first ‘figure things out’ …

is PRECISELY how we know that actually? You’re just not doing the work.

You’re just not getting up every day, and relentlessly, purposefully, determinedly, moving one foot in front of the other like you SHOULD.

“Oh, but it’s not all about the hustle, Kat!”


No. It’s not all about the hustle.

But what it is?

It’s ALL about the fact that when you go to bed each night, you either showed up for your life or you did not.

Keep deluding the world around you, if you like.

But it’ll NEVER work on the one inside you.

And if you continue to try?

It’s precisely why you’ll never create it.