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I used to put my income goal for the month on a big coloured piece of A4 card each month, I’d write it at the top of the card, and then every day, for the day previous, I’d record how much money came in, and then next to it I’d do a running tally of how much was then total received so far for the month, as well as how much was outstanding to hit the money goal.

I’d put this card on the fridge, so I was constantly looking at it through the day, and having it imprinted into my sub-conscious mind, the reminder that I was ALWAYS moving forward toward my goal.

Back when I used to do it, my monthly income goals were around 50k, and I was pretty on track to consistently hitting ’em. I remember feeling super self-conscious whenever the cleaner would come in, and I’d take the card down off the fridge because I didn’t want her to figure out that I’d collected $27,000 already by Day 10 of the month or whatever it was. But anyway, my main point is – this little ritual of mine, my artsy-crafty way of tracking my money with coloured markers and card, it was one of many things I religiously applied myself to during the several-year-long period in which I clambered my way out of 145k+ of debt, and ZERO $$ in the bank, to finally cracking the million dollar / year mark in online business, from SOUL mind you, and then continuing on from there.

See I figured out, when I was in the depths of the fiery pits of money fuckery and brokeness (broke-ness, not brokenness, although they oft go hand in hand!), that if I simply programmed my inner self, day by day, through a combination of small practical actions along with inner adjustments and ‘resets’, that bit my bit my focus would shift –

My beliefs would shift –

My expectations would shift –

My idea of ‘normal’ would shift –

And thus my REALITY would shift –

And so it did.

It really is a simple matter of turning up the dial, applying pressure and then KEEPING it on, whilst adding to that pressure, and never ever letting it go.

I don’t know if ‘pressure’ is quite the right word, I don’t mean it to feel hard, because it certainly didn’t. Well – it certainly felt fucking hard to be broke as fuck, and it also felt exhausting and relentless to continually be DOING so much, and having it seem to have so little impact, back when I first began this journey, but the actual money adjustment shit, in terms of course correcting my frequency from dead broke to ‘able to breathe’, and then slowly but surely to rich?

That was not hard!

It’s just that I didn’t know about it before.

And I didn’t realise, until I DID realise, that it’s no different to getting stronger or better or more advanced at ANYTHING.

Keep applying pressure, keep dialling it up, keep your eye on the damn ball, and just put a small amount of time in each day, and it is impossible NOT to succeed.

Same as lifting weights and getting stronger,
Practicing your writing or speaking regularly and getting better, more clear, more profound, more soul-connected, and also more efficient
Or really any other example you care to name!

Really, I’d say that one of THE biggest reasons people battle to actually have money freedom, yes even those of you who are making tens of thousands of dollars per month but STILL don’t feel rich, or safe, and STILL don’t actually have abundance and a surplus, still haven’t nailed WEALTH even though you learned to make money, is that you THINK IT’S SO HARD AND MYSTICAL.

It’s not that hard.

It’s not hard at ALL.

And it’s definitely not mystical.

Your ability to receive will increase when you make space for it to, and make continual incremental adjustments within your inner self and your practical environment, for it to do so.

How did I do this?

Oh, so many things! NONE OF THEM MATTER INDIVIDUALLY AT ALL. What mattered is that I turned my focus in the direction of elevating my beliefs, expectations, normal, and reality.

But just so you know, some of the things I did do are as follows:

– Tracked my income visually on the fridge where I could see it – chose to believe that just because I was tracking it, and crossing off how much was left each day, and then re-writing the now lower amount of what I still had to receive, that it opened up greater capacity for receiving.

– Tracked my income also on my computer, in a more keep-able but otherwise similar to the fridge format. Again – something about ‘what you measure improves’ has always worked for me with money. Note that when I started doing this there were often days on end when ZERO came in! I remember getting so angry when I’d had 10 days of zero and then the next day was $27. How the fuck was I going to survive on that?! I kept doing it anyway. Expecting and believing that one day I’d be putting hundreds and hundreds, even $1000 or more, into that column per day. Now I regularly put 10, even up to 20k per day in! If you think about it, doing this was a way of me visioning.

– Immersed myself in money learning, and things that would re-program my sub-conscious mind. Reading my own affirmations, journaling, books, audios. Every day I ‘fed in’ hours of stuff on wealth consciousness.

– Paid attention daily to what the wealthy me would do. WOULD I be ‘budgeting’ on that fancy coffee? No I would not! So I did not. Even though I was literally down to dollars and cents so much of the time, and continually behind on bigger bills. I just chose to believe in the big picture and align myself to it accordingly, rather than respond to what so-called reality said was true now.

– NEVER said no to soul if it told me to commit, such as to working with mentors, buying courses. Every single time I did this I had NO money to pay for it, and every single time I said yes (and I mean even into the tens of thousands, although that sort of amount was on payment plan), I would somehow magic up the money just in time. BECAUSE WHEN I SAID YES I REALLY MEANT IT, AND I WAS UNAVAILABLE NOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH. I also believed that if I said no, just because I didn’t have the money, that I would push abundance away. I still believe that. Because it’s true.

– Had a continual observation on what needed to be let go of, whether a physical item, a belief, or whatever – what was not a fit for the me who I was choosing to become.

– Refused to look at or have a conversation around my debts and bills except for once a week when I went through it all and planned what payments I’d make, what was due, where I was at, did a full ‘naked in the mirror’ recon of the situation. Aside from that, focused ONLY on acting as though money was everywhere already, and blocked out any suggestions otherwise.

– Religiously did my inner work each morning in my morning study and journaling, kind of like a ‘pumping up before the game’ thing to get my head in the game before I would then get into my work for the day. In this inner work time I basically imprinted everything I WISHED was already true into my mind, wrote out intentions and goals, brainstormed on ideas for selling and so on, psyched myself into a high vibe state.

– Then religiously PUT IT ALL ASIDE and got down to business. Sold whether or not I felt like it. Required myself to come up with new ideas every day. NEVER backed down. NEVER avoided the work. Showed the fuck up like I was actually serious about getting this business to work. So no, I did not just affirm my way here and then wait for fucking clarity or soulmate clients to show up out of thin air! I chased that shit down til it became part of me!

– Every so often, wrote out my entire vision for the life I knew I’d one day lead. Really got into the emotion of it, because when you can feel it your sub-conscious mind believes it, and then it is done.

– ABSOLUTELY refused to entertain the idea that I would be anything other than wildly successful from purpose. Absolutely refused to do anything that did not align TO said purpose, as best as I could feel it. Even if everyone else said that was what you needed to do to succeed.

– Kept going. Every day. KEPT MY HEAD UP and kept going. Was relentless. No matter what. Every day. Knew I would get HERE.


I look back now, and everything.


That I wrote about and dreamt of and thought was one day ‘meant to be’, or I just damn wanted, is now my reality.

So many things I dreamed of, like never having to check prices.
Living in a multi-million dollar home by the beach which I had bought.
Having my Mercedes convertible, AMG and of COURSE black.
Having a whole team of badass staff.
Full-time nanny / housekeeper.
Blow-outs nearly every day!
Working with badass soul-led revolutionaries who also have a powerful message to share with the world!
Having them come to ME, as if by magic, from nowhere, and tell me they have to work with me!
Regular features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success, Business Insider.
Being published in articles alongside my heroes and most revered mentors in this space.
Being friends with the top entrepreneurs and game-changers in the world.
Having a publishing deal.
Traveling only first class.
Having arms like Madonna and abs that make you go woah when I turned 40!
Making hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.
And SO much more I couldn’t remember now but yet get to live.

ALL of it.

100% of it.

Every last bit of it.

Is real.

And true.

And now.

Because I did this, or that, or the other thing? No.

Because I immersed myself fully in BECOMING the thing?

You know it 😉

Look, there’s never going to be one thing.

And you don’t want to go looking for a strategy, because that is something OUTSIDE of you and ties you to a paradigm of always having to DO.

The fastest way to get there is to code that shit in to your very being.

Make it second nature? No. Fuck that.


The truth is you were born to have it all.

If you don’t, you just forgot how.

You forgot that you always knew.

So, take your damn eye off of all your worries and fears. Stop obsessing about what you have to do!

And simply turn your focus to day by day, bit by bit, impregnating it into your very DNA that WEALTH IS EVERYWHERE.

FLOW is yours.

RECEIVING of money and all positively abundant things, beyond your needs, and into a massive state of surplus, is NORMAL.

And that everything you decide, and then refuse to turn away from?

Is done.

Right now, you’re either coding towards broke, or towards rich.

Ain’t no in between.


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