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I was thinking this morning about what I LOVE, what brings me to life and makes me come alive, and I guess further to that I was thinking about what I might do next as far as product creation and sales. This is not an unusual thing for me to be thinking about, so you know! Every DAY I am thinking about what I might do next relevant to creation and selling.

Safe to say, 95% of what I spend my time on in my business is creation and selling! But sometimes I forget that there is no actual DIRECT link to what you create, what you MUST do (from flow and purpose) and how much money you receive. What I mean is, I believe it is a MISTAKE to try and figure out ‘what to sell’ (or how to sell it) in order to hit your money goals.

Let me share an extract of my journaling with you and then I want to share with you a little more about what I mean, and how I manifest.

Today I wrote:

“What do I LOVE, what brings me to life and makes me come alive?
I like doing lower end stuff for sure, a lot. I like to just CREATE what I feel like creating and roll it out in a way that is easy and from flow. I like doing stuff from the heart, stuff that flows. It’s not so much about whether or not it’s low end actually. It’s just about the process of creation, that’s all. What I actually want is to be in flow. Create from the heart. Receive money SEPARATE to that because actually that’s how it works.

Set your outcomes.
Lock in the OUTCOME.
Outcome. Decision. Release. Manifest
Lock in the outcome
Release it
Act from flow
Outcome Release Flow
Lock in the outcome
Set the intention
RELEASE it as done


After that I actually jumped in to WRITING out my outcomes / intentions fresh for the week. I do this daily in some way shape or form, actually, but once a week I will do a full spectrum overview covering everything I want in all areas, and really focusing on it being DONE. If you don’t do this at least once a week and yet you’re hustling to try and ‘achieve’, you are seriously wasting your time

But here is the real point I want to make, and what I’m writing about.

You can’t make your GOALS – the things you want to achieve – about your ACTIONS, and say ‘if I do this, then that has to happen’. I know it sounds weird and even counter intuitive, especially since I talk all the time about doing the work!

But when you say ‘if this then that’ you are basically saying that you have to choose the right STEPS, or you don’t get the outcome. So then what? What if you choose the wrong steps? What if you just make a mistake? Then you don’t get to have what you intended, what you believed in, what you know your life is actually meant to be about?!

That makes no sense.

NOT if you believe in manifestation, and getting to live your life by design, by choice.

Either you believe that BELIEVING creates the outcome, or you believe that life is a game of chance and that if you fuck it up you don’t get to live the life you were BORN for.

That’s crazy.

And once you understand this, you will realise you have INFINITE power to create and receive.

You can literally choose your outcomes.
But then you MUST release them.
And THEN you get to work.

So no –
Just because I’m saying the work doesn’t determine the outcome, I don’t mean that you get to just believe and do nothing; sit on your butt!

You got to work that butt OFF.
ALL of you.
And then some.

But the work? Has to come from flow. Has to come from tuning in. Has to be based on what you are GUIDED to do, not what you think you MUST do OR ELSE.

This is actually incredibly empowering and freeing. It literally means that all you need to do is decide what you want and let it happen, and while you WAIT for it to happen of COURSE you gotta hustle, but you just hustle based on what is the right hustle for right NOW.

Value, content, sell, all day long, that is how I live and breathe in my business, but that’s because that’s what I am CALLED to do, none of it is based on (or, I try not to let it be based on) ‘if I sell this, then I will make that money’.

One of the most obvious reasons –
If you’re not getting what you want –
Is you’re trying too damn hard –
To MAKE it work.

Stop trying so damn hard gorgeous.
Stop FORCING the universe.

All you have to do?
Is ask.
Set the outcome and intention.
Release it as done.


Imagine if creating sales really was that easy!



I’m running a workshop on INTUITIVE SELLING! I’m SUPER fucking excited, as in this workshop I will be sharing the practical side of my sales processes, including:

  • Sales page processes
  • Pre launch processes
  • Launch processes
  • Sales email processes
  • Social media promo / sales processes
  • Process processes (haha okay I made that one up … MAYBE!)
  • ALL the fucking processes as far as what I DO to hustle and sell, but ALSO:

I’m sharing with you how I essentially DOWNLOAD from within, what to sell as well as how to SELL it through all these processes.

The truth is that truly effective messaging, selling, BUSINESS, comes from within. So with the Intuitive Selling Workshop I want to show you how to know from within exactly what to sell –

To whom –

And exactly what to say / roll out / flow with –

In order to sell it.

This is not about learning HOW to sell, even though yes we WILL do that. What this is actually about? Is learning how to unlock the power you have within to receive EXACTLY as much money as you decide will be yours, and in precisely the way that is aligned and RIGHT for you to receive it.



I’m so excited to share this with you! I’m going to show you exactly how I sell, the ‘processes’ and frameworks I use, and how it all goes together, and I’m going to show you how to APPLY it, from flow, in your business.

YES there are ‘ways’ to launch and sell and receive that do come down to having some form of sales knowledge or strategy, but where the magic really happens?

Is when you tune the fuck in to what’s inside of you, and create from THERE.

EVERYTHING I’ve sold that has made me great money and created great IMPACT in my community has come from flow and tuning in. But you have to know how to listen, make space for it daily, ask great questions IN that space, and then KNOW WHAT TO DO (and do it!) with the information you receive.

Watch the livestream replay, and then claim your place, below!

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