The Intuitive Sales Workshop


The Intuitive Sales Workshop is Here!


Hi gorgeous! AWESOME NEWS!

I’m running a workshop on INTUITIVE SELLING! I’m SUPER fucking excited, as in this workshop I will be sharing the practical side of my sales processes, including:

  • Sales page processes
  • Pre launch processes
  • Launch processes
  • Sales email processes
  • Social media promo / sales processes
  • Process processes (haha okay I made that one up … MAYBE!)
  • ALL the fucking processes as far as what I DO to hustle and sell, but ALSO:

I’m sharing with you how I essentially DOWNLOAD from within, what to sell as well as how to SELL it through all these processes.

The truth is that truly effective messaging, selling, BUSINESS, comes from within. So with the Intuitive Selling Workshop I want to show you how to know from within exactly what to sell –

To whom –

And exactly what to say / roll out / flow with –

In order to sell it.

This is not about learning HOW to sell, even though yes we WILL do that. What this is actually about? Is learning how to unlock the power you have within to receive EXACTLY as much money as you decide will be yours, and in precisely the way that is aligned and RIGHT for you to receive it.

I’m so excited to share this with you! I’m going to show you exactly how I sell, the ‘processes’ and frameworks I use, and how it all goes together, and I’m going to show you how to APPLY it, from flow, in your business.

YES there are ‘ways’ to launch and sell and receive that do come down to having some form of sales knowledge or strategy, but where the magic really happens?

Is when you tune the fuck in to what’s inside of you, and create from THERE.

EVERYTHING I’ve sold that has made me great money and created great IMPACT in my community has come from flow and tuning in. But you have to know how to listen, make space for it daily, ask great questions IN that space, and then KNOW WHAT TO DO (and do it!) with the information you receive.

Watch the livestream replay, and then claim your place, below!


The BONUS which I mentioned on the livestream for the first 20 people to join is LOCKED IN – sign up now to get it!

AND the bonus I literally freaking downloaded right then and there on the livestream is gonna happen too. PLUS all that other shit hot awesome stuff I added on at the end 🙂

I’m so excited to run this workshop for you, that I’m offering a HUGE discount! If you click the button below today, you’ll save $300! Was $997, Now Only $697!