Success/Success Mindset


Do you ever stop and think about JUST how available everything you desire and (be honest now!)

Do you ever stop and think about JUST how available everything you desire and (be honest now!) REQUIRE, is for you?

You know …

There’s a rule.

A rule which is actually a GOOD rule, a great rule, definitely a rule you wanna get on board with.


And the rule is this:

Whatever you see, whatever you feel, whatever comes THROUGH you, inside of you, is:

– Available
– Available not just in a general sense, like ‘there’s one left; hurry and get it!’, but available to YOU
– Available NOW

This last one is the kicker, isn’t it? I mean … I think it’s FUCKING FABULOUS. But I also get and know and empathise with the way your mind … mine too, before I remind it … tends to freak the fuck OUT at this.

“Can’t be!”, we shriek, being human as fuck and not altogether graceful about it.

“No no no no no no NO!”

Even though –

Of COURSE we want it.
Of COURSE we know it’s divined for us.
Of COURSE we actually, deep deep DEEP deep down, where we’re often too scared to look, KNOW that it’s TRUE.

Can’t deny –
What you’ve always known!
Can you?!

Although apparently you’ll be damned if ANYBODY, even your OWN higher self, never mind MY higher self, is gonna come along and tell you that you can have it all, and have it now.

You’re QUITE happy to keep on keeping on with the struggle, and the holding at arms length, of the things you long for. Apparently!!

Question is …

And you don’t have to answer, of course, I’m just CURIOUS …


Don’t answer that, I already know. I know from observing ME, although goodness knows you make a great case study too.

I know –

That we carry around shame. And blame. And guilt. And the need to keep on PUNISHING ourselves, for wrongs imagined or real. And that even though we SO don’t align with normal conditioning and everything that THEY believe and stand for, it still gets to us, masks us, and sometimes, confuses us.

It’s okay.

It’s ALL always okay, and whatever your journey is right now is, well, just that. Perhaps it IS that you will choose to continue to fight SO DAMN HARD for all you desire, and not ALLOW it for yourself until you have bled and sweat and been torn apart, multiple times over.

It’s just … what I’m saying here … what I want to share with you … what I’m delaying gettin’ my workout on for because I KNOW I need to let this out … it’s just –

I did that. The painful struggle and never quite let myself RECEIVE thing. For years.

And now … I consciously choose to allow. To receive. To know that I am INHERENTLY good enough, complete, whole, have done enough and AM enough, and that I already have FULLY earned (purely via existing!) everything I desire.

And that if I see something inside of me, and it’s a desire, a want, a ‘need’, or simply something I am guided toward, then that that means it’s mine. It’s done. It’s allowed. I wouldn’t SEE it, if not. And it’s also ALREADY EARNED AND AVAILABLE NOW.

Believing and living in to all of the latter, YES it’s a daily practice.

I practice believing.
And I practice receiving!
The HUMAN me still wants to shriek or resist or freak out, and thinks – ‘can’t be!’.

And I just kindly but firmly tell her ‘thank you. But no thank you. I KNOW this is available for me, now, and so I’ll say yes to it, despite all your not really asked for reminders of why I maybe can’t or don’t deserve to’.

I gotta tell you …

This approach, this last one, is WAY more fun and high vibe than the whole struggle to receive story I had going on earlier!

And also … it’s just a choice gorgeous. A motherfucking choice AVAILABLE ALSO TO YOU. Now.

But what if what if WHAT if – ?! – I hear your mind shriek!

What if I become lazy!
What if I don’t deserve to keep it!
And also what the fuck is with this good enough thing, surely you have to WORK AND SLAVE AND TOIL to receive!

Well –

What if you trusted.

That who you are.
How you live your life.
How you show UP.
Is the work.

Hmm? What if that?!

Being GOOD enough and already HAVING enough and having DONE enough doesn’t mean you won’t still strive for more. I STRIVE AND PUSH AND GROW DAILY! Like a MOTHERFUCKER!

It’s a beautiful dichotomy.

But I am ABLE to grow and strive and create and BE more, from PURE alignment and with EASE of receiving, because I am doing it for its OWN sake, not in order to make ME worthy or ready.

Do you see?

Do you feel?

Do you believe?



Here is what I want you to do:

Take a moment.
Take a breath.
Tune in.
And ask yourself, quite simply, what you see.

For you? I see all the things.
And for me? Wowwwwww …

That’s all I’ll say 🙂

And then I’ll go get it. LIKE a motherfucker 😉

And you?