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Success Mindset


When it comes to kicking the ass of the fear mind which at times grips you, tells you that you can’t or are not good enough, that your current offer probably sucks worse than anything that ever existed, nobody is gonna even LIKE your shit let alone buy it and on top of it your hair looks terrible too, there are only ever two things you need to know the answer to.

For years when clients have come to me in the inevitable tailspin of “fuck fuck fuck can I actually do this, I don’t know if I can do this, LOOK HERE ARE ALL THE REASONS WHY I’M PRETTY DAMN SURE I’M NOT EVER GONNA GET THERE AND I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN EVEN KEEP BREATHING RIGHT NOW”, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will always, at some point, bring it back to these two questions.

1) Big picture, do you believe you’re gonna make it?

2) Can you get through today?

That’s all you need to know.

Fear will try and spin a story that all of the overwhelm or anxiety or terror or despondency or whatever of the moment is so damn real, so damn extra, so damn in charge, that you don’t stand a chance.

– When your offer isn’t taking off, and you poured your heart and soul into the damn thing, did EVERYTHING, and you really really know it’s good so WHYYYYYYYYY

– When that new almost confirmed high ticket client who seemed so into you, so certain, suddenly ghosts, and meanwhile you’d already painted the town red in your head at least with everything you were gonna do to celebrate the sale

– When you look around your news feed and it feels like every bloody person and their dog is shinier, happier, funnier, smarter and more prolific than you and APPARENTLY people like ’em way more too, why aren’t YOU that next level yet?!

– When you just can’t seem to tap in to the motivation and certainty and magic and flow and LOVE OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING IN IT that you really should have and assume would get you to where you wanna be

– etc etc ad infinitum the end, good night, good luck, Amen – !

Throughout ANY of it and no matter HOW ‘actually real’ it is, yep even if we’re talking catastrophic business or financial fallout, ALL you need to know is:

1) Big picture, do you believe you’re gonna make it?

2) Can you get through today?

Actually, it’s more like –

1) Big picture, do you KNOW you’re gonna make it?

2) Can you get through today?

Because here’s the thing. About a woman like you. A man like you. A badass revolutionary freaking leader like YOU –

Peeps like us, we ALWAYS KNEW.

We always knew we were the ones who were different.
We always knew we were gonna live a life less ordinary.
We always knew we were weird AF.
We always knew that that is a GOOD thing!
We always knew we had capabilities beyond what the human mind can EVER actually comprehend, if only we’d get TF outta our own way and let ’em through.

And we always knew –

We were always gonna win at whatever we decided.

From SOUL baby, with purpose, in accordance to how it was always written, with bells on, so there!!

Thing is –

Sometimes you forget that you know.
Sometimes you forget that your surface feelings or meltdown or contractedness have absolutely jack.fucking.shit to do with the reality of what you know at your CORE.

That deepest part of you.

That layer beneath all the other layers of bullshit, of trying, of waiting, of wondering, of gettin’ distracted by the wrong stuff, whatever.

The TRUE layer.

The you layer.


So when you’re losing it,

so over it,

or just scared that this is as good as it gets for you –


and the answer always and ONLY is YES.

YES YES YES YES YES, or you wouldn’t be here.

And then 2) Can you get through today?

Well of course you can mofo.

So, get through it.

Chin up, chin down, whatever, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is this –

That you remembered who TF you are.

That your future is already written.

And that you’d best be getting on with dropping back into the now in order to do your bit in writing it.

Now THAT’S all.

The End 😉

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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