Success Mindset

It’s Time To Trust That You Being You Is Enough

When you think about becoming famous, and making your fortune, do you get excited about the idea of it happening because you followed a bunch of rules and jumped through some big hoops, did what you were told and did it well?

Or do you get excited about it happening because you got the fuck over yourself and started FULLY being you?

I know which one excites me more šŸ™‚ … and not just FOR me, but for you.

Sure, it’s impressive – I suppose – when you see people who’ve ‘made it’ because they joined the dots properly. But isn’t there something also a little sad about it? I’ve spoken to so many people who are at the top of the ladder in business, in their niche, and the most recurrent emotion I encounter is one I’d associate with no other word than the word TRAPPED.

I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t feel like I’d ACTUALLY BE SUCCESSFUL if the way I’d created said success was to trap myself into doing stuff not fully on my terms.

And here is the reality:

You being you? Is enough.

It’s time to TRUST that you being you is enough.

Not just because you deserve to create fame! Fortune! Freedom! in a way that excites you but also because (get ready to WRITE THIS DOWN!!!!) –

You being you is the WAY you will create your fame, fortune, freedom.

Disclaimer: if your CALLING is to be a successful MARKETER and the way you want to DO that is simply to follow a PROCESS and plug in the gaps and conform and PERFORM then the whole YOU BEING YOU THING ain’t gonna work out for you.

And also – I’m not TALKING to you so please, stop reading, and for the love of God, get off my list if you happen to be on it.

Go join the B-in-a-box-schools and courses that abound so plentifully out there.

Follow the formulas.

Rinse and repeat.

I’m talking to the MESSENGERS here.

To the REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADERS who know they were called.

To the TRUE artists and creators who have powerful work to unleash, who can’t NOT let it out, who would in all honesty FOREGO fame and fortune in order to do their true work but who also believe that the wealth side of things will work out when they DO finally commit to being who they are.

Is that you?

Do you know you are called?

Do you know you have a MESSAGE to share?

Do you want to finally put your creativity and true expression FIRST, even though yes you’re still scared about money and ‘making things work’?

If that’s you then let me tell you:

For YOU (and for me) the money is not going to COME until you follow what’s inside of you.

It just doesn’t work that way, for us.

On the one hand it’d be nice if you could go and join some dots and make some money so that you could then do the work you really want to do …

But on the other hand if you WERE able to make ‘serious’ money by conforming in that way it would be the WORST FUCKING THING IN THE WORLD, because you’d get addicted to it and bound by it.


So if I were you (and I kinda am) I’d be THANKING MY LUCKY STARS that you don’t seem to know how to make money by following the rules.

This is a BLESSING and incredibly self-protective, not a sabotage or you ‘doing something wrong’ as I know you at times imagine it to be.

But here is what you need to understand and really GET INTO YOUR HEAD:

It’s never – NEVER – going to work until you trust yourself.

It’s never – NEVER – going to work until you FULLY trust yourself.

And it’s never – NEVER – going to work until you also ACT LIKE YOU FUCKING TRUST YOURSELF.

Saying it really don’t cut it, you know?

Here is what this means, practically speaking:

– The ways the internet-at-large does list building won’t really work for you
– Conventional marketing and advertising won’t really work for you
– Following launch formulas won’t really work for you
– Following ANYFUCKINGTHING that has ‘must do this way’ steps to it WON’T REALLY WORK FOR YOU

You MIGHT get some sort of short-term results doing any or all of these things but those results won’t last and you’ll hate it anyway.

The feeling of your soul being sucked out is not really one you can force yourself to enjoy, you know?

Here is what will work:

Following your heart.

Following your heart.

Following your heart.

Doing random or silly or crazy or without rhyme or reason stuff, just because you were called to.

Doing what FEELS right.

Doing it because you can’t NOT.

Doing what COMES to you, in a fleeting moment of madness and you think ha! THAT would be fun, exciting, cool, that I have to do! Even though it’s COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to what you’re “supposed to be doing”.

Can I tell you something?

There are certain people, in the online world, in the celebrity world, in the author, speaker, entertainer worlds, who stand out.

Because of their crazy, whacky, weird, random, irrelevant or just plain ‘not doing it right or the normal way’ approach to being who they are.

That chick on the show Girls, which I HATE (the show, not her) on a side note, augh comes to mind.

Rebel Wilson.

Chris Crocker (comedian).

That girl who is on Pitch Perfect and says some really fucking funny weird shit online.

Molly Sapp.

I’m sure I’ll think of about 20 others when I stop writing this.

The STRANGE ones.
The ones who sometimes make you want to cover your eyes because you can’t believe they WENT there.
The ones who you hear stories of epic diva-like proportions about because they JUST WANT TO DO THEIR WORK – BUSINESS – LIFE – ART – AS THEM.

Don’t you want to just do your work, business, art, LIFE as you?

And don’t you realise you CAN?

The THING is, that these crazy ones are the ones who stand out and we look to them and even if we don’t like them we MARVEL AT.

We wonder how they can be so audacious!

How they can be so bold!

How is it that they manage to be so damn cool and attract so much ATTENTION?!

And if we’re particularly stupid that day we try and take note of what they’re doing so we can model it in some way.

“That must be IT!” we think to ourselves!

“It’s because they’re doing THAT crazy ass shit!”


It’s because they’re being who they are.

And they don’t give a fuck.

Except they give all the fucks for themSELVES.

You know?

So here is the REALITY of what you need to understand right now, if you EVER want to actually MAKE it, where you do not only make the money you wanna make and know you can but where you also get to fucking live the LIFE you dream of living:


Because let’s be honest … it’s never going to go away, this need within you.

Is it?

You know you weren’t born to be a marketer.

Stop trying to climb into a box you’ll never fit in, were never born for, can never conform TO.

You were born to do great things.

To unleash something amazing.

And if it’s going to make you a lot of money, great, because why the fuck not?

But it was never about that.

Stop trying to make it about that.

And start pressing play ALL the way on being you.

The world is waiting!

But more still than that –

Aren’t YOU tired of waiting?

So if you are –