Kick Your Bullshit Stories To The Curb


Sometimes it still feels amazing to me, the shyest and most ‘not good enough’ girl in school, the one who never fit in and always somehow seemed to get life – the being cool bit! – wrong, that I’ve created all of this.

The truth is that I really really struggle with acknowledging myself. Yes, even now! My thinking so often is that I need to be more on top of things … I need to do more … I need to prove myself more … I’m not good enough … I’m still somehow getting it wrong … I’ll be cool / successful / good enough when –


Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? Because ANY time you go into that whole I’ll be good enough when vibe, all that happens is you keep on noticing new markers you have to achieve in order to pass your own ridiculous standards. And they are ridiculous, because the reality is this:

You are good enough when you decide to be.

You will be proud of yourself when you choose to be.

You will have done enough when you decide you are doing enough, and that you can trust yourself to live your life right.

You will feel worthy of acknowledgement, recognition, celebration – no prize for guessing! – when you choose it!

Yet, yes, I know all of this and I absolutely still get mired in ‘but I’m not yet / I haven’t yet / I can’t yet’. This? Is of course what we call being human AF, and so on the one hand, meh. It’s not a big deal. Everybody thinks this stuff. But on the other hand? It is a HUGE big deal what you do with it.

Do you lean in to your not good enough-ness, let it rule you, let it get on in that drivers seat and tell you where you’re going?

Or do you consciously choose to kick your stories of not enough-ness to the curb, and choose:

I get to be proud of myself now.

I acknowledge myself now.

I celebrate myself now.

I am making a difference now!

I am worthy now.

I am doing enough now!

I have helped so many people now!

And FROM this empowered place I will now continue to do epic shit in the world, because that is who I am!

And it’s such a trap, isn’t it? Such a ridiculous ridiculous trap. This whole – “I’ll be worthy when – ” thing. If you’re not careful, you’ll stay stuck in it forever, which is exactly why it IS a big BIG freakin’ deal what you do with it.

Ultimately it comes down to this –

you weren’t put here to live in not enough-ness, and to create your life from that place.

You weren’t put here to put yourself out into the world shrouded under a blanket of ‘I should be doing more’.

You weren’t put here to perpetually run and run and run and run only to feel as though you’re still in the same place and you’ve still so far to go.

You weren’t put here to delay being proud of yourself until you’ve completed that never-ending monster of a list AND on top of it somehow ‘caught up’ with the cool girls.

You WERE put here to learn how to check yourself though. To catch yourself in bullshit stories which, if you allow them to continue to play on repeat in your mind, will absolutely sway you off path. You WERE put here to call yourself out, and forward. You WERE put here to operate from a place of certainty anyway. You WERE put here to unapologetically own the power of your true work, and also of your beingness. To know that that is and always has been enough! You WERE put here to put first things, and lemme tell you –

first things are NEVER ‘ride that fear wave like you’re its bitch and let it tell you how to live | breathe | be’.

Do you get it? But are you willing to LIVE it? Are you willing to square up each day, dig in, and OPERATE from certainty regardless of what your surface or reactive or long-term-not-helpful-way-of-thinking thoughts might be?

Because either way …

You do have the choice.

And either way …

your choices are creating your outcomes.

So today …

what if you just chose:

to be the person who was being the person.

My secret?? It’s all I’ve ever done.