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Today we are going to have a death.

A deliberate death, a calculated MURDER, if you will, a very very thought out and planned and cold-hearted ATTACK.

We’re going to bring something down,

in a way that would be horrific if it weren’t so damn purposeful,

and we’re going to do it such that it can NEVER RISE AGAIN.

Are you ready?

It’s time to kill the little girl inside of you.

You know the one, she comes across all playful and flirty sometimes, there’s parts of her which are no doubt cute, a little sweet, seemingly attractive, but really?

She’s a soul and life-sucking BEATCH, ever fiber of her being is blocking you from being who YOU are now actually meant to be, and indeed already ARE if you weren’t letting her cloud you so much and so it’s time to stop toying with the idea, and to murder the bitch.

The sweet little appearingly harmless yet FATAL TO YOUR DREAMS bitch who still, after all this time, and when she really should know better, you are letting tell you that you’re NOT YET GOOD ENOUGH.

Not yet COOL enough.

Not yet CONFIDENT enough.

And not yet ready.

SHE should know better?? NO girl, YOU should no better, and it’s a nod to your own lack of discipline that you’re still letting her come at you this way.

YOU should know better, you should have known better long ago, then to listen to any sort of suggestion except that you are fucking fabulous, and ready, and now. And that everything you dream of and know is one day meant to be yours is RIGHT THERE AVAILABLE FOR THE TAKING AND BREATHING IN NOW.

No need to be hard on yourself or down on yourself about it, I GET why you’ve not yet stepped into it yet, we all have our areas of being human AF and letting our old stories run us, but at some point, if you wanna actually be the damn thing you know you are WITHIN, then guess what?

You’re going to have to become her.


In a heartbeat.

An INSTANTANEOUS flick of the switch.

Like now.

The thing with BECOMING that next level self who you already are, is that it can’t happen gradually, it’s not something you work towards, even though in a sense, sure sure, you’ve been preparing for this your whole life, but no, really, it is something you just DECIDE.

You decide it fully.

With ABSOLUTE certainty.

And then, with a deep breath, an exhale and a sigh of relief, you COMPLETELY DROP THE TIES THAT WERE BINDING YOU.

You know –

The ones that you let convince you that you need to tread carefully, or else you’re going to lose something you never quite managed to fully have.

The ones that lock you into a very unattractive ‘graspy’ energy whenever something that’s actually possibly soul aligned comes anywhere near you.

The ones that mask the real you, the BADASS you, the confident fucking WARRIOR Queen you, and instead have you showing up as a soft ass ‘please like me’ basic bitch!




KILL the bitch, do it swiftly, do it one fell swoop, do it like you’re a cold as fuck killer who acts ONLY from outcome, and screw everything and everyone who gets in her way.

Because here is the truth which it’s time you bloody well made space for –

YOU are a badass motherfucker.

FROM soul.

WITH integrity.

A natural born leader who shifts people just from her PRESENCE.

You know this and you’ve always known it, but you can’t very well DO anything about it if you’re refusing to drop fully into it!

The straight up reality is that it doesn’t matter HOW born for it and worthy you are if you don’t show up like you know it.

This is not arrogance.
It’s not cockiness.
It’s not ‘ego’, in a bad way.
In fact it is egotistical to NOT own your power, because it’s a way of saying that you, your ‘human AF’ fear led self, matters more than truth, than purpose, and living from soul!


If you don’t yet have money flowing the way it should be.

If soul aligned clients are somewhere out there and you know it but yet they’re still not HERE.

If your soul mate LIFE seems to be at arms length, and a damn long arm at that – !




Destiny don’t wait forever baby.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


It’s time to say yes to the fun and shenaniganery and unbelievable freaking FLOW yes power of accessing all of you.

Of ACTIVATING the next level version of you who you KNOW you’re already meant to be.

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Leaders who are the crazy ones. Messengers who are the change-makers. The ones on the edges, and hell yeah wanting to stay there, so they can quickly, quickly, slip away –

When needed –

And back to their own world.

If that’s you, you know it, because somewhere in the world inside your head –

You found me

And this community

Of crazy as all get out leaders

Who would do anything to get away from everyone

And everything to band together, when we find each other

And if that IS you, and even though you’ve no idea yet what your soul is saying yes to you still feel and know that it IS,

Then let me tell you:

It’s time, quite simply, to drop back into you,

and to understand and also LIVE by the truth that everything you’ve for so long now been holding at arms length,

the money, the business, the flow yes you life, yes ALL of it,

comes from that place.

It’s time –

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  • Daily deep dive training module on a particular topic of Soul Shifting & Money Makin’ (details below)
  • Daily workbooks to take you further on what you heard and saw and learned and were FLICK switched on
  • Daily journal exercises to excavate your soul ALL the way down and out and remembered to where it should be
  • Daily implementation suggestions and asskickery for your biz and money and life!

As with anything, your decision should be based around your commitment to NOW become who you know you’re meant to be … to ‘fuck the how’ … to trust and have faith that when you let go, choose to surrender and trust, and let me hold that space for you and also of course lead and guide you … rather than on idea that everything has to be mapped out or considered in advance.

Your soul knows the way.
And always has.
And I am literally the best person in the world at helping you to connect in to that, with certainty.

I know you’ve always known that you have a calling –

And that you were born for more –

You have FELT things, deep inside of you, maybe since before time even began, and over time the whispers just get stronger, telling you –

It’s time

it’s time

it’s motherfucking TIME

to step up, to be all that you came here to be, to break COMPLETELY free from normal, to do something EXTRAORDINARY, to FULLY shine your light, and yes, also, of course –

to make a FUCKLOAD of money doing so, impacting ultimately MILLIONS of people with your work, and truly unleashing something powerful, beyond what even YOU can imagine …

and to go to bed every damn night KNOWING you were all of you.

Decide What You Know You Must. It’s Time. And the NEXT LEVEL IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU.

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