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Success Mindset


Let me tell you a little something about manifestation, something that is gonna seem very fucking obvious once it hits you between the eyes, something you PROBABLY already know, if you think about it, but then again –

We all know nothing just as much as we know everything, so it doesn’t matter HOW many times you’ve heard the good word; it’s ALWAYS a good idea to hear it again.

Or at least that’s what I find works for me!
Here’s the deal, okay? And I’m gonna get right to the point for once, too!


Let’s get real here –

The relationship stuff you’re chasing, what do you imagine it’s going to give you?

When I ________ (insert dream relationship wishes, like, ‘have a man / woman’, ‘have sex on demand’, ‘am loved’, ‘find someone who understands me or thinks like me’, ‘have a partner to take to shindigs’, etc), then I ______________ (insert what you think the outcome of that will be, and be honest now, like ‘will feel loved’, ‘will feel safe and taken care of’, ‘am validated’, ‘can be happy’, ‘finally know I’m good enough or worthy’, etc)

WHEN I —– GET —–, then I —– HAVE / AM —-

Do the same thing for your body stuff you’re chasing.

For your business and impact dreams.

EVEN for your purpose work you gotta do this.

And you KNOW you better do it for what you think MONEY is gonna give you!

If you’re even THINKING about this as you read, let alone if you stopped to do the exercises, you’ll be realising how damn confronting it is.

I hope you DO actually do this and not just skim over with some sort of bullshit notion you’re gonna come back to it later, as if you do, it will allow you to THEN ACTUALLY FUCKING MANIFEST WITH EASE, ‘specially with the next bit we’re nearly up to.

And yeah – I hope you get confronted as FUCK. Like … damn! That’s kind of … ugh. Makes you want to squirm a little bit, doesn’t it?

Looking for another PERSON to validate you?

Looking for being in shit hot shape to make you good enough?

Looking for gettin’ paid to give you a sense of safety?

Looking for likes on freakin’ Facebook as ‘evidence’ you’re doing good work and on track with your purpose work?

Looking for that perfect sweet spot of creativity and flow to strike upon you every day, the heavens opening and angels singing, and then you can take a sigh of relief and know you’re connected to purpose, and thus can be fulfilled?

Looking for something, ANYTHING, in your business or life or environment to act as evidence that you’re DOING life right and can therefore enjoy yourself, be happy, be free?

Good fucking luck with all of that!

And maybe you wonder –

Why it is –

When you work SO damn hard, and you really do put the elbow grease in, and you KNOW you’re a good person with a powerful message and many fabulous talents and gifts to offer the world, and on top of it you REALLY feel like you’re doing everything right –


You’re never QUITE there with money, and even if you feel like you’re getting ahead finally it just doesn’t seem to give you the FEELING you want, you still don’t feel safe, God damnit, HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO FEEL SAFE?

You can never FULLY relax with your body, you feel like if you just tighten shit up another notch or two, THEN maybe, but then again you said that a notch or two back … a year or two back … or was it twenty years ago, now?

You never feel ENOUGH in your relationships, you worry continually that you’re going to somehow screw it up, you live on the edge of fear and panic, and you analyse everything the other person does, look look looking constantly for proof you’re safe, enough, desired, loved, can fucking relax and BREATHE. I’m talking love stuff, but also client and friend stuff, fuck, even family.

I could go on and on here.

I think you get my point.

But let’s get crystal clear, ‘cause this is the real shit which’ll hold you back for your entire LIFE if you don’t wake the fuck up and notice it, shift it, now.

It – all of it – will remain at arms length for as long as what you’re looking for it to deliver something to you which in fact you can ONLY get from inside of you.

Answer real quick, without thinking –

MONEY would mean what? (feeling abundant, safe, free to do what I want, good enough, successful, that I proved myself, people have to listen to me)

LOVE would mean what? (safety, validation, I’m desirable, good enough, worthy, an upstanding citizen lol)

A hot BODY would mean what? (I’m cool, good enough, safe, obviously successful, admirable, etc)

Ugh ugh ugh – !

IMAGINE if you could just CHOOSE money, love, a shit hot physique, the business and LIFE of your dreams, because it’s what was aligned for you and felt fabulous to do so, and because, well, of course you can choose, but imagine if you KNEW –

That you knew that you knew that you knew – !




Imagine if you were already COMPLETELY whole …

Imagine if you were SWIMMING in love, abundance, freedom, and the damn CERTAINTY that you were BORN GOOD ENOUGH!

And that then you just got to CHOOSE –

What feels expansive
What feels fun
What feels cool
What feels like fuck yes
What feels RIGHT

Ordering fabulous add-ons off the menu of life, NEVER because you need ’em, but because, well, you can! And they’re available! It’s a veritable BUFFET, baby, you GET to choose!

But not –
Not ever –
And I think you KNOW this, maybe you really freaking know it now!

Not EVER because you need it.

Take that list of shit you’re looking for ACHIEVEMENT to give you.

Take ALL of that.

The abundance shit, the safety, the self-worth, the validation, the love, etc etc etc –

Now think about this.


Actually, who or what the fuck else can give it to you at all?!


That’s the answer.

You have all of this inside of you already.

EVERY single thing you’re chasing, so DESPERATE for, so ANGUISHED that you don’t yet have, the ACTUAL thing you’re chasing is already in you.

And yet there you are –

Run run running fast away from yourself and your soul, to try and get it from somewhere outside of you.

Makes sense …



Manifestation is SO damn easy gorgeous. You really CAN have it all, on your terms. You can CLICK YOUR FINGERS AND DO MAGIC.

It’s SO freaking simple.

1) Tune in to what you believe is aligned, you desire, it’s meant to be yours. YES I choose making gajillions of dollars, being in shit hot amazing shape and ripped as fuck, feeling and looking sexy and sensual, getting paid like a mofo to do my purpose work, being followed by millions, having ONLY soulmate fuck yes relationships, having ONLY a soulmate expansive life, being location free, doing only what I want, etc, etc! WRITE ALL THAT SHIT DOWN.

2) COMMIT that it’s done. Poof, I decided! And so it is. Don’t forget –

Decidin’ is an everyday thing. Just like anything 😉

3) Fucking IDENTIFY what you think this shit will give you. Then GIVE IT TO YOURSELF, and realise you don’t need ANY of that stuff at all. And NOW, without attachment, you can just choose.

4) Release it. Release and surrender. This means, just as you decide and KNOW it’s done, ’cause it’s fucking aligned and meant to be, at the same time, meh –

It’s totally cool and YOU’RE totally cool if it never happens. BECAUSE YOU ALREADY GAVE IT TO YOURSELF, and you’re already enough | have enough | everything is ALREADY perfect and complete.

5) Without fear now, take aligned freaking action.

What is your soul telling you to do or say or act on or run towards or walk away from?

THIS is your how baby! This is the ONLY roadmap you need. You do gots to do it though, for it to work. NOT just the bits that feel comfortable or easy, mmmkay?

6) Buy my shit


But really, though! 

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to come on and say today.

I know you can have it all …

I FULLY believe in you and back you, that everything you feel inside of you is real.

I KNOW that if your soul says something is meant to happen, you’re meant to make millions, impact millions, live your freaking dreams, have the most insane wild awesome love, soulmate clients only, soulmate LIFE only, and all whilst looking the SHIT … I know that’s available for you.

You know it too.
You’ve ALWAYS known it.

But I also know this –

It’s available when, and ONLY when, you figure the fuck out that you need none of it.

Never did.
Never will.

Make a decision NOW that YOU’VE GOT YOU.

EVERYTHING you need is available inside of you, always has been.

Then GIVE YOURSELF THAT STUFF. Yes, you can really give yourself your EVERY true desire, right now, in this moment, and have ACHIEVED EVERYTHING YOU’LL EVER ACTUALLY NEED FROM LIFE.

Gifts for this wake up call can be sent to PO Box 861, Surfers Paradise, QLD, 4217, Australia.


And then? (After you send the gift; duh!) –


Then –


It’s a buffet baby.
And I just unlocked the have it all pass for you.

Wait, no –
YOU did that.



About time too.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


You’ve become complacent.


And stuck.

The things you used to get lit up, because they challenged and stretched you, just don’t do it for you anymore.

Sometimes you wish they would all just go away,

even though at the same time, infuriatingly, you still need to do them, perpetuate them, keep pushing them, because you don’t yet have the results you want.

Yes, you’ve come a long way.

Created epic shit.


Made money.

Made an impact.

But you’re not ‘there’ enough that you really feel like you can breathe easy, relax, let go, be free to JUST be you,

and, practicalities aside, you’re also just IRRITATED by this fact, because it’s just kind of BULLSHIT. You should be WAY further along by now! That’s just who you are! Don’t they KNOW who you are!

(as your soul whispers:
don’t YOU?)

Anyway. If you could just breathe a little easier, you could fuck all this shit up, and over. Move on to the deeper and truer work that YOU are really meant to be doing. Get off the damn hamster wheel of same saminess, and feel like you’re laying down DEEP roots, standing for something, ACTUALLY being different, and giving people something to talk about!

(giving YOU something to talk about, and feel alive for, is the truth of the matter!)


even though you know the answer is just to

You don’t.

You REPEATEDLY do more of the same bullshit,

to the same little circle of people, heck, even though it obviously gets bigger and bigger as you go, it STILL just feels like the same little circle somehow,

and you do it all with some sort of vague idea that eventually you’ll be able to REALLY go all in on you.

On the visions you see inside of you of the NEW mountains to climb, to plant your flag on top of, mountains you haven’t even let yourself fully think about, let alone see!

But you know they’re out there.

And you know you can’t keep doing things this way.


it’s time for a change that will knock the worlds socks off, starting by YOU getting a swift kick in your front bottom (yeah I said that ;)) to wake you back up to who you actually are.

I’m launching my brand new marketing agency with 5 inaugural clients who I and my team will be working deeply and personally with to create and roll out a result-based plan for growth of a structured ‘cash machine’ which gets your message out to the WORLD, all while allowing you to be the polarising AF tear shit up and unleash truth at the world visionary you ARE, but yet simultaneously see continual growth being made for the long-term vision of your empire.

Maybe one of them is you.

Our company produces multiple 7-figures per year on repeat, and we do it with bells on and ONLY by fucking with business in a way that lights us up and excites us.

Following that inner FUCK yes, and ruthlessly shedding and shredding anything that doesn’t feel exiting, alive, different, truly US, and screw all the rules, is precisely why we’ve gotten to where our have,

and helped tens of thousands of clients around the world to do the same, through our numerous live and home-study courses and programs, as well as through private client mentoring, small high-level masterminds, and so on.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re taking what we do, and the systems, structures and processes we’ve developed which allow this whole thang to be a soul-led MACHINE, in terms of efficiency, creative development, and output, which in turn allows the resident genius (Kat) to be ever more in her creative bubble, thus just making it all work even BETTER, even FASTER,

and we’re going to work with you personally to show you where YOU need to make moves for massive growth,

massive fuck yes,

and deeper systems and roots that begin to do the work FOR you, so that you can get more of your TRUE wild message out to more of the RIGHT people, all while you get to stay in the lane of being you.

Interested, and want to know more?

Wild Bitch Marketing Agency has 5 places open for inaugural clients. We will be completely investigating the what and how of your business and how you run things, and then working with you personally to implement an outcome-based and highly specific plan that not only FEELS amazing and right, but also very clearly takes care of all the areas of growth you know you need to just get taken care of,

so that you can finally BREATHE fully, and just be more of you.

Apply here for more info, and to see if it’s a fit: