You. You were never going to conform, you couldn’t fit in a box if you tried, you break ALL the fucking rules before you even know they exist, you WERE born to lead and rule, and you were ALWAYS going to figure it out on your terms.

You look at the world around you and as much as you can see the LOGIC in why people do the shit they do to try and get ahead or win the truth is you just can’t BRING yourself to.

It was never going to work for you anyway, that whole do what the OTHER folk do thing …

And as much as you really HAVE tried, at times, to do it the right way and make it work, the reality?

You just don’t give a fuck enough to shut up and put up. Sure, you want the money, the fame, the success, for your message and work to get OUT there, and you fully know and believe that ALL of this will happen, but the truth? The truth … well the truth is, quite frankly, something within you suspects that if you would JUST stop paying ANY fucking attention to what ANY of the masses are doing and listen to what’s going on inside YOU?

You’d make your millions.
Impact millions.
And change the fucking world the way you were BORN to.

Can I tell you a secret?

I spent YEARS trying my best to be the best God damn student of online marketing that ever existed. I’m nothing if not persistent and I followed the RULES … or at least I did my best! Somehow I never could quite manage to do things as I’d been told … or all the way … okay, or even at all!

Maybe you can relate? I’d go into new coaching arrangements or programs with the BEST of intentions, certain that this was the one I WAS going to follow and that nothing, NOTHING would stop me! I’d make ALL sorts of promises to myself and everyone around me that ‘this time I’m serious, I mean it, no really!’

And do you know what? I really DID mean it! I completely thought that I just had a FOLLOW through problem. But yet somehow –

Everytime –

I’d find myself back where I started.

Rules broken, once again. SABOTAGING myself, I thought! Refusing to join the dots in order to make a buck, let alone a million of ’em! It was incredibly frustrating because I DID know I was born to make millions, impact millions, change the WORLD, but the thing was … the shit I was learning to do, even from the best in the WORLD, it just didn’t FEEL right.

As naive as it sounds, even though I was learning from people way ahead of me financially, I somehow just knew that I knew better than them! And it didn’t help me feel more motivated to follow their rules when I’d always inevitably find out that those who I was learning from were NOT really in love with their businesses or lives either. For 3 or so years in my online journey I floundered around trying to find the right person to tell me the right SYSTEMS to make a fuckton of money online, and the further down the pathway I went the more something about the entire THING started to smell fishy to me.

It just seemed like there had to be a way to make money doing not only WHAT I loved but also doing it in a WAY that I loved, working only with PEOPLE I loved, and completely on my terms! Was that really too much to ask, to have it all?! I didn’t think so, and I decided to refuse to give up on the idea!

The thing is … despite my struggles and frustration … I WAS making some money, even what many would term great money at times. I kept crashing it all back down again re-investing into my business or sometimes just sabotaging, but yeah, I made money.

Do you want to know what it was that really clued me in to realise that my gut instincts on this whole thing were right?

It was when I looked back over my business journey and realised that EVERY single time I’d made money from flow and in a significant amount where it also felt FUN not only to create but also to DELIVER, and where the people who had signed up for or bought it were super fucking cool and my ideal clients …

Was the time I said ‘fuck it’ to what I was being told to do, and followed my heart!

I was basically just INVENTING new ways to market, sell, produce, create, all the time, but instead of giving myself credit for that and for the fact that it was also actually WORKING, I was telling myself off for being a rebel and going against what I was being taught about online selling and marketing!

And that’s when it hit me:

BABY – !

I wasn’t BORN for this box. I was NEVER going to conform. The reason I KEPT ON REBELLING was that I AM a God damn rebel and you know what else?


So if you’re a rebel too …

And you KNOW you have powerful work to share …

If you’re happiest when shit is crazy, all over the place, but you’re following your heart, paving your own way and getting your FLOW vibe on …

And if you NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN want to have to do anything that THEY say you should do in order to get ahead or win …

And deep down you just KNOW that the person who knows best for you IS you –

Then I invite you to join my brand new and FRESH off the press program, MONEY MAKIN’ ARTIST UNLEASHED:

Multiple 7-Figure Online Marketing for the BADASS Creative Motherfucker Who Just Won’t Conform, and Wants to Rule the World, Now!

Fair warning though:

This is gonna shake you ALL the way up, because unlike ALL the other programs you’ve invested in or thought you SHOULD finally get your shit together around and follow, in Money Makin’ Artist UNLEASHED I’m gonna get you thinking for yourself in a way that you’ve NEVER fully dared to dream.

This is where we dream ALL the way big and deep …

Make ALL the shit happen …

Do what it takes.
No MATTER what it takes.
UNTIL it fucking takes.

To live the life you were BORN for and finally, FINALLY, press fucking play getting your TRUE work out into the world.

Are you ready?
Are you READY?
Do you WANT it?
Are you ready and can you HANDLE the idea that the reason you never COULD fit in and deep down know you never ever WILL is because you have to pave your OWN.FUCKING.WAY?

Because if you’re ready –
And you WANT it –
And you’re willing to dig deep and let out what’s within?

Then baby I’m going to push you off that ledge so damn fast you won’t even realise it was ever there and YOU, well YOU:

You’re going to fucking fly.


So here’s the deal:

EVERYTHING you’ve been told it’s about?
It’s not afuckingbout.

And EVERYTHING you need to know in order to MAKE it, all the way to the top?
Starts with you.

In Money Makin’ Artist UNLEASHED, over 6 weeks of video trainings, and asskickery from me to you, we’re going to rip the fucking bandaid, STAT, and get you into IMMEDIATE and ALIGNED action to get you actually.seeing.results, but better still?

KNOWING you’re on fucking path.

Week 1: Purpose, Passion, Calling, Locked and LOADED

Let’s be honest. You damn well KNOW you have a purpose and I’ll be you know pretty good what it is, but also? You need to give yourself PERMISSION to lock it in and know that this stuff you feel inside of you, this stuff you can’t quite put a finger on or figure out how to define or express, this stuff is REAL.

In Week 1 of Money Makin’ Artist UNLEASHED, we’re going to get you locked and LOADED (and let’s face it, pressing the fuck play), on your Purpose, Passion, Art, CALLING.

This is where we:

  • Define and clarify EXACTLY what it is you’re mean to being doing in the world. All that stuff you KNOW is real but can’t seem to nail down and turn into a message, let alone a business? I’m going to show you exactly how to harness it.
  • Identify what is REAL within you versus what is conditioning, bullshit, fear or just plain made up shit talking. Separate your TRUTH and get clear on exactly what YOUR true art and work will look like
  • Show you how it is you take something vague, something that is just a FEELING, something that is largely about the inner work and the transformative shifts you want to create by EXPRESSING yourself, and turn it into something that you can package, position, sell
  • Create and deploy a plan of attack for you FINALLY showing all the way up as the REAL you, where you express EVERYTHING that’s inside of you from this day forward, so that the WORLD CAN’T LOOK AWAY.

What this week is really all about:

We’re going to magnetise the fuck out of your truth baby, so they can’t take their eyes off you and so that you KNOW you’re doing was ALWAYS supposed to be about!

Oh, and while we’re at it? We’ll also be talking about the mindset of being that relentless obsessed motherfucker who follows the fuck THROUGH and does NOT take no for an answer. Aka: doing what it takes!!

Week 2: Monetising YOU

There are two things you need to keep in mind in order to make a LOT of money online and have it keep coming in on repeat.

1: You need to be selling awesome shit that people want, selling it the right away (from FLOW and gut) and to the right PEOPLE.

2: You gotta be selling YOU gorgeous.

And here’s the thing, and what they don’t tell you in Internet Marketing Boring Business School:

If you ain’t selling you, if you ain’t SOLD you, if THEY haven’t BOUGHT you, then they sure as shit won’t buy anything FROM you! In Week 2 of Money Makin’ Artist UNLEASHED we are going to aggressively. Ruthtlessly. UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Brand the FUCK out of you and turn YOU? Into your most valuable fucking asset of all.

We’re going to:

  • Lock down your REAL niche, which no is NOTHING to do with a particular topic or area of interest, nothing to do with what you TEACH. Wanna know what the niche is? THE NICHE IS FUCKING YOU. But in order for that to work we need to not only know who you ARE (all of it!), we also need to let it OUT. (ALL of it). So, we’ll also be:
  • Getting you into PERMISSION around the whole concept of SELLING you. Because here’s the thing – YOU are not only the niche, if you truly want to make it and get paid for being you then you are also the BRAND. So baby we need to brand you but first and foremost you need to give yourself permission to BE you, all of you, and to let the world want it. This? Is actually just a choice, but it it’s one you must make fully. Let me show you how.
  • From there we’ll be looking at how DO you need to position the brand side of you, how do you need to look, act, show up, present, be WORTH BUYING … of COURSE all based on who you ARE, but do you know what? You just might have to be willing to let out more of you, if you want the world to see you, love you, follow you, refer you, and BUY from you.

What this week is really all about:

Letting yourself SHOW UP AND SHINE, gorgeous, ’cause ain’t nobody buying from a star who can’t own and be willing to share their awesome!

Week 3: The Truth About Making Money From Your Art

The truth might actually surprise you here, that’s the thing. You think I’m going to tell you how to make money from your art?

I’m not.

The truth is you CAN’T tell your art to make money for you. You can’t tell your PASSION to fit within a box! You have to let the art?

Be the art.
And the work, the TRUE soul work which you are called to do?
Come out however it damn well pleases.

So how the HELL then, do you make money from your art, from the heart, whilst doing things totally on your terms?!

The answer is simple, you get the FUCK out of your own way. The truth about how I show up for my ART, day after day, is that I let it take WHATEVER FORM IT NEEDS. This is true for my FREE content.

And it’s also true for my paid content.

In fact, it’s precisely how I came up with this programs, with all my offers! I have no IDEA whether it’s what people want, or are looking to buy. It’s simply what I feel called to DO, and know I must.

So why do people BUY, then, on repeat, and how can you create the same?

Well … that’s exactly what we’ll be covering this week, but here’s a hint, or a few!

  • You MUST let the art fully BE the art, so we’ll be focusing firstly on COMPLETELY UNFILTERED messaging and creation. If you don’t let it out exactly as it needs to COME out, then NOBODY WILL EVER WANT IT. Or you.
  • But if they ARE going to want it, we’re going to need to get ’em wanting YOU firstly, fully believing and trusting in you, RESONATING with you, essentially wanting to BE you, well – wanting to be THEM, fully, but they see themselves IN you. Wanna know something cool? This is already precisely what we covered in Week 2! But we’ll build on it here.
  • Then: to get them to buy. It’s NOT about changing the WORK, your SOUL work, EVER. But it IS about knowing how to COMMAND them to (honestly?) do what they’re TOLD. Not out of force, no never! Out of complete, and utter, ALIGNMENT, but also, and make NO mistake: with complete confidence and certainty in your ability to show the fuck UP, and insist that people take action, now, and here’s how.
  • Yes. I will show you how. Exactly how I TELL THEM TO BUY SO THEY DO. Exactly how I LAUNCH, so damn simply. And exactly how I create AUTOMATED cash flow, on repeat, to where even if I were to take the entire next year off the bare MINIMUM I’d make is 100k/month. YOU CAN HAVE THAT TOO, so long as you’re willing to get out of your own way and DO THE WORK THAT WORKS!

What this week is really all about:

Getting the fuck out of your own way, gorgeous, and letting the money flow while YOU be the you who you were always MEANT to be!

Week 4: Build a Cult Tribe and Get ‘Em Screaming Yes

So this might seem kind of OBVIOUS … but let’s make sure we map it out anyway, yeah, ’cause it REALLY is critical!

Long story short? In order for ALL of the above to work, you are going to (ahem) kind of need a following. An audience. A CROWD, if you will, and I think that you WILL!

So here’s what we’re gonna do:

  • We’re going to lay it on down baby. No more EVER fucking around, no more worrying or wondering about how to desperately GET people to WANT to follow you and buy. Fuck that shit, it shouldn’t need to BE like that! Would you want to date somebody who you had to BEG to want to be with you, or see you again? FUCK THAT SHIT! You wouldn’t do that in life and you should NOT be doing it business. So we’re going to lay down some BOUNDARIES baby, but most of all?
  • We’re gonna call ’em in. Your ideal tribe. Those who adore you and you THEM. Those who come to you WANTING to pay you, before you even have to say, but when you DO say they hell yeah ALL over you! This is the EASIEST THING EVER. I can tell you that when I made a decision to simply CALL IN my true tribe, my entire business 10xd almost overnight and it was also SO much more fun! So I’m going to share with you the exact exercises, actions, practical strategies and promotional processes I use to do exactly that, on repeat, so I have soulmate clients, on repeat, who want to and also DO buy from me, on repeat, so that you can TOO, yes on repeat!
  • Filter ’em out. Of course part of this is that you not only call ’em IN, but that you also filter ’em OUT. The wrong ones, obviously! Make no mistake: we didn’t come here to play it safe and try to get the entire world to WANT us. No! We want the wrong ones to NOT want us, and even if they can’t STAND us, that’s fine, because it makes us all the more magnetically attractive to the RIGHT ones … who will then BUY … follow … refer … on repeat! So we’re going to look at #CultTribe branding, and how to not only stand up for what and WHO you stand for and are here for, but also how to stand AGAINST those who you in no way want or NEED!

What this week is really all about: honestly??? FUN baby. This is the funnest and easiest thing EVER. You will be BLOWN AWAY at how simple it is to call in those who you came here to serve and how much more easy ALL of it (business and MONEY makin’) is when you do so! I’ve had clients literally see their whole business blow up OVERNIGHT using what I’m teaching you this week, and do you know what else?

You SHOULD get to work with only those who you love and who can’t wait to pay you! So we’re going to make exactly that happen for you, like WOAH!

Week 5: Business, Brand, EMPIRE

Whew. I feel like we’ve covered SO MUCH ALREADY, but at the same time I feel like we’re JUST GETTING STARTED. And I guess that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? No matter how far along you go, how much you learn and grow, how much you really HAVE done, it really is only EVER just the beginning! You’re only EVER getting started, and the journey is only ever barely underway, and that is the BEAUTY of it all.

So in this week, our final week, for this program, we’re going to, very simply? Lay down the map for your entire.fucking.empire and FUTURE. Wanna know a secret?

  • This is easier than it sounds
  • It’s actually just about stepping into FULL intuitive based creation of not only YOU and your life, but also your sales offers and every single part of how you message and show up
  • It’s NOT about learning a whole bunch of stuff you have to memorise and DO, it’s instead just about BECOMING the person to whom?

This shit is fucking automated.

I can tell you that I know FULLY, in every part of my cells and who I AM, that I have EVERYTHING I need inside of me to create PRECISELY the money, impact, LIFE I desire, on my terms, no matter HOW ever-bigger my dreams and calling grows!

And what I want more than anything? Is to show you how to do the same

So this, our final week, this is where we: Isn’t it obvious? This is where we turn you into THAT badass motherfucking creator who does not take no for an answer, and is making money on REPEAT, as the artist | creator | leader | revolutionary they were always born to BE!

Was it really every going to be about anything else?!


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Man, I feel like I could just THROW all this information and asskickery and wisdom at you in a BIG old jumble and you being you you could just sort it OUT! I’m so excited to get it all to you that I kind of want to! But I guess we can do it more proper like.

So here’s how we’re going to lay this down

We GO: Over 5 weeks of TOTAL badassery, as mapped out above, plus one extra week for elevating MINDSET and CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY … I didn’t mention that, did I? Yep, it’s an ENTIRE BONUS WEEK of asskickery and MEGA alignment!


We DO IT LIKE THIS: Each week I’ll deliver the weekly content, not to mention a few other sneaky surprises which I’m keepin’ tight lipped on!! No, I won’t tell! It’s more fun and cool this way.

It’s TIME! Duh … it’s time now! Life is NOW. It’s ALWAYS time to press play now! Click the buttons below to get IN, and save your place!

PLUS … you have access for LIFE to all of this content, and to any upgrades or additions I add to the program for future rounds after this first inaugural for YOU round!


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I kind of hope that at this point I’ve done a good job of speaking from my soul to YOURS about why this is for you, and why I’m so passionate about passing on the lessons and learnings that have so transformed MY life.

There’s nothing that matters more to me than inspiring, motivating and EMPOWERING you to know that the stuff you feel inside of you is REAL, and MATTERS and that you CAN have it all!

So really? How to know if this is for you?

Plain and simple gorgeous:

Your soul is telling you so.

And if it’s not?
Then it’s not.
Don’t analyse.
Move on.
But if it is?


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There are a million things I could say right now, and I wish I could just come around to where you’re AT right now, sit in front of you and PLEAD with you to commit to YOU.

Whether or not Money Makin’ Artist UNLEASHED is for you, please know and see and commit to the reality that you CAN create this business, this life, YOU, on your terms and YOU CAN DO IT NOW.

EVERYTHING you dream of is possible.
The stuff you feel inside of you is REAL.
You DO have a calling, you have a purpose, you are here for a reason, you have a message and you have POWERFUL shit to share, but if you want it?

Then baby you ARE going to have to step up and take it.

And you ARE going to need to start NOW.

So don’t hesitate for a moment longer.
Make a decision.
That this day?
Is the day you decided to wake up.
STEP up.
Stand the FUCK up.

And start to make money, UNLEASHED, as the artist you were BORN to be.

After all …

Don’t forget …

Even though you might try to at times …!

Life Really is Now. And It’s Time to Press Play.



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