Mother’s Day – 1:1 Coaching Offer You Don’t Wanna Miss!

My Mother’s Day invite is here! 1-1 Coaching Offer You DON’T Wanna Miss!

I nearly put down the idea of a Mother’s Day sale completely.

I was reflecting on it with God after I felt I WOULD do one, and what I heard was … nothing.

And then I realised – I was looking through the lens of ‘what is a great SALE’ rather than the lens of ‘how can I bless people right now?’ #oldidentitybuhbye

I asked God – “show me what it is that I get to put out there which people would truly receive from in this time?”

I knew He wasn’t showing me to make a new course. I knew The Secret Garden, and all its little off-shoot courses, free for Secret Garden members, is ‘the’ ongoing place for live things.

And I didn’t feel the vibe at all of designing a whole new higher end offer.

Then it hit me. I’ll bring back my 1:1 Business Blueprint offer for just 12 people.


So many people desire a full deep dive 1:1 Business Blueprint session with me. The kind where we pull apart everything you’re doing right now, everything you know it should be, everything that is bubbling up inside of YOU as far as the vision, and get some serious inner switch flick going such that you just SEE yourself as that version of you,

then also walk out of the sess equipped to know precisely what to do about it.

Some who would want this are not in the ballpark for private work typically. And others have been just waiting for ‘the’ thing that would inspire them to dive in with me.

Well –

Allow me to tell you that this might just be the thing.

A mini VIP day with me, comprising a deep dive zoom, an extremely activating questionnaire + journal worksheet prior, and follow up as you implement, is typically 6k.

My Mother’s Day Offer is a SWEET 1k.

Or 2 x $550 if you prefer payment plan.

Available for only 12 people! And first in best dressed as far as when you will book in with me.

I sell 1:1 at this price typically twice year max. Always limited, always get in / get out or you’ll miss out.

What you can expect?

  • Full deep dive into exactly what you’re doing now, what’s working or not + why
  • Detailed pre-work questionnaire which cuts to the core of everything you have going on or NOT going on, and also everything about who and what YOU are and what you’re here for
  • Deep dive visioning + clarity work to anchor in the EXACT ‘thing it now gets to be’
  • Mindset / inner blocks SORTED (and understood!)
  • I’ll help you to see the stuff YOU can’t see (or admit ;)) where you are kinking your own chain and setting yourself in perpetual circle-in-slow-motion mode
  • Strategies (inner + practical) to get PAST this stuff, and actually just BE that version of you
  • Insight into the mindset + reality of being a truly faith and flow led high performing woman: understand that you DO have ‘it’ and that so much of the stuff you assign as ‘maybe not possible for you’ IS
  • Practical action plan for your messaging, marketing, monetization in every sense, one which aligns for YOU
  • Financial wake up call tailored to what YOU need to address (and how)
  • A big ole dose of somebody actually deeply seeing who you are and speaking truth you need to hear over and into you, such that you simply shift NOW
  • Prophetic insight and revelation as shown. (Ps this is usually the BIGGEST and most ‘woah’ game-changer! You KNOW God’s plan for you is better than yours!)

Follow on support via message + text is included so you won’t be left hanging once you go out to implement.

People who pay the full price for these sessions absolutely RAVE about them, and typically there is just an immediate ‘switch flick’ to where they start doing + being more, and more from FLOW, than what they’ve done all year or even the past two.

Many people who do one of these mini VIP day sessions with me invest in them repeatedly, every 6 months / annually / whatever it might be; alongside doing courses with me.

Some use them as the springboard they wanted or needed to know it’s time to take the leap into full private with me! If you did choose to do that your investment would be credited towards your ongoing private work with me, as I’d always start with this initial session anyhow.

This is a strictly a Mother’s Day ONLY OFFER! I’m excited to share this with you and to DO this thing with you!

Click here to get it upfront.

Click here to pay in two parts.

Places for the 1:1 ARE limited. First in best dressed as far as booking in; as I do not overfill my calendar 🙂

My clients are typically not in Australia so don’t be concerned about timezone – we will find a time which works for you.

See you on zoom!

And don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.