The Multi 6-Figure Coaching Secret I Wish I Knew

How to Be a Multi 6-Figure Coac

When I first started to make really great money in my business it was the oddest feeling in the world.

I’d become SO used to scrimping and saving, to spending every penny twice before it even reached me, that the idea of having more money than I needed just to keep my head afloat? Was damn weird. And to be honest I couldn’t relax with it at first! I even kept looking through my notes and diary to see if there was any bills I’d missed. Surely I had to use all the money I had right away?! Surely I couldn’t just have money sitting in my bank account and nowhere to send it?! That was just WEIRD. It’s not as though we’re talking tens of thousands here either at first. The very first time this happened to me the amount I had left after paying everything that needed paying and after putting some away for savings and for tithing and even into my ‘fun spending account’ I have, was $784.

But to me it was the world.

And what it represented, was everything. Everything I’d fought for for so damn long. The years of trying to find my path. The times of being on that path, of even making great money but yet somehow never having anything to show for it, and never quite being able to pay all of my bills on time.

I was used to the juggle, heck I was a GUN at it. A few dollars from this account, a handful from that account, move some around over here and she’ll be right mate! I always managed to pay everything in the end, and I was certainly an expert at prioritising which things had to be dealt with first and which could be held off for a bit. I made sure to maintain my image as successful and on the road to wealth as well, so nobody except me had to know. I drove an Audi, wore expensive gym gear, ate out often at cafes. I wouldn’t say I blew money but I certainly didn’t preserve it either.

And I guess over the years – considering that all of this goes back as far as I can remember and certainly to the begin of my online journey in 2007 – it became normal to me to be just getting by. Maybe I even liked the adrenalin of seeing if I could make it, seeing if I could keep all of those balls in the air without anybody knowing or noticing!

It was normal to only ever have just enough, and usually a bit less.

It was normal to not be able to save regularly, or sometimes at all, because I just couldn’t afford to,

It was normal to hold off on tithing or giving money away – I couldn’t do that when I was defaulting on my rent!

And it was sure as hell normal to almost frantically get rid of my money as soon as it came in. It was almost like a primal NEED within me – if a large sum or indeed any sum hit my account you could bet your bottom dollar I’d find a place for ALL of it, down to the last dollar, before the day was over. I’d make transfers and payments so fast I’d forget to even leave any money for normal everyday stuff like FOOD, and if I did happen to have something to spare? I’d find an online course or book I just HAD to have.

The truth is, I felt anxious about the idea of having extra money.

My comfortable income level was in the negative.

I only EVER put money on my credit card if I wanted to use the card again, never to reduce the debt.

I spent hours, weeks, even several years working on my money mindset and working my BUTT off on a practical level to grow my income, but my money story was always and only ever dictated by my certain belief that me and money? Didn’t like to stick together. There was always just enough money for all my expenses (eventually!) and even for holidays and special occasions, but there was NEVER enough money to have a buffer or some left spare. It was just the way it was, and although it was exhausting and although I longed for the day when I could truly and actually be wealthy, it was what I was used to. And for a long while there – for years in fact – I felt it was never going to change.

So you can understand why seeing that $784 in my account, and having nowhere for it to go, felt like I had $784,000 in my account.

It was very unsettling! But also – wow. Like a whole new world had opened up to me. And in fact, the $784 was just the beginning, because the next day I received over $20,000 in payments owed. What the hell was I supposed to do with $20,784?! Surely there was SOMETHING I was supposed to pay?! Surely there was SOMEONE who would take it?!

It honestly took me a bit of time to realise that finally, after 7 years of chasing my dreams online, glued to my computer, of failed idea after failed idea with many great and successful ideas in between, after saying no to social events, to time with my family at times, to anything resembling a normal life, after picking myself up bruised and battled and bloodied again and again and again and again, and then on occasion falling down so hard I thought I could never get up but STILL doing so because I never ever EVER stopped believing, that finally, FINALLY –

I could afford to pay me.

And I had finally given myself permission to value myself in a way that meant it was okay for me to have more than I need. I was allowed to have extra. There was nothing left for me to prove. And it was all going to be okay.

And the truth is I want to cry as I’m writing this. I want to cry for the years I’ve spent with my gaze fixed on a horizon that seemed to run further from me at times, and when it did draw closer often then mocked me, taunted me as it all fell apart again.

I want to cry at the internal battles and demons I’ve had to fight over and over again, as well as the physical fights with my husband, at times having to shout to try and be heard; to try and be believed, to have somebody aside from me be able to see my vision and share it with me.

And I want to cry because even throughout the darkest of dark times, even the time when I literally had less than $3 in my bank account and found myself trapped in an underground carpark unable to get out because I couldn’t pay the fee, I ALWAYS had faith.

I want to cry because I guess I really did start to believe that the vision of the dream was going to remain the reality of the dream for me. That I’d always have faith, but perhaps never really results. That maybe it wasn’t part of my story to actually get to do what I love and have a great lifestyle, filled with freedom and choice, but also to have enough – more than enough! – money.

And mostly, I want to cry because I know that right now you might still be fighting those battles. Getting up day after day, often with a smile on your face and genuine enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing, but still with that undercurrent of fear.

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if you really DO give it your all, and it just … doesn’t … work?

What if things get tougher, tighter, harder to juggle?

What if you’re wrong and you CAN’T have your dream?

What if your husband/friends/mother/dog is right and you are simply a flake, can’t make up your mind, can’t settle on an idea, constantly think you’ve found the answer but it never pays off?

What if, despite all your efforts, your faith, your unfailing vision … it all just comes crashing down. And you have to finally acknowledge that even though anything is possible in this world it’s not possible for YOU.

And as you go about your day, as you hold your head high, and you valiantly work to create, to learn, to study, to strategise, to remain inspired and focused and to make sh*t HAPPEN –

That smile starts to slip a little.

Becomes more fixed.

And it’s just a little bit tougher to keep the faith.

Because the worst, the very worst thing you can imagine is that your destiny is not one that is different, extraordinary, or filled with success on all levels but that you are just ORDINARY and born for an ordinary life.

I want you to know that I feel your frustration.

I feel your heartache.

I know what it’s like, and God do I know how tough you are to still be here, following that dream.

But here is what else I know –

I know you will get there.

I know you have what it takes.

I know you were born for an extraordinary life and I know that you will continue to do what most won’t – as many times over as you need to – so that you can live a life that most can’t.

And I know that [pq] your mission, your message, the way in which you are supposed to serve the world goes so damn far beyond following the ‘rules’ of online business or wealth creation.[/pq]

You are here because you’re a leader.

You are here because you have a voice that must be heard.

You are here, in short, because you are supposed to change the world.

So here is what I want to tell you, and I wish I could come right up close to you, hold you by the shoulders and shoot this truth from my mind into yours. It’s so damn important.

The only way you’re going to do that, the ONLY way you’re going to become the you who you’re supposed to be, the ONLY way you are ever going to find fulfilment and true soul satisfaction in your business and the ONLY way you’re going to create financial wealth?

Is by being whole-heartedly, passionately, messily, but abso-freaking-lutely you.

And making sure the world knows about it.

Because the truth, beautiful, is that you DO have a mission. You DO have a message. You WERE born to change the world. And you CAN make a million dollars in the process, and more.

But it sure as heck ain’t going to happen while you play it safe OR while you follow the rules.

So here is the secret. The secret to what it really takes.

If you want to shine as the leader you are supposed to be, it’s time to own who you REALLY are and who you really want to BE. It’s time to start creating, launching and selling from THAT place. And it’s time to start now.

For you to create the success and the life you truly desire, you have to take responsibility for everything you desire and everything you are meant for.

This means take responsibility for what you really want to have and do and who you want to BE.

It means give yourself permission to achieve your money dreams AS WELL AS your lifestyle dreams, as well as making your own rules.

And it means go out there and show the world what you REALLY have to offer.


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  1. Ana Goncalves says:

    Thank you.

    I felt what you shared deep in my heart and felt to cry with you too.