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My Christmas Wishes For You! And Semi-Private Personal Training The Next 2 Weeks In South Melbourne!

"personal training melbourne"What do you want for Christmas this year? I honestly can’t think of any ‘things’ that I want, and it just seems to be tougher than ever to choose gifts for my nearest and dearest.

I don’t think this is because we all have too much stuff (although that might be part of it), but more so because as time goes by we seem to realise what’s truly important to us. And more often than not it’s NOT about stuff, is it?

So when I thought about what I could give you for Christmas a thank-you for being a Woman Incredible reader and perhaps part of my Facebook community as well, I have to admit I was a bit stumped. After all, I’m already working on The Woman Incredible Transformational Eating Plan to be released VERY soon and in fact a few other quite exciting little projects as well.

Last year at Christmas I ran a massive sale on my book, but this year I thought it might be nice to stay more on the spiritual side of things*.

With that in mind, here’s what I hope for you for this Christmas. Oh – and if you’re a Melbourne gal? Over the next 2 weeks, while many of my Biosignature clients are away and I know that you may be on leave from work, I’ll be running limited-numbers semi-private personal training classes at my South Melbourne location. Details at the bottom of this post!

my 10 wishes for you this christmas

  1. I wish you a day of completely guilt-free eating and merry-making. Not ‘just because it’s Christmas’, but because there surely has to be at least one day a year where you get to eat what you choose without analysing it.
  2. I wish you a big full-body hug from someone you love. And I hope that you give one to somebody YOU love as well.
  3. I wish you fits of laughter as you share old stories with your family, chase somebody’s hysterical sugar-hyped child around the house pretending to ‘get them’, or maybe watch an old movie that you’ve always loved but never make time to stop for anymore.
  4. I wish you a Christmas stocking full of cheap and cheerful goodies! I know we don’t usually get stocking as adults, but seriously – weren’t they always the MOST fun part of Christmas?! Make your own if you have to 🙂
  5. I wish you at least a day (and hopefully more) of not doing anything remotely work related. Not even thinking about it!
  6. I wish you at least 10 minutes, just for you, where nobody else is around and you lie flat on your back and think about whatever the heck you like. Staring at the clouds is great for this, if the weather is good.
  7. Speaking of which – of course I wish us ALL a fabulously sunny day. Sorry if you’re not in Aus, I guess yours won’t be sorry!
  8. Truthfully? I wish you whatever it is that YOU long for this Christmas. Do share what that might be in the comments.
  9. I wish you, at some point through the day, to have a feeling of complete and utter happiness. The realisation that this is what it’s all about. Fun, family, friends, food, laughter – some sort of combo of the above.
  10. And finally, I wish you some sort of reminder of what Christmas is really all about, and why we celebrate it.

semi private personal training

"personal training melbourne"Well I spent the best part of December re-certifying my Biosignature and running events in Perth, and in January I’m off for a family holiday on the Gold Coast.

The long and short of it is that even though many of my regular clients are off and away, I plan to be holed up in my office the next few weeks finishing off my new book on Being Woman Incredible (it’s a self-help guide on EVERYTHING that makes life simpler and better!), as well as the Woman Incredible Transformational Eating Plan of course.

I will go INSANE if I do nothing but write all day. And what’s more, there are so many Woman Incredible readers who email or FB me regularly asking about training, and unfortunately my schedule never allows me to comply.

Hence – 2 weeks of semi-private personal training on offer, starting from next week.

If you’d love to experience some truly intense metabolic sweat sessions and a first-hand introduction to how I train for fat loss and strength, you’re going to love these workouts. At a fraction of the cost of working with me one on one for personal training there is no better way to shake off the Christmas cobwebs and make sure you enter the new year with a bang?! And a banging body to boot, of course 🙂

There is also a special ‘bonus’ gift for all who register and pay before Christmas Day.

Think of it as a Christmas treat to yourself! Semi-private training is personal training usually with a small group of up to 6. There will also be an opportunity to have me answer your nutrition and training questions after each session.

Sessions run for 40-50 minutes, with question time afterwards.

Session Times


  • Tuesday December 27, 10.30am
  • Wednesday December 28, 10.30am
  • Friday December 30, 10.30am


  • Tuesday January 3, 10.30am
  • Wednesday January 4, 10.30am
  • Friday January 6, 10.30am


  • 1 off session: 60
  • 2 sessions: 100 (50 per session)
  • 3 sessions: 135 (45 per session)
  • 4 or more sessions: 40 per session

How To Book

Email, and tell me which session times you’re after. Payment is upfront, via bank transfer or Paypal, to

As a special bonus and a thank you for registering for 2 or more sessions and paying before Christmas Day you’ll also receive a free copy of my book Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed, normally US$37. If you already have it, consider it a Chrissie gift for a friend!

Life is Now. Press Play.

And Merry Christmas!

"female fat loss melbourne"

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x



Next Level Empire is officially open for late November intake! 💜

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But these things are just the warm-up, because let’s face it –

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