Be Narcissistic, Egotistic, and Completely Idealistic About Creating Your True Work. Or Give Up Now.

Sometimes I feel as though everything I’ve spent so much money – time – and angst – to learn about succeeding in online business and simultaneously creating your TRUE work in the world can simply be swept away with one undeniable statement of truth:

If success is to be yours? You just have to keep going and you just have to keep doing the daily work.

I’ve learned from the best mentors and coaches I can find …

Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in doing so …

Would never change a second of all of that, and am continually grateful for the lessons learned; the people I’ve been able to connect with, the strategies I’ve had a chance to deploy, the income and the impact I’ve been able to make in large part as a result of this.

And yet still when all is said and done and I ask myself what it’s really about, and how I can guarantee my continued evolved SUCCESSFUL progress?

Keep going.
Keep doing the daily work.

That’s really it.

Everything you might like to discuss or point to about making more money, reaching more people, getting more visible and building your brand with SPEED, power or finesse can in my opinion be swept aside in favour of the unbeatable power of consistently showing up.

Of course I’ve understood consistency for many years and have long said that it’s the only secret to my success. Not just in making several million dollars online, but also in staying in great shape, in publishing over 30 books of my true work, in continuing to bring more people in to my community and to impact them with said true work.

Keep showing up.
One foot in front of the other.
Every day, do something.

Too simplistic? Maybe.

Fucking true nonetheless? Absolutely.

Simple to actually implement and LIVE by?


Oh … I thought it was a joke question.

If it were as simple to actually LIVE by as it is to get RESULTS from if you do live by it then everyone would be walking around doing their true work in the world, making great money and a helluva difference from it, and looking hot as fuck to boot!

Now that being said I can happily, proudly and with unapologetic ego about the whole thing confess to you:

* I’m doing my true work in the world.
* Consistently (although still not as MUCH as I’d like, which I know may well boggle the mind if you are aware how much content I already produce, but there you have it I want to do SO much more!)
* I’m making great MONEY from doing that work … consistently having high 5-figure months.
* I’m making a HELL of a difference doing that work … again here yes I do want to expand SO much more, but unlike so many years gone by I can now say with certainty that I am 100% working with my ideal clients who I love and ADORE … my community and I are so on the page it’s FREAKY. I love them, they love me, and I’ve truly found my tribe.
* I continue to CONSISTENTLY attract new kickass fellow crazy mad creator leader revolutionaries (or something!!) into said community.
* I live precisely my ‘dream lifestyle‘, working from the most beautiful locations all around the world; completely by design.
And I look and feel hot as fuck to boot 🙂

So … let’s be honest. I am a living breathing example of the INCREDIBLE power of consistency, because all of this was created not due to a STRATEGY, or a PROCESS, or an intensive ‘bootcamp’ of quick fix work, but simply because, for as long as I can remember, my approach has been:

Keep going.
Keep doing the work.

Sometimes the work I do feels like rubbish … pointless … as though I have NO freaking clue what I’m doing and should probably not be allowed to operate in the normal world either … but the fact that I’ve kept going regardless?

Is why I’m here.

So let’s talk about what it actually takes to BE consistent then. Because if it were so fucking simple to DO this simple work, then like I said … EVERYONE would be a rich as fuck multi-millionaire with abs and a booty like a crisp new peach.

I’ve written a lot about consistency before, about how it can change your entire life and LITERALLY make you millions. But I don’t know that I’ve ever written about how to BE consistent and how to not NOT be consistent.

You ready? THIS IS THE STUFF YOU LET STOP YOU, and how to CONSISTENTLY move through it, dance with it, and learn even to love that it’s there.

— You’re a Narcissistic, Egotistic, Idealistic Crazy Person —

Let’s just jump straight into the good stuff! As a creator with a message you want to shake the world with it’s ALL ABOUT YOU, you know it’s all about you, you really could care less (deep down) what anybody else wants or thinks or expects, but yet that part of you that STILL WANTS TO BE NORMAL (so sweet) is jumping through hoops like nobody’s business, trying to prove to the world that you’re not in fact a self-absorbed, full of yourself, overly optimistic madwoman.

Look, I get that we’ve been taught these are BAD things, but here’s the reality:

Creators ARE self-absorbed, completely self-CENTRIC, completely head in the clouds crazy people and it’s ALL ABOUT THEM.

As a TRUE creator you create first and foremost and to be perfectly honest ONLY for yourself.

If you don’t allow this and instead you try to create outside of yourself you will never lead, inspire, or UNLEASH your true work and as such never do the good you were called to do in the world.

Trying to tell yourself you’re creating for an OUTCOME, for someone else, for how it might grow your brand or make you money is not only futile – as it stops you from being true to what needs to come out of you – but it will also never be true.

~ How to consistently move past the ‘problem’ of being such a selfish, self-absorbed DIVA about the work you really want to do? Stop looking at it as a problem. Own who you fucking ARE. You can’t make MAGIC and also be normal honey so EMBRACE THE CHAOS AND THE MADNESS, and all that comes with it.

In other words … get over WORRYING about it and get back to work; to doing your work for YOU and to heck with what anybody has to say or think about it OR about you!

— The Way You Do Your Work is Wrong —

What does this even MEAN?

Like, seriously now – WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?

Let me ask you a question … ARE you a creator? Are you somebody who has stuff within them to let out? Have you EXPERIENCED shit in your life (good and bad) and does that impact your reality, your beliefs, your passions, your choices?

Yes???! Good … me too … and good news! YOU’RE NOT A ROBOT and what you PRODUCE in the world is not supposed to resemble something off a freaking production line of internet or artistic musts.

So why do you let the ideas – opinions – RULES – of others impact how often you show up or whether you show up at all? Who are THEY to tell YOU how to do YOUR work in the world?!

Oh, what’s that now??? You want to grow up to be successful JUST LIKE THEM?? Then by all means … go build your little business in a box. Follow the rules. Follow the STEPS. Do exactly as you’re told, do it like EVERYBODY else is doing it, do NOT colour outside the lines and don’t you freaking DARE consider paving new ways forward in business or art.

Just don’t ever dare to call yourself an artist though … and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work for you anyway, this whole follow a proven path thing. I can’t even be bothered explaining why; if it’s not smack-you-in-the-face obvious you and I can’t ever be friends and also if your thing IS to follow a path rather than create your own we really have NOTHING in common.

~ How to consistently do your work even though it might be breaking ALL the rules, norms, ideals and just be flat out WRONG!

Just fucking do it.

I can’t tell you how often I see whingy-moany bullshit on Facebook in Author groups and the like about how short Kindle books aren’t real books, how you’re not a ‘real’ best-seller if you’re an Amazon best-seller (so the fuck what, you’re an AMAZON best-seller, that’s – duh – what it means) and how shorter books ‘can’t’ be of value … what does that MEAN? According to WHOM? And so WHAT? Is there a universal LAW about how long a book should be to be allowed to be called a book or to be of value? Of value to whom, precisely? Has all creativity been set into a nice orderly set of ‘how-to’ rules for all time? Wait, nobody told me – ARE WE NOT ALLOWED TO PAVE OUR OWN WAY AS CREATORS ANYMORE???! Do we have to do it how EVERYBODY ELSE DOES it??!

So why do we listen to this shit! Who CARES whether somebody ELSE – or even EVERYBODY else – thinks your work is wrong. Does it mean something to you? Are you expressing what needs to be expressed? Then keep doing it! And I can tell you that YOUR way might one day just become THE way, because if you stay true to your path of creation what you create WILL be amazing (and awful at times as well; don’t worry!) and it just might change the world. But only if you let it come out as feels right for it to come out.

Honestly: I used an example that annoys and triggers the shit out of me, but yet one that has not STOPPED me doing the work I’m called to do anyway because I fucking KNOW my writing is amazing for ME (I’m priority, remember!) and also for MY true tribe. So … hat is getting to you and you’re LETTING it get to you and stop you showing up, hmmm??

— You Have to Figure it Out First, and Be Able to See the Path Forward —

This one had me by the short and curlies for years. Even up until very recently. Thinking that I’m nearly there … so close … I just have to figure out that next … something?! What was it now? Hmm … I don’t remember but I know I just need a LITTLE bit more clarity and then EVERYTHING WILL WORK LIKE MAGIC.

Well, no.

You’ll never be done, and that’s okay.

You’ll never know PRECISELY what you’re doing and whether it’s working, and that’s okay.

It never WILL just keep working even when it’s been working, and that’s okay.

Frustration will ebb and flow for YOUR ENTIRE FREAKING LIFE, and that’s okay.

Flow, even once attained, will disappear with no warning or rhyme or reason, and that’s okay.

~ How to consistently take action even when you’re not sure.

Commit to doing the work, not insisting upon it having ANY outcome. Trying to get the work right or MAKE it work is the fastest way to stunt creativity, to NOT follow through, and to ultimately not create change.

— Today’s Work Sucks so You Have to Get Better or Fix it First —

Plain and simple: no.

The purpose is not doing great work. The purpose is doing the work that comes out, today. And again tomorrow. If it’s great, great. If it’s awful, so be it. You can NOT get to great without riding the waves of WHATEVER ELSE COMES IN BETWEEN THAT.

Nor can you predict or manufacture great, so really – give up bothering and just DO THE WORK.

~ How to consistently show up even though what’s coming out is RUBBISH

Who are you to judge your own work anyway, REALLY?! How do you KNOW how it’s going to impact on somebody? And do you really think that NOT acting is the way to get to the gold? You wanna get to the gold you’re going to have to first sift through the crud … so, you know – just show up. What comes out is what comes out. LET IT OUT and then let tomorrow’s work take care of itself tomorrow.

You’re Waiting for the Struggle to Be Over — — People Think and Maybe Even Say Things About You! — — You Don’t Feel Like It Today

This post is getting too long or maybe I’m losing a little interest in it, because the answer to EVERYTHING is going to be do. the. work. anyway. So let’s just wrap up a few final points here, and honestly you can add anything you like to it and I’ll say the same thing:

You’re waiting till it feels easy and natural? THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, even when it does you’ll go back down the rabbit hole of quicksand and pain sooner or later, so commit to doing the WORK not doing the work if it flows out of you like a unicorn slipping down a rainbow!

People might not like you and might even say bad things about you? Yes, that’s true. And? Is that a higher priority than doing your work and is it really ABOUT them?

You don’t feel like it, aren’t motivated, don’t know how … and? What’s that got to do with anything?

You’re worried that for all we joke about it YOU might actually be certifiably insane??! YES YOU DEFINITELY ARE, or it would not be POSSIBLE for you to be a true creator or to share a message that just might shake the world because it’s never been SAID, unleashed or done before, not in the way that you do it!

So I guess what this all comes down to, really, in the end, is simple.

Embrace who you ARE, choose to BE who you are, stop ANALYSING who you are and whether you have a right to fucking EXIST, and most of all??

Do the fucking work.



Is there really anything else you need to know??!