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Do you realise that at any point in time you have access to an entire world beneath world’s, to the deep collective unconscious (as described by Jung), to creativity, knowledge, power, and flow, beyond the scope of what you could imagine even if you dedicate your entire LIFE to doing so?

It’s true, and it’s yours for the taking | accessing | allowing | receiving | breathing, already, right now, and infinitely!

Is it bad or wrong, some kind of naughty mystical voodoo, to think that you should be ‘pulling down’ from the highest heights of all-encompassing truth, turning on superhuman abilities with the flick of a switch, performing feats not usually seen or even CONSIDERED by the human mind?

I don’t believe so.

I believe we are supernatural beings who are expressed right now in human form, and who absolutely GET to be in the full experience of that, to learn and grow and express even further through it, and to experience the entire gamut of what it does indeed mean to be human, from emotion, to mental acuity and strength, to all aspects of the physical, but yes yes yes, ALSO –

to all aspects of the energetic, the spiritual, the otherworldly.

The river beneath the river, have you been there?

Have you danced and swum in its waters, have you drunk from its fountains, have you washed yourself in its iridescent glow?

And do you realise,

as you go about your day,

as you make time to play,

and as you perpetually continue the search for your ultimate way,

just how much is available to you right now, in this moment, yes this very one, right here?

You’re making it so hard, that you try so endlessly to know what the next move is, how things should pan out, or which action to take, when the truth of the matter is you have ALREADY BEEN GRANTED POWERS BEYOND THOSE OF WHICH JESUS HIMSELF PERFORMED!


I’m talking about power IN the supernatural, and beyond BEYOND the physical, and absolutely beyond the typical understanding even of SUPERhuman, and I’m talking about that power,

that knowledge,

that creativity,

that truth,

that FLOW,

being in and from and through the name of God.

Why, where do YOU get your power from, you’re supernatural ability, your strength, the ability to KNOW without being told, to SEE without eyes, to FEEL without even the hint of experience or circumstance?

Perhaps you call it source .. the Universe … magic … or just ‘energy’ … and perhaps the name doesn’t so much matter,

(for what’s in a name,
except that to which we assign it?)

but then again, words do have an assigned meaning, you know why you choose one over the other, and you know which energy you’re choosing to play with,

believe in or no,

Shut your eyes to, or allow all the way through you.

But names and classification and categorisation aside, here is what is true regardless, for all of us, and which WE should not at this point by continuing to deny, if even by omission; by failing to say yes to:

You can open or close the valve at any point in time.

You have the ability, ALWAYS, to transcend the physical, to soften, and melt, and flow, and go into that other place, and just KNOW:

what to say
which moves to make
how to dance with life
in every possible way

As a messenger, a leader, one who is called to call forth the called, never has this been more important than now.

Never has the world been so crowded with those who want to be heard and who also have endless avenues available to them to make noise.

Never has it therefore been EASIER to be the one who stands out, and who is a vessel of ACTUAL love and light (y’know – as opposed to the just for Instagram but actually all fear and ego shrouded as FARK version), and who translates directly down from heaven above what needs to be said, shared, known, IMBIBED.

Never has it been easier to receive everything you’ve always dreamed of simply by DECIDING to let go of needing any of it, and realising that it all already exists, if only you’d allow yourself to fully let go, and let flow.

You know there’s a deeper way and you’ve long known it, the question is,

are you willing to own it?

That next level you
The one who has such wisdom and holy WOW come through her that she herself doesn’t even quite know what she just said, shared, created, but boy oh boy,
she knows that it was good,
and knows that it was true.

It’s time to go deeper sister.
It’s time to stop scratching around on the surface of your truth, of who and what you are, and what you came here to the world to be.
It’s time to transcend superhuman.

And be the one who simply gets the fuck out of her own way each day,

and lets God speak through her.

You waiting for that right stuff to be in place for you to make all those millions, impact entire generations, shift the vibrational frequency of the entire world, and also have everything you’ve been shown for your life just fall into place?

God is waiting for you to stop searching for how to get what was always planted TF in you.

You can’t very well be the vessel,

if you refuse to be the vessel.

And all you have to do?

Is say I do.

Then wait
and play
and dance
and drop
and be in the void
and lean back back back back back until you forget everything that separated you from eternal truth, and so finally –

it has no choice but to come out.

That’s all.

Now go do the work you were sent to do,

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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