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How to Be An Overnight Success, Get Insanely Lucky Online, Become “The” Expert in Your Niche, and Make Your Millions

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Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to ‘come out of nowhere’ online? You’ve never heard of them, never seen their stuff, and suddenly they’re everywhere! Up in your face with their awesomeness, and while at first you don’t really pay that much attention eventually you start thinking –  

This chick must really have it going on.  

Maybe I SHOULD try her program?  

She clearly knows what she’s doing!  

Really what you’re thinking of course, is – I want some of what she’s got!  

And by this it could be you want that energy, that vitality, that level of enthusiasm towards your goals and your life, or it could be that you crave a similar level of recognition, money, and success. You see this woman who seemingly appeared out of thin air – an overnight sensation! – and she’s achieving everything you dream of making true in your own life –  

Her stuff is going viral …  

Her name is on everyone’s lips …  

Her programs are clearly going off …  

Her Facebook ads are awesome …  

She’s clearly “killing it” with her income, and living the dream …  

Ever her HAIR looks awesome!  

And as much as you hate to admit it, there’s a part of you wondering why you don’t have all that yet, why your name isn’t the one on everyone’s lips when you know that you are just as great of a coach as her, maybe better! You know you have just as much ability and God-given RIGHT to succeed on a big scale, and it simultaneously irks you to see someone else doing so well as at the same time your mind is racing trying to figure out how you can learn from this, replicate it in your business, become the next hot sensation in your niche – one who reaches the top and stays there!  

I have to admit there’s been many a time in my online journey when I’ve almost obsessively stalked the success of somebody who I perceive to be ‘on a similar playing field to me’ but who is making it SO much bigger. I’m not delusional, right? It’s not like I look at the success of Oprah or Tony Robbins and get all uncomfortable as to why I’m not succeeding on their level … yet! But when I used to see women who are a similar age, similar sort of look and ‘feel’, who are also Mums, who maybe even started online after me and yet were kicking bigger goals than me …  

Well. That’s just downright rude! And I do kinda hate to admit it but there was always that part of me that was jealous of their success, at the same time as I wanted to learn from it. How come they got to be the one everyone was talking about?! How come they got to make so much money, all online, and doing what they loved? How come she was the one on that magazine cover, interviewed for that show, featured as a top entrepreneur?  

It should have been me!  

Around the middle of last year, I started hearing something from friends and even fellow entrepreneurs which just about drove me insane –  

You’re so lucky, Kat!, they said –  

It’s like you’ve come out of nowhere!, they said –  

I never heard of you before, and all of a sudden there you are, everywhere! What’s your secret?!  

Can I tell you my secret?  

It took me a while to really ‘get’ this, even though I suppose I knew it all along.  

It’s the same secret that all those women whose success I’ve coveted, admired, and learned from over the years had.  

And I wish it were more glamorous than this.  

I wish I had have known it back when I started investing all that money, time, emotion and effort into building my dream business and making money online, doing what I love. Who knows what I could have saved, right?! Because (and this is a bit squirmy to admit) I’ve actually spent over $200,000 on my coaching and education in the past 4 or 5 years online.  

Just look at all the money I’ve wasted!  

I’ve done two $12,000 programs … I still remember that first one I signed up to, the very first time I invested in something high-end … I wanted to vomit. I was literally shaking, and felt like I was being SO irresponsible!  

A $72,000 program … and I was 40k in debt when I joined …  

Numerous 2-3k events …  

An $8,000 retreat … credit carded … as were pretty much most of these …  

A $7,000 coaching program …  

A $5,000 mentoring program …  

Several ‘cheapie’ 2k courses …  

A $25,000 package …  

An $8,000 online course …  

A $5,000 coaching support ,,,  

A TON of 1:1 coaching ranging from the $200 to $1000 an hour mark …  

Even MORE super cheap few hundred dollar thingies …  

I’m just about to commit to another 30k program!  

And that’s just the stuff I remember off the top of my head!  

It seems I’m a bit of a sucker for punishment on the coaching front!  

Maybe I’m just a slow learner?  

Or perhaps I simply haven’t yet found the right one, the magic ‘solution’ that will bring it all together for me.  

Or maybe it’s that I just don’t value myself, would prefer to give my money away rather than hold on to it and, I don’t know, invest in the normal things that 30-something women should invest in!  

Just think where I could be now if I hadn’t spend all that money!  

And why couldn’t I just get my sh*t together like those women I so admired were obviously doing, and just go ahead and MAKE great money before just about hocking everything I owned to spend great money?! After all, they clearly knew what they were doing, so surely I could have figured it out to?!  

LUCKY it’s all worked out now, hey?!  

LUCKY I now am making that amazing income online, doing what I love …  

LUCKY I have been able to sell over half a million dollars of eCourses just in the last few years …  

LUCKY I am part of an elite secret ‘invite only’ mastermind of 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs who share everything about their businesses and their success with me …  

LUCKY I can afford to have an amazing team to support me and do all the jobs I don’t wanna do!  

LUCKY I only have to work 25-30 hours a week, and spend the rest of the time on the beach, or with my kids, or at the gym, or doing whatever the hell I please …  

LUCKY I am privy to some of the best minds in the world who keep me up to the minute with the latest in lead generation, evergreen sales processes, marketing, high conversions, million dollar launch processes …  

LUCKY I somehow managed to figure it all out, build a name for myself, become known as THE go-to person for women entrepreneurs who dream bigger than big and want someone to push them to make it happen … fast!  

LUCKY I have contacts who are setting me up with international speaking gigs, interviews, guest articles, appearances, and introducing me all the time to the top players in the online world …  

LUCKY I have access to have the same person help me launch my book who launched a BIG handful of the recent New York Times Best-sellers by my favourite business and success authors …  

LUCKY I’ve been able to finally clear my debts, create a money flow I now couldn’t stop if I wanted to, afford to take off in just a few weeks to travel the world for the next year or so, live the laptop lifestyle and bring my ‘perfect day’ to life …  

LUCKY I now have people admiring my success, the fact that I’ve ‘come out of nowhere’ and am clearly “killing it online” …  

So. Damn. LUCKY!  

Honestly, I don’t know HOW I managed to end up here given my obvious inability to just get on and make sh*t happen myself. God, I don’t even want to think about how much property I could own right now if I had have invested all that wasted coaching money like a normal person!  

Only thing is …  

While there were 1 or 2 things on that coaching list that I wouldn’t say were worth it … in fact where I nearly got put off further coaching altogether after being so burnt …  

That private mastermind I’m part of, where I talk daily with 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs and share all our business secrets and strategies? I was invited to that because I’d spent 15k coaching with the founder of it, and she saw I was for real, and in it for the long haul …  

That 8k program I did, which I then ‘upgraded’ from into a 72k program, was directly responsible for $240,000 of income last year …  

That first $3000 event I attended? I implemented what I learned the very next week, and made 12k right off the bat, and countless more since then, using that system …  

That 5k coaching I did caused a 60% increase in my income in 2012 within the period of a few months …  

That 25k program I recently signed up for has already made me over 10k and we’ve barely begun …  

I’m friends with some of the top players in the online world because I’ve met them – or coached under them! – in high-end programs …  

They introduce me to their friends …  

Some of them are people whose books I used to read as a teenager! …  

They introduce me as ‘one of them’ …  

I’m treated as part of the inner circle, given access to people whose numbers you can’t pay for, sometimes given entire programs and systems for free …  

I have over 15,000 people on my email list …  

And my business now makes upwards of 50k a month … so I guess I kinda covered the 200k coaching …  

I understand and implement up to the minute strategy on Facebook advertising, on all aspects of lead gen, and online marketing, and selling, and building a tribe, and generally just what it takes to stand out and be KNOWN as well as MAKE IT online …  

Lucky? You can bet your ass I’m lucky if by lucky you mean worked my butt off, kept going no matter how many times thing didn’t work, chose to believe in myself even when I didn’t, couldn’t, when it all seemed SO damn far away, and invested the time, energy, emotion and also money into learning from and WITH the best so that I could become one of the best, then yeah, I’m lucky.  

But if you mean I GOT lucky then you can get, well. Let’s just say I don’t take too kindly to being told I’m soooo lucky in that ‘oh my God why do YOU get to be so lucky’ sort of way!  

So. I forgot to tell you the secret, didn’t I?! Kinda went off on a tangent there …  

Now obviously I can’t claim this secret as mine. I didn’t make it up, and I wasn’t the first one to figure it out.  

As a matter of fact, I learned it from the exact women I used to so admire, long to be like in terms of their success, who I viewed as some sort of overnight sensation when deep down I knew there was a helluva lot more to it than that.  

So I guess it’s more of a tried and tested sort of thing than anything.  

Ah, you know what? To be honest it’s not really the kind of thing that can be told. I think you either get it, or you don’t, right? And I’m pretty sure you get it.  

But I will say this –  

You want to be lucky enough to be an overnight sensation, “the” expert in your industry, renowned for what you do, and make your millions, doing what you love?  

Decide that that’s what you want.  

Make a plan to get there.  

Invest in the right coaching and support.  

And do the f^&king work.  

It’s pretty simple really, this whole living the dream thing …. give or take a few cliffs you gotta jump off, a few bloodied battles you’ll have to pick yourself up from, and a few trillion inner and outer battles you’ll have to face … I really don’t see why everyone doesn’t go out there and get lucky!

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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