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How to Plan NOW to Make More Money and Have More FUN in 2014!

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could GUARANTEE you make more money (and have the best time ever doing it) in 2014?!

Well – I’ve got good news! Which is that while I can’t be certain what you WILL do next year (or before!) I can sure as heck guarantee that if you don’t take at least a handful of the following stuff on board? That road to success is going to be more hard slog than fun, and you’ll definitely make a helluva lot LESS MONEY than what you could!

The reason I’m so sure is that everytime I do the below stuff my income goes up and my workload as well as perceived effort goes down. Basically – things just work better in my biz and in my life! Despite this, I can be as cray-cray as the next overachiever gal out there, in that it’s all too easy to find myself caught up once again in a dreary list of shoulds and must-dos, telling myself I “can’t” do what I really want to do in my business or allowing myself to become distracted with busywork that doesn’t really achieve anything.It’s a total trap, and one that seems to pull most of us in with alarming regularity.

So if you know that you want to make 2014 an absolute kick-ass way and you’re an action-taking kind of lady who doesn’t WANT to start making that happen, you’re going to love the simple effectiveness of what I’m about to share with you. Long story short? This stuff really works!

In fact it works so well that by (mostly!) being diligent with applying it in my own business I’ve been able to take my online income from pennies less than 2 years ago, while still having to work crazy hours as a personal trainer, to now making a very high 5-figure income each nd every month.

And there’s no reason at all why 2014 shouldn’t be the year that you create your own incredible growth!

So – let’s talk about how to do just that. And – let’s start now! Who needs to wait for NYE to make NY plans, right?

Own your dreams

Stop being such a wuss and start ferociously claiming exactly what you want to create in your business, who you want to be, and how you want to play this game. The only reason you CAN’T have things your way is if you allow fear and ‘what if ‘ to rule you meaning you set wishy-washy goals and then take wishy-washy action. Own your dreams. State exactly what you want. Be clear that you will accept nothing less, no way, no how. And then get out there and start making it happen girl. Like – now!

Stop doing what society – or anyone! – tells you, if deep down you know you can’t be happy that way.

The only person who knows what is right for you is YOU. And if you don’t yet really know what you want or need, or what success would truly look like for you, then you’re no way going to figure it out by following the rules. Truly HAPPY successful women entrepreneurs don’t just break rules, they make ’em. And they don’t allow themselves to be swayed by NOT achieving on society’s terms.

Start now.

Kinda obvious, we all know it, and yet it’s oh so easy to not do right? Life is now remember. If you’re not where you promised yourself you’d be at the start of 2013, it’s quite simply for no other reason than that you have not taken consistent and focuses action. Don’t let another day pass without going to bed rocking the knowledge that you took a step closer to your dreams.

Get your head in the game.

Do you think elite sports people sit back in the changing room before a game or a competition looking at a list of all the stuff they haven’t yet achieved or ticked off? Do you think a successful sports coach gets her clients ready to enter battle by making them jump straight into it with no physical or mental prep, or by reminding them of all the tedious rehab work they’re going to have to do off season? No, right?

You’ve seen the movies – sports teams typically have mantras, anthems, songs or rituals they perform before a game in order to change their mental state and get them ready to SMASH through their fears and WIN. As business women we should be doing the same. We need to be claiming our success mentally before it happens in the ‘real’ world’, and we need to be doing it every damn time we’re about to go into battle. So put together a fire it up play list. Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ is my fave powers song and if you want another awesome power tune that’ll crack you up check out ‘I’m on a Boat’ on You Tube, although not if profanity is an issue for you :). Pump that stuff up before you write a blog post or some sales copy or get on the phone. Get your head in the game. Create a creed, a mantra, something that makes you come alive and know that NOTHING is going to stand in your way – not least of all YOU.

You can check out my creed here – I basically wrote it for me and then re-wrote it as a Facebook post for my ideal clients so it’s worded for you … a lot of the things I post for you (even this blog post!) are actually reminders for me 🙂 – why not write your own today? If you do, paste it in the comments I would LOVE to see it!

Get your girls on board – or find new ones!

You simply HAVE to have a crew. Your crew consists of like-minded women who will lift you up, motivate you, inspire you with THEIR awesomeness as they also celebrate yours, PUSH you to take it to a higher level and willingly kick you up the butt when you need it.

If you don’t have a crew already, get it happening today. There are tons of awesome networks for women online, or you can join a mastermind of some kind. In fact, my business coaching mastermind clients love the community almost as much as they love the support and the results that they get from working with me!

Embrace not fitting in

Did you know that many of the most successful entrepreneurs out there are NOT tertiary educated, have not held down a job for any ‘respectable’ period of time, or have done ‘silly’ things like walk OUT of a well-paying position or away from one of their biggest so-called accomplishments? Stop beating yourself up for not ‘winning’ the way everybody else wants to win. There’s a reason you can’t conform. It’s because conformity is NOT the key to living life your way! I know. Der, right. So no more being hard on ourselves about it, cool?

Be RUTHLESSLY committed to your dreams.

Nobody is going to MAKE you get out there and make your life happen. NOBODY is going to tell you that you should have pushed harder, done more, been more, given it a tougher go when you’re already doing so well on most people’s terms. And nobody is going to care at all, not one little bit, when you don’t follow through on the stuff you promised yourself you’d follow through on.

Nobody will give two hoots that you don’t follow your dreams. Nobody except for you. So freaking well stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and start being RUTHLESS about making YOUR sh*t happen. NOW.

Learn to pick yourself up right away.

Fall down 99 times, get up 100 right? I know. You already know this. As long as you’re willing to keep picking yourself up you WILL get there. But you’ll get there a helluva lot faster when you learn to pick yourself up right away, each and every time.

Stop the uber-analysis. Stop the shoulda/woulda/coulda. It happened. It is what it is. Move on to move up, and do it now. Always, now.

Know your why.

Your why has nothing to do with making money, having nice things, not even to do with recognition and not even anything to do with helping people. Your why goes deeper. Your why is the deepest and most hidden layer to you and reflects your true motivation for doing what you do. It’s a sure bet that if you find yourself unable to take action on creating your dreams and building your income and success the way you know you SHOULD then you don’t know your why.

I can help you find your why as part of my free Business Strategy Sessions. It’s what I do 🙂

Party like it’s ’99.

Forget the heavy stuff for a moment! This one is IMPORTANT and so many of us fail to do it! I’m talking about celebrating your wins, every single one of them no matter HOW small. When was the last time you rewarded yourself for taking action, for ticking a REAL goal or dream off your list or even moving one step closer? You can celebrate however you like. I like giving myself a day off, going shopping and cafe-hopping in a beautiful outdoor area, buying a new handbag or pair of runners or on one occasion after a very big win I even bought myself diamond earrings. I felt like such an adult 🙂

You don’t have to celebrate your wins monetarily, but you SHOULD do so now and again. You’re allowed to buy nice things or buy things ‘just because’, you know. Don’t you remember having spending money as a kid? When did it become illegal to have it as an adult?! My latest fave way to celebrate my wins is by rocking to one of my favourite fire it up songs. Eminem is good for that 🙂

Deal with your sh*t.

Okay. Let’s get real here for a moment. I know you’ve got ‘stuff’ you need to deal with. I know I have too. And you know YOU have AND you know I have. We all do and we simply have to deal with it if we want to play at a higher level. So do so, yeah? Journaling is my favourite way to deal with my sh*t, it really clears out the emotional garbage and makes way for clarity as well as often some of my best ideas.

Tone DOWN your big picture expectations for the year and amp UP your short term dreams.

At the start of 2013 I promised myself I’d publish 10 new books on Amazon by my birthday (October 2). I wrote pretty well and published 5 by about May and then I freaked out and didn’t write anything more until about a month ago. Instead of setting yourself massive goals that are not really based on anything (‘I want to make a million dollars!’ ‘I want 20,000 email subscribers!’ – you get the idea), set goals that are firstly based on something and have a ‘why’ and secondly are able to be achieved in a tangible way.

My new writing goal is simple – for every day that I do switch on the computer, the first thing I do is write. For at least 25 minutes. Totally doable and totally effective!

Don’t wait until somebody tells you the next step.

I don’t care how many coaches or cool support crew gals you’ve got – your success is YOUR responsibility. And ain’t nobody going to wake up thinking about what YOU need to do today to make your dreams reality, so you better take ownership of that stuff yourself. Everything is figure-out-able right? So stop waiting for somebody else’s say-so and figure it out yourself.

Put your happiness first NOW.

Perhaps you think the fastest way to make money is by doing ‘x’ even though you want to do ‘y’. Perhaps right now you’re even doing ‘x’ instead of doing ‘y’ and every fibre of your being is resenting it, hating it, longing for the day when you get to do what you want to do.

Here’s the thing. You are NOT going to get to do what you want to do by doing what you don’t want to do! It’s a myth that you have to pay your dues, there is always a way to succeed on your terms. Figure it out. Start now. Put your happiness and your dreams first and refuse NOT to.

Act from your heart not your head.

This is just another way of saying it’s not really about the money. It’s not really about the recognition. It’s not really about your numbers or where you’ve been published or who buys your stuff.

What it is about and what it’s always about is what is really driving you, on a deeper level. What are the feelings, desires and emotions you want to create in your life? How do you want to FEEL in your business? Tune in to creating your feelings and the money will come. I’ve proven it to myself more times than I needed to and I’ve seen it with all my top-earning clients so STOP getting caught up in what you think you need to be happy and to make money and START taking action on what and who you know you truly are.

Do it even if it’s crazy and even if it’s never been done before.

Your dream is not too crazy.

It’s not impossible.

It doesn’t have to be tried and tested.

And you don’t have to explain it to anybody.

You want it? You go get it.

Create a plan that thrills the pants off you, such that you cannot WAIT to take action on it every day.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how disciplined or organised you are, if you’re pushing yourself to do something you don’t want to be doing – you’re really not going to do it! Oh sure, you might for a period of time until you realise you’re being completely insane by fighting your own desires. You might even go back and forth, constantly trying to justify to yourself why you should do that stuff and why you can’t do the stuff you’re drawn to.

Ultimately you’re only going to sabotage your success that way, even if you do find it.

So when you think about how to make more money and have more FUN in 2014, think about what it would take to wake up every damn morning feeling naturally inspired, excited, thrilled and pumped to get into your day.

What would it take to wake up every day and go to bed every night absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude and joy that you get to do what you do? Whatever it is it is NOT too big a dream and you CAN make it happen. In fact, I have a 1-day mini-business bootcamp coming up next month that will help you to create exactly that plan and also know how to implement it!

A mantra for you to use today! I own my dreams and I am committed to taking focused and consistent action to make them my NOW reality.

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  1. Anika says:

    So pleased to be able to make it to one of your one day events. Is it Saturday the 14th or Friday the 13th? Ad says Saturday the 13th but the 13th is a Friday.
    Awesome blog post by the way, You speak my language. 🙂

    • Kat says:

      Awesome will be great to see you again! Thanks for the compliment on the blog – I LOVED writing this one. Definitely the 14th – sorry!

  2. Love this, Kat! Like you, I’ve set massive goals and then not met the mark because they weren’t realistic….instead to getting down, I celebrated the wins and moved on to the next project 🙂