PROGRAMMED TO UPGRADE, is back gorgeous!

We begin Monday May 16 🔥

25 Days.
One on One.
You and me.

To quantum leap like you’ve NEVER leapt before.

And to simply CLAIM beyond what you’ve up til now made available.

MOST of all,

to claim the continual upgrading and elevation that comes as just a product of your BEING,

and not because you had to decide or remember to align or upgrade!


This will be intense …

And a lil bit scary. But most of all?


Dropping into your ultimate sovereign beingness tends to do that

So here is what this is about:

You can create, shift or change anything with your mind, you can become a new person each moment, you can PROGRAM yourself to upgrade, and ensure that the better it gets the better it just KEEPS ON GETTING.

You can become stronger each day.

Leaner, fitter, hotter and faster each day.

YOUNGER each day.

More energised, more radiant, more dropped in, more capable of seeing, knowing, receiving, being shown, more magnetic, more able to unleash what is in you, REALLY what we’re talking about is more you in fact ALL of you.

However loud and crazy or quiet and still or all of it that looks FOR you.

You can:

– Call in more and more MONEY each day, on repeat and just as a product of how you be

– Have your soulmate clients … business … lifestyle … and LIFE, simply show up for you, also on repeat, with the click of your fingers, the blink of your eyes, and the clack of the back of your ruby red slippers, together


– claim it and have it as ACTUALLY done (meaning: it shows up)

– and then drop immediately into the unfolding of what is there for you beyond that!


You can claim all of this in ALL areas of your life.

What, you thought it’s meant to be slow and steady or one bit at a time??

No you didn’t

And now?

In Programmed to Upgrade I will recode you into the ALLness of you.

Because you say yes.

And because it’s what I DO, what happens when you come into my space, and why the leaders of the entrepreneur space both on and off line repeat come back into MY space. Simply to BE there, and to be activated.

Oh and by the way –

Hell to the YES we are talking all the supernatural activation that is there for you. The normal BEYOND so-called or accepted normal. The normal YOU know it is meant to be about.

I have to tell you:

I can’t WORK with you if you aren’t willing to believe at a level beyond what you can currently feel, or see.

But if you are willing to believe BEYOND your current understanding OF belief

And the truth is you always have, you’ve always SENSED it

And you’re now ready to LIVE into that belief, allow it to FULLY become embodied, real, and true, then, well –

In 25 days 1:1 together in Programmed to Upgrade I’m going to show you how to step fully into the energy and the reality and the NOW of:

* Receiving money like woah, rivers and rivers of money flowing to you, almost as if from nowhere, more and more each day, all from a place of purpose, passion, and flow, and for the greater good of yourself and of others

* Doing NOTHING for this, nothing at all, YES it sounds ridiculous and once again ‘wrong’, by the NORM, however what this comes back to is trusting and knowing that YOU WILL BE DOING THE WORK YOU’RE MEANT TO DO REGARDLESS, that that is who you ARE, and what this is about is faith based RECEIVING, by virtue of energy, expectation, decision, and vibration. As for what you WILL now be doing … you will being you. All of you. Fully you. Purely for the PURPOSE of being you, and expressing what is meant to come out of you into the world, and baby THAT bitch?

Deserves to get paid, aka deserves to RECEIVE, in ever greater amounts and with ever greater ease and flow and so that is what is gonna get to HAPPEN

* Contracting and expanding time, stepping away from living IN or BOUND by physical time, and instead accessing the reality that all time is available now, and therefore are quite literally able to access all POSSIBILITY now, and so – you will

* Having more and more people find you each day, be drawn to you automatically, through the energy, through your signal, through the collective, and have them desire to give you money (more and more each day) and also DO so

* Instant allowing in all areas, supernaturally specifically, because reality: God did not make you to JUST be flesh and blood

* Activation of your deepest beingness. CONTINUAL. MOFO. ACTIVATION

* What it really means to be connected to God / soul / (truest) self, how also to always ‘know’ from that place

* Using the deepest power of your sub-conscious mind to unlock beyond what currently is

* Knowing your own mind, your soul, being deeply and daily connected to what is divined, required, and desirable, by and for you, and also allowing yourself to bring it all to life, SNAP – now

* Understanding superflow, understanding how to choose and create from it

* Allowing yourself to be fully seen. In all ways you desire and choose.

* FULL message and soul / purpose work clarity

* FULL ability to give and receive and be IN love (so good!)

* The power of prayer for physical / emotional / spiritual healing and transformation

* Your soulmate clients coming to YOU and signing YOU up, then loving to pay you upfront and / or with ease, right away

* FULL support, of the most desired and soul aligned and know-what-you-need-without-you-telling-me kind, in all areas

* Allowing life and those you choose in it to fully honour and support you

* KNOWLEDGE and certainty that God has your back and you are abundantly taken care of

* Your ideas brought to life INSTANTLY

* Creativity running through you like a tap that you couldn’t turn off if you tried

* SUCCESS elevation as powerful and rapid as a gushing river

* Every day better and better energy and every day dropping deeper and deeper into superflow

* The ability to increase your income (and all receiving) each day | week | month continually, again without DOING anything, simply BEING who you are meant to be

* Continual transformation across all areas, for the greater good and continual rapid ENERGY shifts

* Being lit up and buzzing as your natural state – simultaneously having access even whilst IN the physical / human state to other realms and knowledge wisdom brought down from your own higher self as well as the collective, being able, therefore, to bend time and space and reality, even whilst moving through your day

And most of all, and what ALL of this connects into and is about –

Recoding your body, mind, income, health, wealth, love, lifestyle, anything, in an instant – by ALIGNING TO WHO YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE AND WHO YOU NOW CAN!

Becoming the ALREADY AVAILABLE version of you who upgrades automatically, across all areas, where upgrading and becoming the next level you is your habit, and your natural state, as a result of which:

* Everything you desire and which is aligned for you is brought to life, immediately if not sooner
* EVERYTHING you desire and see and feel inside of you is known and acknowledged as already real and true, and you know and understand that all you need to do is choose it
* You can become fully seen NOW
* Crazy in love with your body and being, inside and out, NOW
* Magnetic and in full unleashing of what is inside of you NOW
* Receiving a continual flow of your soul peeps in biz and life NOW
* In continual expansion, elevation, upgrading and quantum leaping NOW

We are talking, quite simply, about full mofo BEING. And everything that goes hand in hand with that.

There are 20 places for this work.
There is more I have to say about it.
For many people, this work will be too … strange. Too … good to be true, or believed.

For this who it’s for?

It’s precisely what you’ve always known.

And what you’re now ready to access.

If that’s you, message me and tell me why it’s you, and we will go from there.

It’s time.
You were called.
You are chosen.
Say yes.

I can’t wait to work with you!!

We kick off Monday May 16! 

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I will run you through a few more details, plus cost, and find out personally with you exactly how I and the Programmed To Upgarde can help you MOST right now.