Purpose Passion Flow Academy

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– A Membership Mastermind, with Katrina Ruth –

I want to tell you a story.

It’s a story about love, about purpose, about passion, about flow.

It’s a story about you.

It’s a story about how, when we go within – when YOU go within – into the deepest remembrances of your soul, your cells, and every part, of who you are and have ALWAYS been, since long before you were formed or even, imagined, you always knew:

You were born for greatness.
You were born for destiny.
You were born for calling.
You were BORN, to have it all.

On your terms –

And then some.

But before I tell you this story, before we dive in, and I ramble, and we wander, and cover, ALL the things, the good and the crazy and the ugly and the random and WHO knows what else, can I just tell you ONE thing real quick???!

It’s KIND of a big deal …

It’s KIND of huge …

It’s KIND of mega fucking awesome!


What you’ve always known –

You NEVER knew –

You always wanted!!

(I think :))

Good news though, perhaps YOU didn’t know, but I sure as heck have known about this for OVER 5 YEARS.

I know.

I’m sorry.

Apparently I’m NOT always the fast action-takin’ launch badass I purport to be!!

Not this time, anyway!

But so it is –

Don’t you often find?

With our SOUL work.



Okay okay okay oKAY okay okay, I’ll get to the POINT then – !

I’m doing it.

I’m pressing fucking play.


The community I’ve had the download for since 2012.

And told myself I couldn’t do, or shouldn’t. Which mentors and friends even, told me was a BAD IDEA. Well, perhaps it was, for who I was then, and perhaps it was always MEANT to happen NOW.

It’s the community which I forgot about, repeatedly, but then never actually did or COULD, as it always is, with purpose.

You know?

YOU know!


Are you ready? Am I ready, more like? COVER YOUR EYES!!! Okay, now open them – !


Purpose Passion Flow Academy.

For The Ones Who Are Called For More.

– A Brand New Membership Mastermind with Katrina Ruth –

Do you want to know something funny?

I just spent a few minutes searching for ‘purpose passion flow’ on my laptop files and also in my online journal.

That term came up EVERYWHERE.

Dating back years.

Not just in program and offer ideas, but over and over again in my own journaling.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted, to live with purpose and passion and flow, and to help others do the same.

Actually it’s all I DO do already. This just takes it to the next level, and makes our relationship together all the more committed 😉

Let’s talk about who this is for!


But sure, let’s break that down.

Purpose Passion Flow Academy is, quite simply, for the ones who are CALLED.

Called for what?




I remember, years back, when I was writing a tagline to my fitness website ‘Woman Incredible’. I wanted to write ‘Fitness, Fat Loss & Motivation for DRIVEN Woman Who Just Want More’.

I did write it, actually.

And then a mentor of mine questioned it, kind of turned up his nose, and asked me –

“More WHAT though, Kat?”

I didn’t really know what he meant. What more what? More EVERYTHING, duh!

To me it was obvious.

But he explained to me that it was an unfinished sentence, and I took it off … for a bit. It somehow snuck it’s way back on pretty quickly 🙂

I always KNEW what I am here for, and that my soul peeps would get it, even before I knew I knew.

So yes.

That is who Purpose Passion Flow Academy is for.

The you who KNOWS that life is supposed to BE about purpose, and passion, and flow.

The you know knows that it’s AVAILABLE.

And the you who just wants MORE, and is willing to do what it takes to create that.

More what?

More EVERYTHING, obviously.

Here are some things, which I am quite sure I know about you:

You are an achiever, successful, someone considered to be productive and all those good things. You feels lost and you know you want more but you don’t know how to find it.

You want to feel confident about the direction your life is going.

You want to wake up each day feeling inspired, motivated, proud of yourself, and what you’re doing.

You want to go to bed at night feeling proud of yourself, and how you’ve spent your time.

You want to feel that you’re living a life on purpose.

You want passion and fun and excitement. You want greater self-belief and self-love.

You want to get lost in things. To be engaged. You want to feel alive, energised from within, excited about life.

You want to KNOW you can do anything.

You want EPIC amazing sex, and love, and ROMANCE, and to be taken care of.

You want to be able to take risks.

You want more time.

More money.

More spontaneity.

And definitely more energy.

You just want to feel happier, and more content. That it’s all going to be okay. That you are going to be okay.




It’s time for a wake up call baby.

This life you’re living right now? This business you’re building? This DIFFERENCE you’re trying to make? The YOU who you’re trying to be? (Not to mention the money!) –

It’s just not QUITE right now, is it?

And as much as you might tell yourself otherwise, the truth?

Deep down where you often forget to look but yet somehow can NEVER forget, you know –

That the way you’re doing business AND life right now, and the message you’re putting out there, is kinda bullshit. Just a little.

That you have a deeper purpose, a true calling, a MISSION God damnit and it’s something people NEED to hear and yet you’re selfishly not GIVING it to them.

Not all of it.

Not fully.

That as much as you do like and maybe even love your life you don’t love love LOVE it … how can you, when it’s not the one you know you were born for?!

That there’s something within you that SCREAMS the need for more – to be a leader, a game-changer, to impact the WORLD. And make millions doing it, WHY NOT?

And that right now, this path you’re on? Is, for all intents and purposes, taking you nowhere. Okay, that’s harsh, but really, by nowhere we’re talking about in ANY direction other than the one you’re MEANT to be going in.

Remember –

0.01% off is one HUNDRED percent off. ALWAYS.

And here’s what it comes down to, and why I feel MORE than comfortable being so assumptive about you, your life, your business, your very soul! –

You DO have a purpose.

You DO have a calling.

You KNOW what it is.


Here’s the other thing (and this might hurt a little) –

Just because you HAVE a destiny, does NOT mean you’re automatically just going to live it.

It took me the best part of my twenties to realise this – I’m grateful it hit me that relatively early in life to be honest! See, I’d always know I was here for MORE and to lead. To do something SPECTACULAR with my life, and yes – to create serious wealth and a serious difference as well. And I guess that somehow I just thought it would all just … happen.

Long story short, and despite the fact that in the eyes of just about everyone I knew I was KILLING it at life, it didn’t. And it hit me –

Oh shit.

If this is all going to actually happen?

It has to be ME who MAKES it happen!

And if it’s REALLY going to happen?

It has to be NOW.

Reality Check – How Much Longer Do You Plan to Keep Spinning Crap?!

Let’s get real here beautiful, and start as we mean to go on. If you’re truly going to live that ‘one day’ life you dream about, then you’re going to have to get your butt into gear and make it happen starting TODAY.

You have NO more time left to live the wrong life, and it doesn’t matter how much you know or think you don’t know, it doesn’t matter how ready you feel and it sure doesn’t matter if you think you CAN, the ONLY thing that matters here is DO YOU ACTUALLY WANT WHAT YOU SAY YOU WANT?



Because if you do –

Then NOW is the time to take that leap of faith you’ve been dreaming of

NOW is the time to finally CRYSTAL CLEAR DEFINE that calling deep within you

And NOW is the time to unleash the crap out of that thing – unleash the real power of you! – onto the world.

More than all of THAT though – isn’t it time you finally allowed yourself to live a life you ADORE?

You CAN have it all, you can have it on YOUR terms, and you can have it now, but if you WANT it then you HAVE to go on out there and take it.

You have to –

Admit to yourself AND THEN THE WORLD who you really are and what you really want to do

Be brave enough to LET GO of the stuff that isn’t serving you
And be COMMITTED to taking the daily actions that create your weeks that create your months that create your DESTINY from a place of flow and alignment.

And do you want to know what happens when you do this?

Business? It gets easier. (And more fun)
Money? It starts to FLOW … and FLOW … and FLOW.
Life? Well you have to pinch yourself daily!
LOVE? You can’t go wrong, when you follow your SOUL.
And YOU? You step into a place of POWER where you KNOW and simply TRUST, that whatever you want? Can be yours.

Plus … shit just gets WAY more epic, in general. LIFE just uplevels like a motherfucker, on repeat!

It’s time to stop telling yourself not yet, that you can’t, you shouldn’t, it wouldn’t work, you have to do this other stuff first.

It’s time to stop living like your beliefs about life and business and money are that it has to be hard, uphill, full of unjust sacrifice.

It’s time to stop being such a damn scaredy-cat and to finally – FINALLY! – step up and say YES to pressing play NOW on the life you were born for.

It’s time, quite simply, to start doing you.

All the way.

No more filter.

No more B.S.

And no more letting fear or ANY other emotion dictate your destiny.

If you’re READY, and your heart is saying YES, and you want to finally ALLOW the wealth, the joy, the happiness you KNOW you’ve been holding yourself back from, then you are going to love love LOVE what I have for you.

Purpose Passion Flow Academy is for the ones who KNOW they were called, and are ready to say yes ONGOING to pressing the fuck play, in all ways!

Here’s How We’re Going to Do That

Purpose Passion Flow Academy (For The Ones Who Are Called!) is a month-by-month membership program with me, Katrina Ruth.

You can sign up today (below!) and pay just your first month, then decide month by month whether you stay for that next month’s content, downloads (divine ones, not computer-ish ones, although those too!), and hanging out with me and my amazing #KatNinjas (my team who do ALL the things).

Or you can pay upfront for a year and save some $$$, PLUS maybe even go VIP with me.

Purpose Passion Flow Academy is ongoing support and access to me as well as EVERYTHING you need to know and understand to connect into YOUR higher self and then create your business AND life, from that place.

As such … who on earth knows WHAT all the incredible work is we’ll be doing together.

Not me yet!

That’s for sure 🙂

But here is what I DO know.

Just a little.

About the work we’ll be doing together, and in particular where we will be starting:


We’ll tap into the power of your TRUE message, the calling that lies deep within you and we will let that baby FLY. This means – defining the mysterious. Your calling, your purpose, your MUST is something that right now feels impossible to sell or perhaps even fully EMBODY because you haven’t allowed it to consistently be part of your real WORLD. I’ll show you precisely how to take your PURPOSE and define it in a way that you can proudly shout it to the world and that PEOPLE WANT TO PAY YOU TO HELP YOU WITH IT.


Life? It’s now baby. And you KNOW you got to press play if you truly want to be LIVING it now. This means complete and brutal HONESTY about what you really want, and who you’re here to be. I’ll help you PAINT A VISION (not literaly painting, lol, unless you want to!) of the one day future you NOW choose to create.


There’s no more time left to keep living the wrong life. And there is not a SINGLE excuse you can muster up that’s good enough to delay or sabotage for even another moment. I’ll work with you on a personalised plan for action that you KNOW you can commit to, that suits your ULTIMATE lifestyle desires, and that allows you to start LIVING that one day life now.

We’re gonna get you UBER productive!

Seriously, you gotta get your shit together here. The social media, the faffing around, the overwhelm, the massive task list that NEVER FREAKING ENDS? You are KILLING your dreams with this shit. And I for one have had ENOUGH of it. You too? Good. So let’s get to WORK. I can honestly say I get more done before BREAKFAST than most entrepreneurs and creators do in a week and maybe even a month. I launch more, faster, easier, and I do it all while traveling the world endlessly as a single AND solo Mama. I work only when and how I desire, and to be honest it never feels like work, not in the way most people think of. It’s me just doing what I ADORE, and WANT to! I do ONLY what I love and am freaking AWESOME at. It’s not this way because I can now AFFORD to, I can AFFORD to because I learned to MAKE it this way. Your turn now.

I’ll show you to LIVE ON THE EDGE.

Life should be FUN, it should be a BLAST, it should be a RUSH. If you’re not waking up daily EXCITED TO BE ALIVE and SO damn passionate about just getting to be you then WE GOT PROBLEMS. And we’re going to fix ’em. The truth is that your energy, your state of mind, your emotions, even your mental focus depend upon you being on TRACK. You don’t need a freaking caffeine hit (although I’ll take it!) you need a freaking LIFE hit. It is MORE than possible for you to live every day with absolute passion, it just requires a RUTHLESS commitment to being you and ignoring the distractions of the shoulds and rules of this world. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.


You know what flow is, right? It’s when it ALL feels AMAZING. When creating is just so EASY. When you LOSE yourself in your work. When everything is just SEAMLESS. When you have CERTAINTY in your heart and in your soul that you are on path, that you’re doing what you’re meant to do in the WAY you’re meant to do it, and that the money, the fame, the lifestyle, ALL of it is AN ABSOLUTE SURE THING. The only way to LIVE this way is to STOP living from fear, from should, from uncertainty. This is something you can CHOOSE. I’ll show you how.


Your every reality is a product of what you think. You can choose whatEVER you want in life, and you ALREADY DID. So if we’re going to transform your external world, we need to transform your internal world first.


I’ll share with you can guide you through the exact processes I continue to use DAILY to create the mental state and personal power needed for me to continue ALLOWING in the money, the joy and the lifestyle I desire, as well as how I deal with those days where everything just seems F&*KED and I can’t seem to get my shit together. Speaking of which –

We’re going to get your shit together.

We’ll be deleting, delegating or finally just DOING everything that’s currently hanging over you and slowing you down, causing you to move OFF purpose even just by a little bit. If you want to fly you HAVE to let go of the excess baggage!


You will NEVER create true wealth from a place of the wrong service. Financial wealth but also happiness / fulfilment / JOY wealth. Living on purpose and with daily passion and flow is not just a NICE thing to have or allow yourself, it is ESSENTIAL to you being able to create the business, the money, and the LIFESTYLE you desire. Let’s make this HAPPEN.

Here are some other topics you can expect to dive into, when you join me in Purpose Passion Flow Academy:

  • Find your life purpose
  • How to have more time for you
  • Shortcut to achieving goals
  • Manifestation – ALL the things on manifestation
  • Tapping in to what your dream business and life would look like
  • Building self-confidence and self-belief
  • Moving forward on your dreams each day
  • Finding true happiness and inner peace
  • How to enjoy your life ALREADY
  • Being present in the now
  • Becoming motivated from within
  • Figuring out your values, and what’s really important to you
  • Setting value-based goals
  • How to make money doing something you love
  • How to love yourself, FULLY
  • How to be a positive person
  • How to attract in everything you desire, always
  • How to know exactly what to say in your business
  • Making tough decisions
  • Knowing what to sell
  • Knowing how to sell it!
  • Being good enough NOW
  • Contentedness
  • How to ALWAYS know the aligned move to make, and the correct path to take

And so much more.

SO much more in fact, that I could go on and on all day about this. There’s no need though … the work we’ll be doing together will continue to reveal itself AS we do it!

Let’s talk cost 🙂

Your Purpose Passion Flow Academy Investment – SO Fucking Good!!

I don’t want to go on and on here.

We’re talking of course not only about DAILY support and access to me and my team, but also about you being fully supported with all of the inner AND ‘practical’ work you need to step into Purpose, Passion, Flow in your LIFE, day in, and day out.

Access to the very things that have allowed me to make millions and keep GROWING –

Whilst also creating a life that is fully on my terms, from flow, and where I KNOW I am doing the work I was born for.

AND every new thing I dive into, or evolve into?


My team want me to run this at $397 per month.

It’s what we discussed …

I think it’s more than fair, too, for the level of training and support you’ll receiving.

There are masterminds at 10x this price and BEYOND which have a lower level of transformative work in them!

Which doesn’t even matter, ACTUALLY, as what it’s about is always and ONLY what is aligned.

And that’s why I’m NOT charging $397 per month … yet.

It’s certainly what I will be charging.

But right now?




What are you waiting for gorgeous? How much longer are you going to keep TELLING yourself that you’re going to live the life you were born for … that you can make money on your terms … that you can wake up every day and freaking well be YOU!

NOW is your time.

Now is the ONLY time.

You CAN have it all, you can have it NOW and you can have it ON YOUR TERMS but it if you WANT it then honey you gotta go get it.

Let me help.

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Does It All Just Sound Too Good to Be True?

I get it. I spent years telling myself that I couldn’t do business (and by default ME) ‘that’ way. That people didn’t want me to talk about THAT. That they wouldn’t BUY something like that! That I wasn’t THAT sort of coach, and that I just had to stick with what I knew and was good at, until ‘one day’.

>>> insert one of my pics, one where I am making a “wtf’ frustrated face <<< get girls to do this

One day, I suppose, being the day when I was known enough, accepted enough, had a big enough name.

Really what I was telling myself was when I was GOOD enough. When I ALLOWED myself enough. When I finally gave myself PERMISSION enough to JUST BE ME AND LET THE WORLD SEE IT.

The CRAZY thing here is that I honestly believed I was doing what I had to do to keep money coming in and my business climbing, and I JUST ABOUT let myself believe I was happier that way as well!

But deep down, I knew –

This? It’s not enough.

And it never will be.

And deeper deeper down, where I really was too scared to look, I knew –

This is NOT the path to true wealth, success, or happiness. And I’m NEVER going to make the difference I’m here to make as long as I keep living ANYTHING less than my true calling.

You know?

I fought myself on this for YEARS. I made some money in my business. I battled to climb the ladder of success. And I made some headway, for sure!

But if you fast forward to NOW – where I live the ‘laptop life’, traveling all around the world enjoying a first class lifestyle, I say and think and do EXACTLY what I know I’m meant to say and think and do in my business, I live COMPLETELY by choice and design, and I freaking well (yeah I’m excited!) make multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per MONTH by doing all of this and just by letting it be easy and by letting me be ME –


It’s safe to say life is more fun right now 🙂

And it HAPPENED – almost in the blink of an eye! – when I finally got the f&*k over myself about how I THOUGHT life had and business had to be and I just thought to HELL with it and started doing ME.

So whether or not you join me in my Purpose Passion Flow ACADEMY – and I hope that you do because by GOD will it change your life, your business, your wealth, your JOY – know this –

Life is NOW!

Time to STOP f&*king around.

Time to QUIT the B.S.

Time to step up ALL the way and give the world what you’ve got!

Ready to Start Doing You?

One of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned about wealth, and success, and of course PURPOSE, is that you can NOT create either from a place of the wrong service.

So as much as you can TELL yourself that this is the way it has to be for now, it’s not true, never was, and never will be.

Get over that shit.

Choose to move THROUGH fear, and THROUGH overwhelm, and THROUGH uncertainty and just freaking DO it. You don’t have to eliminate FEAR or even self-sabotage in order to create your dream life! Those things are just PART OF THE JOURNEY, but stop letting them DICTATE THE OUTCOME.




VIP as per HVM VIP

Here is Some of What You Can Expect, When You Say Yes to Purpose Passion Flow Academy, and to YOU

When you invest your time, energy and emotion into the work we’re doing and will CONTINUE to do with Purpose Passion Flow Academy you can expect:

You will see AND feel change from the week you JOIN as you already begin to step mentally into the place of KNOWING that you CAN create and live your dream life, completely on your terms.

Within a matter of days applying this work you’ll have noticed SIGNIFICANT SHIFTS in your internal state and your feelings of confidence and POWER to step up and create the business and life you truly desire.

You will find yourself EMBODYING pure purpose, passion and flow, and if you DO the work we will be doing then you’ll not only have crafted MULTIPLE TRUE passion projects for your business but you will also find yourself dropping into levels of internal belief and certainty like you NEVER IMAGINED POSSIBLE. This is about going ALL OUT and not only showing the WORLD what you’ve really got but once and for all proving to yourself that yes! You can do BUSINESS on your terms. And yes! You can make MONEY by being you (and it’s a helluva lot easier than what you’ve been doing!) and yes yes YES you can live your ENTIRE LIFE exactly the way you’ve always known you COULD but never dared to ALLOW.

It’s freaking TIME gorgeous! Time to live a life that is ON purpose, FULL of passion, and COMPLETELY from a place of flow.



POWERHOUSE levels of confidence and self-belief – imagine what it would be like to know you can do anything and then to JUST DO IT!

An enhanced ability to FOCUS and work with SPEED. Did you know that money loves speed? It does! So does ANY form of success. If you can’t move FAST right now and just make shit happen it’s not because you’re caffeine and sugar-depleted it’s because you’re out of alignment! LET’S GET YOU ON TRACK!

A PASSION PROJECT that just FLOWS out of you! When you step into your GENIUS ZONE as a creative and powerful woman your TRUE message can’t help but explode from you. And this? THIS IS THE STUFF THAT MAKES THE MONEY. For real lovely. Why do you keep making it so hard on yourself? Time to stop that!

ENERGY and GET-UP-AND-GO like you wouldn’t believe! When you’re living in your zone of awesomeness and you KNOW you’re doing what you’re called to do you literally BOUNCE out of bed before your alarm clock! You can’t wait to get into LIVING YOUR LIFE!

BIG things happen. This is a little bit mysterious, but stuff that you’ve been resisting or making WAAAAY off in to the future WILL just ‘happen’. I can’t explain it anymore than that – it’s simply a flow on effect of living in alignment and it happens for EVERYONE. What’s going to be your big shift?!

You’ll notice you need less sleep and are more likely to eat better and take care of your body! Again – random, right? Or not. When you are in alignment and on PURPOSE you make good choices that further empower you. It’s a cycle that just keeps on GIVING. And you only get stronger.

The UNBELIEVABLE JOY that comes from being TRUE to yourself. This is the greatest gift you can ever give to you but you know what? It’s also the gift you are here to give the WORLD.

A daily sense of love, expansion, peace, and connectedness.
That’s what flow is baby. And it’s where –

All your dreams come true. I know. Big call. But I don’t make it without GRAVE consideration. I truly believe and I’ve PROVEN to be true in my own life, over and over and OVER again, that you CAN have it all, you can have it on YOUR terms, and you can start now. But honey if you WANT it then you have to CLAIM it. That’s what being on purpose allows. That’s what living with PASSION does. That’s what stepping into flow does.

It’s TIME gorgeous.

Join today.

Move through fear.

Move through resistance.

Move through overwhelm and ‘how do I’.

And say yes, finally and WHOLE-heartedly, to being you.

This is Your DESTINY

This is not just about taking some time out of your busy life to get back to the core of who you are.

It’s not just about finally giving yourself PERMISSION to live life on your terms.

It’s not just about making it EASY for money, success, and happiness to flow to you.

It’s about standing up and CLAIMING the future you were born for.

Let’s do this!

Life is Now. Press Play!


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How much time have you spent so far to make this business thing work for you? I’m not just talking about making the money, although that’s one thing. But what I’m talking about is making it WORK for you. You know? Where you get to do it YOUR way, and COMPLETELY based on what you love.

How much time and also how much MONEY have you poured into trying to learn and understand and be supported so that you can get your ducks lined up, follow the right rules, learn the right processes, do the right courses, so that one day –


Isn’t it already one day NOW? Did you think all of that stuff would have paid OFF by now? Didn’t you think you’d be freaking FREE by now? Here’s what they don’t tell you about freedom gorgeous –


And it doesn’t come by following a PROCESS.

It comes by stepping into your FULL power being you. It comes by pressing PLAY on the stuff that you’ve put off, ignored, and procrastinated on for WAY too long already. And it comes by deciding that despite the fear and the what if and the oh my God HOW you are going to stand up, get your game face on, and start living like you mean it.


Press play.


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>>> Testimonials <<< based on responses to the posts Jess has put up last few days asking if I’ve impacted her life. Ask her for links. Need a uniform good looking way of doing testimonials, in little black boxes with headshot, like on PPF course sales page.

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