She asked the question, a whisper, to herself, but almost as though she was speaking with another person, the asking came from somewhere outside of her, and it wondered – “Are you ready? Are you ready, for all that life has to offer, and available, now?”

And her soul answered, almost before the question had been posed, and with zero hesitation, of course –


This morning I messaged my friend, my soul sister, one of my loves, and I said, in speaking of all that life has to offer, and how perfect and wow, it is –

It’s so beautiful.

Don’t you think?


Don’t you think?

Sometimes I say things like this, to friends, or to clients – “We are so amazing! We are hot as FUCK! We know EVERYTHING, and everybody loves us, EVVVVERRRRRYYYYBODDDDYYYY!”

And we laugh, and we smile, we dance gaily through the breeze, and we are light with the freedom and truth of KNOWING it is done, it IS real, this is just how it is, for women and men like US.

It’s fun, to speak of such things, and remind ourselves of what we GET to choose.

This morning’s energy was a little different, and even more deeply powerful.

No laughing.

No lightness.

Not in that moment.

Just deep deep awe, and gratitude, and certainty –

“It’s so beautiful.

WE are so beautiful”

And so it was, and is, and will always, be.

And I feel … I feel as though in these words are the answers to everything.

What if everything was already perfect, just as it was?

What if you already had ALL that you need, forever?

What if you were enough –

If you fully trusted –

And if you knew –

You were safe.

To be and do and breathe into and have and create and allow and give and RECEIVE –



You’ve ever wanted.

Ever dreamed of.

Or ever had come to you, in a vision, a download, a whisper, of the soul, passing through you, nudging you, and reminding you –

It’s time.
It’s available.
It’s now.

This is what we have come here today to speak of.

And when I say today?

I mean every day, and for always, because our souls, once connected, will never be apart … the collective binds us, who we ARE binds us, in the most beautiful and freeing of ways.

Perhaps specifically though, I’m talking about 10 days.

10 life-changing days.

10 soul and CELLULAR shifting days.

In purpose.

In faith.

In flow.


It’s motherfucking time!

{ INTRODUCING: Purpose & Faith }

A 10-Day Soul Shift, with Your Higher Self, Your Inner Guidance, Your Deepest Wisdom, and Me, Katrina Ruth

Here is what this is about:

You know that you were born for more, so much more, we have SPOKEN of this, many times.

It’s not exactly new information … 🙂

But here is what else, and where we must go deeper, of course:

What if –

It were all just to come from faith?

And deep, deep connectedness to purpose?

Then what?

It’s in the pockets, isn’t it?

Where you see and feel and notice the flickers of truth?

I wonder …

Do you stop, and notice them? Catch them, and pay attention? Listen to them, and then act?

You already HAVE the blueprint baby, to ALL of that.

That is what this is about.

Let me reach in –

And grab you by the soul –

And in doing so –

Remind you to unlock –

ALL of it.

All of it?

ALLLLLLLLLLL of it gorgeous, and then some!

Wasn’t it always just how it was going to BE?!

Okay then.

About bloomin’ time!

Here is How We Shall Dive In, All the Way In, To You

Well, frankly m’dear, I have no fucking idea!

Exactly how it will go

What will unfold

Or be shown to me

And to you

We shall see! As we always do. And it will be more! So much more than what we could possibly imagine or tune in on right now. As it always is.

But sure, why not? Some details, of the sorts of things I will teach, and you unleash, as we are guided on this journey together.


This will be the most powerful work you have EVER done.

It WILL change your business, your money, your health, your love, your BADASSERY and all hotness, your flow and happiness, and of course, your life.

Literally EVERYTHING you’ve ever longed for, is about to come true.


That shit can be fucking scary, just saying!

You’re ready?

(since I can’t see what you circle and all, circle YES or NO. Or just nod furiously like a crazy person. But oh yeah. I can FEEL you, and you know it!)


Okay then 😉

Just checking!

Some things. Which we will cover. As we dive into the things. Of your soul!!

>>> What Would Faith Look Like and How Do You How Do You HOW do You KNOW?

THIS is what it all boils down to, okay? I mean … I’m gonna add a ton more stuff after this, but ultimately?

We get you connected to faith, we get you CERTAIN, and you literally ALWAYS know exactly what action to take in order to create EVERYTHING inside of you.

It’s so freaking EASY …

And?? I have a daily practice around this which helps me to be SURE. A daily practice which we can literally insert into you like a computer chip, and it’s done!

Faith on FIRE!

>>> FEAR, Girl, It’s a Bitch, How To Recognise It!

Okay, so whaddya do when you’re doing your darndest to live by faith and then FEAR comes knocking?

Well – you recognise it, firstly. You call that shit OUT. You SHIFT it, of course, and fast, like a motherfucker, and THEN you come.back.to.FAITH.

I’ll show you how to see fear for what it is, how to understand it, how to also LEVERAGE it (this is super cool!), and how to release it from whence it came while simultaneously breaking through to the next level YOU, and better even than THAT, to the next level FLOW!

I love this stuff so much …

>>> What’s my Purpose? How Do I TELL? And Then What?

It feels too VAGUE, and wishy-washy, how do I get locked IN on that shit, and then bring it to LIFE?

I know. I know! I hear these questions ALL the time, and believe me – I know.

I used to feel the same way too …

I worried about and questioned EVERYTHING.

I didn’t feel good enough. I didn’t feel sure. I didn’t feel like I knew ANYTHING about ANYTHING, really, and I worried continually about giving people what they wanted, to get them following, or please – buying!

Eventually? I gave in to me, and found that what I already had inside of me was actually the WHOLE FUCKING PICTURE, and everything I needed.

I’d to help you to do the same, and also know where to then go with it.

>>> I Wanna Live my Dreams NOW, Okay Kat?!

Okay! You can!

I want it all! All of it! Now! But I feel STUCK, and SCARED; what do I DO about this? How do I shift the fear, and get back to faith, to flow, to alignment, to purpose, to soul, to FUCK yes, and most of all how DO I just BE there, freaking NOWWWWWWWW?!

I KNOW!! I know!

Guess what? Good news! Imma gonna show you exactly how I manifest to the NOW.

Fuck this manifest for done day shit, or even for next week! Let’s get you living and being ALL of what you desire, now now NOW!

YEAH, it really gets to be like this. It’s how I and ALL my clients and friends do it. On repeat. And now? Your turn!

>>> Mo-Ne-Ti-ZAY-Tion, Say It With Me!

Yepppppp, of course we gon’ talk about that. Your purpose —> money. A LOT of money. And also, while we’re at it, impact. A LOT of impact. And since we’re talking and all, FUN. P-l-e-n-t-y. LESSGETITTTT. I’ll show you my EXACT ‘how I turn my purpose work into soul and flow and all the things process’. WITH ease and a martini on the side; OBVIOUSLY.

>>> Inner Guidance, Full Access Pass AND Fast-Track Lane.

How I do it all. How I have it all. How I BE it all, and how my clients do too and how I will show YOU, is very.fucking.simple. There is a way for you to connect to your deepest wisdom and knowledge, always. Did you realise that you will literally NEVER HAVE TO WORRY OR THINK AGAIN, about anything? You’ll just know! I can’t wait to share this with you. It is my FAVOURITE.

>>> The Whole Damn Rest of Life.

Oh! By the WAY! We are SO not just talking biz and money shiz here. I HOPE and THINK that that’s obvious! But, let’s be clear –

When you access soul guidance, in a deep and ALL day way –

And you access full PURPOSE based living, in all areas and with ZERO restrictions –

And you allow yourself to choose and act and create from FAITH –


That is really all I need to say about THAT, isn’t it?! But I guess I could also add, and why wouldn’t I?! And here is what I would say about that, if I did!

You GET to have it all.

You KNOW this.

It’s the ONLY way this whole damn thing was ever gonna end up.

And now??? We LET IT THE FUCK IN. Period, The End!

– The body of your dreams
– The business of your dreams
– The LIFE of your dreams


Allowance and RECEIVING, the way you were BORN to have it

>>> Permission to be a Fully Certified Badass, Granted!

Doh, you don’t need ME for this, that’s not what I’m implying at all. Actually you don’t need me for ANY of it!

So what I am TALKING about here has nothing at ALL to do with BECOMING a badass, and instead EVERYTHING to do with ACCESSING what’s inside of you.

This is the reach in and grab you by the soul bit I mentioned earlier.

Oh, and there IS going to need to be some action-taking here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! But if you’re gonna be a BADASS then you are indeed going to need to show up like one.

You SAID you were ready!!

Bring on #badassinitiation then! (ps – it will be MOSTLY only superflow fun. Just a little bit of confrontational stuff to jazz you up and access event that DEEPER soul flow!)

>>> Getting to Wake Up Each Day and Just Be You, Nothing Else to Add or Know and ALL Desired Outcomes Given


Do I need to say ANYTHING else??!


How It’s Going Down!

* Kick off is Monday June 4

* It’ll happen live over private FB group, comprising deep dive livestream trainings, journaling prompts, worksheets and inner guidance, audio messages from my soul to yours, and more!

* Daily content and support in the FB group from me AND my team

* Lifetime access to ALL of this, all fully recorded and uploaded for you to keep in your members dashboard

* Random Acts of Shenanigan (official terminology, TM ;)) included at no extra cost!

* Sneak hint: something is gonna blow your mind quite soon on this sales page!!

So Who The Hell is Katrina Ruth, Anyway?!

I’m KATRINA RUTH. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire, and I work with successful badasses like YOU, who kick their OWN ass … and then I kick it a little bit harder.

I currently live on the Gold Coast of Australia, and I’m a single Mum to my two beautiful children, Alyssa and Nathan. I travel a LOT with my business (sometimes with the kids, sometimes not), and my business allows me to be fully location free.

After many MANY years of not going all in, NOT speaking my truth or doing what I really wanted to do in the world, I finally said yes to purpose and sharing my deep soul message, AND to doing the damn work, and now, well –

Here we are.

I have been fortunate enough to build up an INCREDIBLE online community of driven entrepreneurs and leaders and creators, and each day I get to do what I always wanted to do, which is to motivate, educate, empower and inspire you to press play and create the business and life YOU want.

What The People Say About Working With Me!


Ready to step into Purpose and FAITH gorgeous?

Ready for the soul AND cellular shifting you KNOW is waiting for you, and to go OH so deeply into faith, into flow, into creating ALL that is inside of you, with me, Katrina Ruth, by your side and ever-so-lovingly kicking your ass the ENTIRE time??!

Want the money AND the biz AND the life AND the peace of freaking mind to KNOW you’re living the way it was always meant to be, now, and that you can literally bring ALL of it to life, anytime, just.like.MAGIC?!

It’s time … you KNOW it’s time!

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