Quit letting your funky stuck mindset destroy your future, and worse? Your now.

Quit saying you can’t afford it when you know that the straight up truth is you can’t afford not to.

Quit saying can’t because it hurts when you know that the way forward is INTO the pain.

Quit saying you would except you’re tired when the reality is you’re tired of not LIVING properly, and the more you save todays work for tomorrow the more it drains the lifeforce right outta you.

Quit saying you would except its already been done, the crown has already been taken, there’s no way you can compete with THAT, when you’re in a category of your own and always have been.

The truth is you’re letting laziness, poor discipline, terrible habits, and a funky ass mindset fuck with your FUTURE, and worse?

With your now.

The answer is the same as it always has been, always will be.

Do the work.
Today’s work.
All in.
And screw any and ALL whiny ideas you have about why you can’t, shouldn’t, don’t wanna, or it huuurrrtttts.

It hurts? Push fucking harder.

You can’t afford it? Double down.

stuck mindset destroy your futureYou’re tired? Go faster, and say yes to more.

Everybody else is already crushing at the heights you LONG to be, and you can’t possibly keep up? PLANT A WHOLE ‘NOTHER FLAG ON A WHOLE ‘NOTHER MOUNTAIN, AND GET BACK TO THE BIT WHERE YOU REMEMBER it is YOU who runs this thing.

You know –

the thing of your LIFE.

Don’t tell me you don’t like it tough, don’t tell me you don’t want INTENSITY, don’t TELL me you’re done with the push when YOU WERE BORN FOR IT AND YOU LIKE IT SO.DAMN.HARD.

They, THEY … will look at someone like you, like me, and they’ll never get it. They’ll think that it’s about ‘having’ to push or fight or conquer, and they’ll scream – “but you don’t have to! You shouldn’t have to! You get to just receive and chillll, baybeeee”.

They’ll never understand that even if we never had to enter the fire for the rest of our lives and could have ALL the ‘results’ and triumph and wins just granted, on a platter, forever, Amen, we would RUN STRAIGHT BACK IN because the fire is who we ARE, oh and also?

We were born to win at everything, and to do it just BECAUSE. Because we can. Because it’s fun. Because it lightens us. Because it FREES us,

when we fully BE.

And being, for us, it ain’t no receive, align and chill.

We chill by DEFAULT when we are SPENT. Complete. The wick has been fully burnt back. We have let out what we came to leave. And BECOME, like molten steel, more of who we always were.

So when you say –

I can’t afford it
I’m sore already
I’m tired
I don’t know how
I don’t FEEL like it
I need to ‘align’ first

what you’re saying is –

I’ve forgotten who I am. I’ve forgotten that life steps up to ME, and when I repeat avoid stepping up? Well frankly, my dear, even if I had the income and ALL the fancy things automated, I would feel like absolute shit because I WAS BORN FOR THIS PUSH.

To create.
To unleash.
To go in for the sake of going out.
And to come out only once done.

You know:

that when you double down on what you ‘can’t afford’ worlds beneath worlds will open for you,

that when you move INTO the pain you go through to the other side, access the supernatural, and beyond

that when you push HARDER when tired, you unlock energy, focus, know how, creativity, flow, and more, beyond what your tired (ahem: bored AF with your own self and life) side could ever conceive,

and that when you plant the damn flag on the mountain of being ONLY you, you remember that nothing else matters and NEVER DID, and by the way? YOU run the thing.

But sure,

keep telling yourself a story that the reason it’s not working how you know it should be, and feels SO much harder than you thought it would be at this point, is because you need to align more.

When you and I both know that the only thing you need to do is get up and say yes now.

To what, you ask?


That’s all.

That’s all it’s ever been …