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Success Mindset


It’s not enough to know what is meant to be, what you could or even should have, what is waiting for you, in destiny, and purpose, and God, and yes.

It’s not enough even to be CERTAIN that these things are absolutely aligned to come to pass.

It’s not enough to look into the vision for your future and see, with calm quiet confidence and ALL the fuck yes-ery, that yes –

This is what shall be.

This is what is for ME.

This is what I was born for.

This is what I came here to do, and have, and receive, Amen!

You might be right.

I’m sure you ARE.

But none of it, no none of it, no not a single bit of it, that’s right NONE of it, will come to pass if you don’t first understand that it’ it.

I mean –


How much mofo simpler could this be?!

– You see the things inside of you

– You think “oh, yes please, that looks rather nice, don’t mind if I do!”

– You say yes to said things, claim and lock ’em in, decide it and hand it over, and then MOVE FORWARD IN THE CERTAIN EXPECTATION THAT IT IS DONE,

(surrender to the fact that it’s always ‘this or something better / more aligned’ out the wazoo at the same time obviously)

– the thing shows up


it really could not be much fucking simpler!

You literally have it all at your fingertips, a breath away, even the things you make SO hard, and SO big, and SO all up on a pedestal, and SO ‘not yet’, the things you truly (almost) convince yourself are for another time or place, yep, all of it (you know it!) is ALREADY right at your fingertips.

It’s there in the quantum, in the ethereal, in the supernatural, in your freakin’ SOUL girl,

The fact that you haven’t snapped your dainty little fingers and called it in to your current PHYSICAL reality has nothing to do with anything, although everything to do with EVERYTHING to do with the fact that you.just.didn’t.CHOOSE it!

Could it really be this simple?

Is it really possible?

Here are just some of the physical things which showed up in my life right after I CHOSE them. Note that in many (lol, pretty much all) of these cases, before just CHOOSING, fully, and handing it over, ‘fuck it, I don’t even CARE how anymore, but I am fully decided and surrendered!‘, I was hemming and hawing and exhausting myself on it for YEARS prior.

Or at least months.

– Multi-million dollar dream house by the beach (took 3 days once I decided, then a further 3 months of actively holding tension to snap it into physical reality rather than cave to the so-called reality that I wouldn’t come up with the money in time)

– Dream staff in my business, for specific jobs or tasks I wanted covered (this has happened many times, always within a week or two of actually deciding, and always resulting in CRAZY soulmate peeps who are better even than had I have designed my own build-a-ninja)

– My incredible partner / soulmate / Godmate / man of my dreams / man who is planning to marry me (and vice versa lol), and (please God) have babies with (5 days)

– Changing my body, dropping often 1-3 dress sizes in a couple of days – this has happened numerous times, too many to remember (usually 48-72 hours)

– Million dollar per year income (about 9 months from decision)

– Multi-million dollar per year income (about 3 months from decision)

– Commercial office warehouse space literally looking and feeling and newly developed as though the developer plucked the vision for it straight out of my mind (3 days from decision to offer to purchase accepted. Zero research / thought / planning around this prior)

– Numerous 5 or 6 figure amounts of cash come up with for various investments, property, business or other (always within the exact timeframe committed to when the decision was made, and no matter how ‘crazy’ or unrealistic it was)

– Pregnancy (I hesitate to put this here, as I get that this is a big call to say I just decided and got pregnant, and I FULLY accept that there may be a helluva lot of luck, good fortune, genetic blessing, whatever in there … but yes, in both cases I did just decide and was pregnant 2 days later. Also I have not used contraception in 20 years, not once, and have never fallen pregnant accidentally)

– Not dying from pregnancy complications as told I had high risk of, also not having other outcomes of the rare condition I had eventuate, such as hysterectomy or bladder removal, despite being told in the first that it would be NO CHOICE AND I HAD TO (16 weeks lol, the remainder of the pregnancy from when I was told all this stuff)

And on.

And on.

And ON.

Fuck, even just yesterday I pictured in my mind the exact art I want for my new building The Katrina Ruth Show just purchased, and then it popped up last night in my news feed. Art completely different from anything you’ve ever seen before, too!

Okay okay, I get that that one is just Marky Mark Z reading our minds again. Hahahaha.

Here’s my point.

And my reminder to ME, as well as to you.

When you ACTUALLY decide shit, and hand it over, it gets done. ALWAYS. Or? Something better / more aligned or more ACTUALLY desired by you or your soul.

Think that this is not working for you? Maybe your ability to actually decide and trust is what needs some attention. Or, maybe you ARE getting what your soul actually requires and desires, and it’s just fucking up your physical shit right now. So there’s some lessons to learn.


even if there is still ‘work to be done’, and lessons to learn (which there ALWAYS will be),

you can STILL just decide, and override that shit.

True decision, coupled with handing it over and surrender, ALWAYS results in an outcome.




This is SCIENCE, brah.

Energetically – in the quantum – a true decision tethers in an outcome. It’s like casting an anchor. It’s DONE. The outcome, with tension maintained on it, MUST.SHOW.UP.

So –


Decide fucking better.

Or –

quit folding like a cheap hooker everytime you don’t get what you want, and running around wailing how the sky is falling and you’re obviously not worthy and shit, or pretending you’re fine with something other than, or whatever it is you’re doing.


Aka breaking tension on that tether, so that it no longer can build and then snap into the physical.

Aka –

decide fucking better.

And then act like you actually did.

Don’t wanna believe like that?

Cool cool.

There’s a whole world out there that’ll agree with you.

Go play life with them.

It’s the comfy corner.

But don’t keep crying about why you don’t have more, be more, allow more, when in actual fact you just don’t choose more.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


You’ve become complacent.


And stuck.

The things you used to get lit up, because they challenged and stretched you, just don’t do it for you anymore.

Sometimes you wish they would all just go away,

even though at the same time, infuriatingly, you still need to do them, perpetuate them, keep pushing them, because you don’t yet have the results you want.

Yes, you’ve come a long way.

Created epic shit.


Made money.

Made an impact.

But you’re not ‘there’ enough that you really feel like you can breathe easy, relax, let go, be free to JUST be you,

and, practicalities aside, you’re also just IRRITATED by this fact, because it’s just kind of BULLSHIT. You should be WAY further along by now! That’s just who you are! Don’t they KNOW who you are!

(as your soul whispers:
don’t YOU?)

Anyway. If you could just breathe a little easier, you could fuck all this shit up, and over. Move on to the deeper and truer work that YOU are really meant to be doing. Get off the damn hamster wheel of same saminess, and feel like you’re laying down DEEP roots, standing for something, ACTUALLY being different, and giving people something to talk about!

(giving YOU something to talk about, and feel alive for, is the truth of the matter!)


even though you know the answer is just to

You don’t.

You REPEATEDLY do more of the same bullshit,

to the same little circle of people, heck, even though it obviously gets bigger and bigger as you go, it STILL just feels like the same little circle somehow,

and you do it all with some sort of vague idea that eventually you’ll be able to REALLY go all in on you.

On the visions you see inside of you of the NEW mountains to climb, to plant your flag on top of, mountains you haven’t even let yourself fully think about, let alone see!

But you know they’re out there.

And you know you can’t keep doing things this way.


it’s time for a change that will knock the worlds socks off, starting by YOU getting a swift kick in your front bottom (yeah I said that ;)) to wake you back up to who you actually are.

I’m launching my brand new marketing agency with 5 inaugural clients who I and my team will be working deeply and personally with to create and roll out a result-based plan for growth of a structured ‘cash machine’ which gets your message out to the WORLD, all while allowing you to be the polarising AF tear shit up and unleash truth at the world visionary you ARE, but yet simultaneously see continual growth being made for the long-term vision of your empire.

Maybe one of them is you.

Our company produces multiple 7-figures per year on repeat, and we do it with bells on and ONLY by fucking with business in a way that lights us up and excites us.

Following that inner FUCK yes, and ruthlessly shedding and shredding anything that doesn’t feel exiting, alive, different, truly US, and screw all the rules, is precisely why we’ve gotten to where our have,

and helped tens of thousands of clients around the world to do the same, through our numerous live and home-study courses and programs, as well as through private client mentoring, small high-level masterminds, and so on.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re taking what we do, and the systems, structures and processes we’ve developed which allow this whole thang to be a soul-led MACHINE, in terms of efficiency, creative development, and output, which in turn allows the resident genius (Kat) to be ever more in her creative bubble, thus just making it all work even BETTER, even FASTER,

and we’re going to work with you personally to show you where YOU need to make moves for massive growth,

massive fuck yes,

and deeper systems and roots that begin to do the work FOR you, so that you can get more of your TRUE wild message out to more of the RIGHT people, all while you get to stay in the lane of being you.

Interested, and want to know more?

Wild Bitch Marketing Agency has 5 places open for inaugural clients. We will be completely investigating the what and how of your business and how you run things, and then working with you personally to implement an outcome-based and highly specific plan that not only FEELS amazing and right, but also very clearly takes care of all the areas of growth you know you need to just get taken care of,

so that you can finally BREATHE fully, and just be more of you.

Apply here for more info, and to see if it’s a fit: