Success Mindset


Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of spending a few hours with somebody who I THOUGHT was going to be a cool and fun connection here in LA, but who instead turned out to be a walking and talking billboard for lack.

Nice person …

Easy enough to talk to …

No reason not to hang out again sometime …

But nonetheless I can tell you that I would run 100 miles in the opposite direction before I’d do so. Straight up, nearly every sentence out of this guy’s mouth made me just WINCE at the thought and belief processes that showed up through it.

On the surface of it they were innocent enough statements, the normal kind of ‘bitching’ that the normal kind of PEOPLE see AS normal, when it comes to money. Complaining about a drink price, outraged about parking fees, wondering at why anybody would want to travel in an Uber when a cab is so much more affordable! Etc.

There was a time when I myself would have not even registered these sort of comments, because it WAS my normal to live in constant fear around money and to believe that basically everybody asking an even moderately high price for anything was out to screw me or the world over. THAT was a time in my life when, needless to say (I hope!), I was BROKE.

These days, my environment is almost 100% filled with WEALTH CONSCIOUS people who are making a huge impact in the world, who see the TRUTH about money which is that you can choose as much as you like, and who never even LOOK at how much something costs, because what the fuck does THAT have to do with anything? Just have what you want, duh.

If anything I’d say my friends, peers, myself, we know that choosing to spend LESS or worry about having ENOUGH is a sure-fire way to limit money flow! We often deliberately spend MORE or invest in additional support, mentoring, etc purely in order to STRETCH OUR WEALTH RECEPTION ABILITIES!

AND it fucking works.

I’m so used to this way of thinking now, it’s how I live, breathe, AM, that when I on the odd occasion like yesterday encounter somebody who has such fear and lack-based thinking it seems SO WEIRD.

And make no mistake: SO unappealing. I feel an almost physical need to get.the fuck.outta there; before I get contaminated!

I’m not here to try and educate people who don’t already show an interest and actively seek to do so how to THINK properly, so long story short?

Thank you but no thank you not just to the friendship but to ANY future contact.

If you think that’s too harsh or extreme, then think about this:

Do you have any idea what you’re doing to your own chances of success and your ability to stay in alignment and POWER, when you allow yourself to be influenced by the negative or lack-filled thoughts of others?

If you did, I can GUARANTEE you – you’d learn to run the fuck away, fast, and for GOOD, from ANY person who does not know how to think for success, who does not live and breathe and EXUDE success, and no matter what role they may have played in your life, because here’s the thing:

You ABSORB whatever you put into yourself.

Just as when you choose to eat certain foods, you absorb the nutrition or lack thereof from those foods, and soon enough we can see exactly what you’re putting into your body, so it is with thoughts as well.

When you choose to ALLOW IN certain ways of thinking, even if from another person, you ABSORB the power or lack thereof from those thoughts, and soon enough we can see EXACTLY what you’re putting into your MIND.

Make no mistake: the dangerous thoughts of lack-minded and fear-driven people WILL influence you and there is NO WAY FOR YOU TO STOP THAT, except for to remove yourself from the situation.

I can tell you that I spent many years, during my business growth journey, in a relationship where the other person was EXTREMELY lack-minded. Now I’m a pretty strong-willed kind of gal (just a little!) so I was able to do a decent job of tuning it out and consciously carving out my own thought process. But common sense alone tells both you and I that, whilst that’s all well and good, of COURSE I was still impacted by it. Even if only due to the fatigue that comes with having to constantly ACTIVELY guard your mind!

And really, why would you want to put yourself in a situation to need to DO that, when you can instead just put yourself in a situation where you are AUTOMATICALLY elevated due to what surrounds you!

For me, one of the key reasons I will ALWAYS happily invest tens of thousands of dollars per month in being a first class VIFP Rich Bitch, in associating (travel!) with the right people, in mentoring where I need to, etc, is simply to put myself in the ENVIRONMENT OF RICH.

Think of it like transformation via osmosis:

I don’t even know at what point it became NORMAL for me to expect the best of the best in every area, but I sure as shit DO, and I can tell you I GET it, without question, and with ease.

Your life will ALWAYS, and can ONLY be, a reflection of your ‘normal‘, of what you expect and assume.

So as you elevate, and as you get serious about success, it becomes all the more critical but just NATURAL to want to remove yourself from any situation that would cause your wealth or success focus to be jolted, distracted, disturbed. Also it just plain FEELS yuck! Just like how if I eat crappy processed food I feel disgusting and INSTANTLY regret it, if I allow myself to be amongst any sort of crappy low-class thinking I feel disgusting and INSTANTLY regret it.

And ultimately, besides all of that: there is literally ZERO benefit to maintaining any sort of contact, let alone relationship, with these kids of people.

Long story short? If you’re serious about success you will RUTHLESSLY eliminate all thoughts, people, environments, EVERYTHING which is not elevating you to HIGHER than where you already are.

At the very most fundamental level, all I expect from everyone I give my time or energy or emotion to is 100 million dollar plus thinking and a mindset that KNOWS you can have it all, and you know what?

I sure as heck can get that, AND I deserve nothing less.

You too gorgeous, you too.

Lastly, here is the truth which we MUST take to heart whenever we feel uncomfortable about being a bitch or a diva or RUDE or removing ourself from something:

“Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life” Proverbs 4:23

Or as it’s been so many times paraphrased and perhaps better known since then:

Guard your thoughts, for they become your words –
Guard your words, they form your actions –
Watch your actions, they create your habits
Watch your habits, they form your character
Guard your character, for it becomes your destiny

Start paying attention, to what you’re allowing to go on inside you and to what you’re letting in, because it IS creating your future right now, and seriously, for the love of God –

Watch even the most SUBTLE of destructive thought processes. The person who bitches about a glass of wine costing too much. That potential client who makes choices based on what money they have available rather than what they commit to creating. The person in your LIFE who automatically assumes everyone is out to screw them over. The friend who winces at your ‘unnecessary’ lavish life or even the smallest indulgent choices. The one who tells you to be realistic. The one who tells you to be careful. The one who tells you not to get in over your head. The one who warns you you’re playing with fire, or that you need to make more logical choices. ANYBODY, anybody, and EVERYBODY at all who does not absofuckinglutely support you, dream WITH you, and lift you ALL the way up by mere virtue of who they ARE.

Really, it’s very simple:

Refuse to associate with those who won’t think properly.