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At some point you need to return to who you always were

At some point you need to return to who you always were.

At some point you need to get back to what it started from.

At some point you need to admit that what it should have continued WITH,

should have been drenched in the energy and frequency of you being you and saying yes to the dance which can ONLY,

be true.

Not to the things you think will make you money.

The ways to fight to be seen.

The desperate clawing to retain even a PIECE of your dignity,

or soul,

as you follow follow follow what they say say say

All the while a piece of you whispering,
intermittently almost dying

“I thought there was another way”

Don’t you remember when you used to dream?

When every move you made was a dream within a dream,

a response to something TRUE

and only you

The way it could only have BEEN

And then

Well. Then.

You adapted. Just a little. Not enough to even notice, at first! And it didn’t matter really, did it?

What’s a small adjustment here?

A little detour there?

A deviation from soul which you ALMOST

you didn’t see

Because hey, let’s face it –

if you just keep pushing forward, it’s easy to ignore the bits of you which you left along the way.

If you just keep MOVING

you can convince yourself you’re going

some place

And maybe

just maybe

THAT place

is the place you were meant to be anyway … right?

Except for that through it ALL, every last bit of it no matter HOW much you ignore,

there is this:



is not what it was meant to feel like

be like

look like

There is no POINT to this

not when what I came here to do –

was THAT

That of course being -the thing that it always was

with the you it was always meant to be



pouring forth


when left alone to only BE about

what naturally WOULD come out

But here is the thing. The reality. The wake up call back to you which I HOPE you receive.

The adjustment? The gradual misalignment? The slow but certain slip down the road of conformity?

it happens when you’re not looking
it happens when you ‘thought’ you were fine
it happens when really … nothing wrong is happening at all. But in the end, shouldn’t it just be that EITHER –

You’re a million percent RIGHT and exactly ALL the way where you’re meant to be, every cell of your body buzzing because YES baby, this is IT –

or it’s simply:


No, I don’t even necessarily know what is wrong here or what is not a full yes here but I just know that it’s NOT.

And so you stop. You put down the thing you started to create or pour out in that place or space. You turn away. And you WALK RIGHT OUT. Because in the end? Maybe it’s as simple as this:

What you’re creating is reflecting who you are being. Where you are being. And what you are GIVING your being to.

So if you’re not creating what lights you on fire and what you KNOW you came here for –

perhaps it’s just:

Leave. Move. About face. And walk yourself into a place you’d actually be excited to see the reflection of,

in you.

Yes. It may not be easy to find. But actually? That’s a lie. And either way –

it’s certainly not going to morph out of the thing you’re soaking yourself in which is not it.

Which means that all we have left,

is this:

Sometimes you just have to walk away.

Because deep within?

You already KNOW there’s another way.

And if this ain’t it?

There’s nothing more to say except,

I’m on my way.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



It’s always been there, hasn’t it?

That knowing …

That voice …

That whisper …

That certainty …

That certain ‘I don’t even know what it is but I know it something which just –

goes beyond me’.

And it does, doesn’t it? What we do.

It goes beyond us. It plays through and also FOR us, as much as it is for those for whom it IS for.

In fact …

our very work,
done right,
is the cure.

TO our not knowing. TO our uncertainty. TO our wondering. TO our questioning. Heck, even to our lack of physical energy or focus! And CERTAINLY,

to the parts of our business which are just flat out not where they SHOULD be yet, and which we NEED to stop trying to figure out, and instead –

just blow right past we we glow right UP
to the place we should already be leading from.

OH yes,
your work is the cure
the activation
and it REVEALS
the truth

I don’t mean it’s your salvation 😉 DUH.

I mean … it is a thing you have been GIVEN,

which you SHOULD rightly use. Run with. Do. Learn from. Find FLOW from. Know GOD more from, because guess who planted it in you? And it is also a thing which we should even,

Did I say become?

I meant return to already having been 😉

But in a PHYSICAL realm sense, sure:


Darling one,


NO?! Well that’s probably because I’m telling you right now –


has arrived.


We start Monday. (Which also happens to be my 44th birthday! Although that’s on Aussie time and we start US time).

Are you coming?
Are you ready?


Time to take a stand for FULLY being you.

10 weeks.
LIVE with me (and my last live course for a very long while!)
All new.
To sort out your mindset, your focus, your ENTIRE inner game around being HER and … to appoint yourself fully to where you’ve already been shown to go. The money streams. The biz systems and practicalities. The unapologetic branding and viiiibe. And the whole entire THEN SHE JUST WOKE UP AND DID THE FREAKIN’ THING Va-Va-Voom You’ve Been Waiting On. And When I Say You … I Mean The World 😉


It’s time to stop hiding. – and?

You’re supposed to be in!!

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