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Become Unapologetically You, as You Say Yes to Everything That’s Inside of You, and FINALLY Create the Business, Money & Life of Your Dreams, Completely on Your Terms, in the ‘Net’s Hottest Mastermind for DRIVEN Women, The Rich Chick Mastermind!

It’s time to say yes to bringing what's inside of you to life, and to making MORE money online, faster, by being fully you and doing what you love! It's time to join The Rich Chick Mastermind!

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This is what I know about you - 

You are a high achiever, a badass, successful and driven as all get out, someone willing to do the WORK. Others look to you and wonder how you do it all. They see you as a superwoman, someone who can't be stopped and will not be! All of which is true.

But what they don't know is this -

You know you're playing smaller than what you could be. That there is SO much more inside of you to let out, and through. To go all in on. And sometimes you don't feel at ALL as though you're being 'unapologetically you'. In fact, you go back and forth between feeling SO proud of yourself and just in your flow vibe ...

to wondering if you know anything at all or if you're not just a total fraud ...

to getting ANGRY at yourself for not just knuckling down and DECIDING bigger.

You want:

to feel confident and soul CERTAIN about where things are going. About what you are doing. About the place within that it's coming from. That you are on PATH. And that you get to wake up each day AND go to bed each night just KNOWING -

I am being who I came here to be.
All in.
No holds barred.

You want to get lost in things. To lose yourself in the flow that is YOU. And to know you get to be hella paid AND make a helluva difference in the lives of those who you're here to help all by saying yes to ALL of this.

Not by doing what the so-called rules of marketing say ... what anybody else says ... what is the 'done thing' in your industry or niche ... and certainly not what the fear voice in your own mind throws at you!

You want MORE money, MORE time, MORE space and freedom to be in the dance of being fully you, EPIC lit up vibes in every area of your life, fun, adventure, spontaneity, and also structure and depth in your money and biz! And you want a coach and a mentor who can simultaneously kick your butt and show you how to find what works for you while flicking the switch so you DO it, AND also reminding you on a DEEP soul level that hey -

you are right. What you feel inside of you is real. You GET to let it out. You must! And you really can have it all.
I want to tell you a story.

It’s a story about love, about purpose, about passion, about flow.

It’s a story about you.

It’s a story about how, when you go within – into the deepest remembrances of your soul, your cells, and every part, of who you are and have ALWAYS been, since long before you were formed or even, imagined, you always knew:

You were born for greatness.
You were born for destiny.
You were born for calling.
You were BORN, to have it all.

On your terms –

And then some. (And you know you can!)

But let's cut to the chase for a moment, because this is KIND of a big deal.

A big deal which took me about 7 years to really integrate and accept and allow out of me! Ha! But so it often is, don't you find? With our SOUL work. (Answer: yes. It is!)

I'm talking about the fact that this, The Rich Chick Mastermind, is the community I’ve had the download for since 2012. And in fact did launch in 2014. Then shut down in 2015, even though it was crushing and my clients LOVED it. (I had a moment of talking myself out of being fully me). Then brought BACK in 2020 (omg has it been fun!) And am now, in 2021, doing something within this space which I've always known it should ultimately be about.

I told myself I shouldn't ... couldn't ... WOULDN'T! I even had mentors and friends tell me it was a BAD idea. "You'll make less money that way! It makes no sense".

Sometimes the things that make no sense are the exact things which make ALL the sense, in the end though. You know? YOU know!


If you'd love daily live support, coaching, a very activate mastermind group of badass women entrepreneurs, and the exact learning and guidance you need from an online coach and creator who has 'done it all' when it comes to the ups and downs of business from soul ...  and who can help you to make MORE money, faster, by being fully you, and all on your terms, then YES! This is the mastermind for you!
Now here is where it gets really REALLY good.

Not only is The Rich Chick Mastermind THE place for you to coach and mastermind live with Kat (me!) and be surrounded by other badass entrepreneurs, leaders and creators who are doing the damn thing of being who they came here to be (and creating epic success doing so) ...

Not only is it the place where we go deep into the mindset, the inner game, the spiritual and supernatural side of purpose-led business AND into the strategy and ambitious AF growth side of money and biz ...

Not only is it the place where we also dive in to ALL the things outside of biz, that obviously affect our biz ... and basically work day in and day out on ALL things 'being fully you', in all areas of your life, because you KNOW you can have it all ...

Not only is it the place where you will truly learn to embody being 'unavailable' for anything EXCEPT what you see inside of you ...

But it is ALSO the place where, as a member, you receive AUTOMATIC access to ALL my live launches, classes, programs, workshops, and intensives which I run outside of our mastermind, and which the public pays for, often up to as much as 10x as much as what you will pay in your monthly Rich Chick Mastermind membership!

Yep! This is what I am ADDING in for 2021 (and onwards), because 'the' dream I've always had?

A space where it's just all of my products and courses. All of the time. Being in my environment. And having unlimited access to all of what I create and launch and run and teach! Which, if you know me - is often a couple, and minimum one, new courses or workshops and so on each month.

And now? We have that place!

So is the Rich Chick Mastermind for you? Well ... if you're the sort of can't stop won't stop has something in her to unleash at the world sort of badass I think you are ... who also refuses to follow the rules and knows that NOBODY knows better than her what is right for her ... I'd so so! But sure. Let's break it down just a little bit more.
I remember, years back, when I was writing a tagline to my fitness website ‘Woman Incredible’. It was ‘Fitness, Fat Loss & Motivation for DRIVEN Woman Who Just Want More’.

And then a mentor of mine questioned it, kind of turned up his nose, and asked me –

“More WHAT though, Kat?”

I didn’t really know what he meant. What more what? More EVERYTHING, duh! To me it was obvious.

But he explained to me that it was an unfinished sentence, and I took it off … for a bit. Eventually I brought it back, because I started to learn about being fully me. And that EVERYTHING I feel inside of me is real, true, available for me, now. See - I always KNEW what I am here for, and that my soul peeps would get it, even before I knew I knew. I know you know the same for you.

This is what The Rich Chick Mastermind is for. And who it is for. Quite simply - those who know that in the end? There's nothing it was ever going to be about except for being all of who they came to be, and making ALL the money and biz AND life results come true from that place.

If this is you,

you're willing to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, until it takes, and then keep going. You know there is a different way. You know it's the way you see inside of you. And you will not stop until you let yourself say yes to YOUR version of it all.

More what? EVERYTHING.
You're ready for more. And you're ready now.

Deep down where you often forget to look but yet somehow can NEVER forget, you know –

That the way you’re doing business AND life right now, and the message you’re putting out there, is kinda bullshit. Just a little.

That you have a deeper purpose, a true calling, a MISSION God damnit and it’s something people NEED to hear and yet you’re selfishly not GIVING it to them. You're holding back. And being irresponsible to the God damn mission!

And every day you have to go to bed at night knowing that you're meant to have people RESPONDING in a certain way, you're meant to be making MONEY in a certain way, you're meant to be bringing the VISION to life, and you're just -

Not. And that's on you.

Which means that this path you’re on? Is, for all intents and purposes, taking you nowhere. Okay, that’s harsh, but really, by nowhere we’re talking about in ANY direction other than the one you’re MEANT to be going in. Reality -

0.01% off is one HUNDRED percent off. ALWAYS.

And just because you HAVE a destiny, does NOT mean you’re automatically just going to live it.

It took me the best part of my twenties to realise this – and being 41 now and SO thankful for all I've created, I'm so grateful I got that wake up call relatively young. Because I knew I was born for more. But it took me some time to realise that didn't mean it would just happen. I had to choose it. And so do you. 

So, a quick reality check –

How much longer do you plan to keep spinning crap?

You have no more time left to live the wrong life.
So if you’re READY,

and your heart is saying YES,

and you want to finally ALLOW the wealth, the joy, the happiness you KNOW you’ve been holding yourself back from,

and you know it's time to be responsible to what is inside you -

Then it's time to join The Rich Chick Mastermind!
The Rich Chick Mastermind is a month-by-month membership program facilitated by me, Katrina Ruth.
There are no strings attached, ever, to stay beyond when you want! Pay month to month, and leave anytime. Hint: our members tend to stay a loooonngggg time. It's just that game-changing.
The foundation of The Rich Chick Mastermind is that each month I run a brand new Rich Chick’s only intensive LIVE within the mastermind. These intensives are NOT available for sale to the public, and are created solely for the mastermind as a point of focus and growth for that month.
We also have a monthly live Q&A hotseat video with me, the opportunity to ask and receive ANYTHING from me in terms of personalised support and feedback on your next steps in biz and life.
Ongoing 24/7 VERY active Facebook support group to get mindset in gear and your ass in action,
Weekly guided journal prompts, meditations, dream biz and life creation audio trainings and worksheets.
A monthly featured expert masterclasses to help you learn and take action on areas YOU desire to grow in (pssst these are AMAZING, I truly do have the best clients and friends; I'm often jaw on the floor wowed by what gets taught in these!).
Access to an entire mastermind of like-minded new friends, JV partners, collaborators and merry-makers –

In short THE most lit, engaged and compell-you-to-MF-purpose-passion-flow place on the ‘net, where you get and KEEP your sweet ass in alignment and massive freakin’ action and can no longer EVER run from yourself –

And of course all content is recorded, and yours to keep for life,

plus 24/7 access to the (very active!) Facebook community where my team and I hang out, help you, have fun, and keep you on path to doing what you’re here to do!

And -
As a Rich Chick Mastermind member you now receive access to ALL my new live launches, courses, workshops, programs, classes and more, which are typically sold to the public for anywhere between $200 and thousands of dollars! 

The average cost of a new live offer is $600. And I often launch or release multiple new courses or classes or home-study programs each month! I have done this for WELL over a decade … and I ain’t stopping.

I love to create. And what I love even more is having a place which is THE hangout for equally driven badasses, and where I can share all of my courses and teachings in a way that is INSANE value!

This is why, as a Rich Chick Mastermind member, you get it all. You will never have to pay again for a live offer! You’ll be receiving EVERYTHING I create live, and all included in your membership! Previously our Rich Chick Mastermind members often purchased our live launch courses SEPARATELY, because hey - they wanted it all. So, we did what we do and decided there was a way we could give you even MORE value, all in, to make Rich Chick even MORE the place to be!
Here are some examples of the kinds of monthly in-house only intensives we’ve run in the Rich Chick Mastermind!
We’ll tap into the power of your TRUE message, the calling that lies deep within you and we will let that baby FLY. This means – defining the mysterious. Your calling, your purpose, your MUST is something that right now feels impossible to sell or perhaps even fully EMBODY because you haven’t allowed it to consistently be part of your real WORLD. I’ll show you precisely how to take your PURPOSE and define it in a way that you can proudly shout it to the world and that PEOPLE WANT TO PAY YOU TO HELP YOU WITH IT.
Life? It’s now baby. And you KNOW you got to press play if you truly want to be LIVING it now. This means complete and brutal HONESTY about what you really want, and who you’re here to be. I’ll help you PAINT A VISION (not literaly painting, lol, unless you want to!) of the one day future you NOW choose to create.
There’s no more time left to keep living the wrong life. And there is not a SINGLE excuse you can muster up that’s good enough to delay or sabotage for even another moment. I’ll work with you on a personalised plan for action that you KNOW you can commit to, that suits your ULTIMATE lifestyle desires, and that allows you to start LIVING that one day life now.
Seriously, you gotta get your shit together here. The social media, the faffing around, the overwhelm, the massive task list that NEVER FREAKING ENDS? You are KILLING your dreams with this shit. And I for one have had ENOUGH of it. You too? Good. So let’s get to WORK. I can honestly say I get more done before BREAKFAST than most entrepreneurs and creators do in a week and maybe even a month. I launch more, faster, easier, and I do it all while traveling the world endlessly as a single AND solo Mama. I work only when and how I desire, and to be honest it never feels like work, not in the way most people think of. It’s me just doing what I ADORE, and WANT to! I do ONLY what I love and am freaking AWESOME at. It’s not this way because I can now AFFORD to, I can AFFORD to because I learned to MAKE it this way. Your turn now.
Life should be FUN, it should be a BLAST, it should be a RUSH. If you’re not waking up daily EXCITED TO BE ALIVE and SO damn passionate about just getting to be you then WE GOT PROBLEMS. And we’re going to fix ’em. The truth is that your energy, your state of mind, your emotions, even your mental focus depend upon you being on TRACK. You don’t need a freaking caffeine hit (although I’ll take it!) you need a freaking LIFE hit. It is MORE than possible for you to live every day with absolute passion, it just requires a RUTHLESS commitment to being you and ignoring the distractions of the shoulds and rules of this world. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN.
You know what flow is, right? It’s when it ALL feels AMAZING. When creating is just so EASY. When you LOSE yourself in your work. When everything is just SEAMLESS. When you have CERTAINTY in your heart and in your soul that you are on path, that you’re doing what you’re meant to do in the WAY you’re meant to do it, and that the money, the fame, the lifestyle, ALL of it is AN ABSOLUTE SURE THING. The only way to LIVE this way is to STOP living from fear, from should, from uncertainty. This is something you can CHOOSE. I’ll show you how.
Your every reality is a product of what you think. You can choose whatEVER you want in life, and you ALREADY DID. So if we’re going to transform your external world, we need to transform your internal world first.
I’ll share with you can guide you through the exact processes I continue to use DAILY to create the mental state and personal power needed for me to continue ALLOWING in the money, the joy and the lifestyle I desire, as well as how I deal with those days where everything just seems F&*KED and I can’t seem to get my shit together. Speaking of which –
We’ll be deleting, delegating or finally just DOING everything that’s currently hanging over you and slowing you down, causing you to move OFF purpose even just by a little bit. If you want to fly you HAVE to let go of the excess baggage!
You will NEVER create true wealth from a place of the wrong service. Financial wealth but also happiness / fulfilment / JOY wealth. Living on purpose and with daily passion and flow is not just a NICE thing to have or allow yourself, it is ESSENTIAL to you being able to create the business, the money, and the LIFESTYLE you desire. Let’s make this HAPPEN.
And just a few examples of other topics you'll expect to dive into with me as your coach, live in The Rich Chick Mastermind!
And so many more besides! There's always deeper work and flow to drop into in The Rich Chick Mastermind!

Side note - avoiding fun is not an option when you're a client of mine!!
As a Rich Chick Mastermind Member, you receive FREE Access to ALL My Live Launches, Courses, Workshops & Programs! These are what I launch to the public (non Rich Chick!) every month, MULTIPLE times per month usually, ranging between $200 and $3000 in actual cost.
Being in The Rich Chick Mastermind is THE way to be in my space, receive EVERYTHING you receive as a Rich Chick Badass, be coached with me live, AND have your place already secured in ALL my live paid courses!

Here are some examples of live launches, programs, workshops and courses from over the past year!
It’s time to say yes to bringing what's inside of you to life, and to making MORE money online, faster, by being fully you and doing what you love! It's time to join The Rich Chick Mastermind!
You know you have what it takes. And you know it's time to choose it.
I get it. I spent years telling myself that I couldn't do business (and by default ME) 'that' way. That people didn't want me to talk about THAT. That they wouldn't BUY something like that! That I wasn't THAT sort of coach, and that I just had to stick with what I knew and was good at, until 'one day'.

One day, I suppose, being the day when I was known enough, accepted enough, had a big enough name.

Really what I was telling myself was when I was GOOD enough. When I ALLOWED myself enough. When I finally gave myself PERMISSION enough to JUST BE ME AND LET THE WORLD SEE IT.

The CRAZY thing here is that I honestly believed I was doing what I had to do to keep money coming in and my business climbing, and I JUST ABOUT let myself believe I was happier that way as well!

But deep down, I knew -

This? It's not enough.

And it never will be.

And deeper deeper down, where I really was too scared to look, I knew -

This is NOT the path to true wealth, success, or happiness. And I'm NEVER going to make the difference I'm here to make as long as I keep living ANYTHING less than my true calling.

You know?

I fought myself on this for YEARS. I made some money in my business. I battled to climb the ladder of success. And I made some headway, for sure!

But if you fast forward to NOW - where I live the 'laptop life', traveling all around the world enjoying a first class lifestyle, I say and think and do EXACTLY what I know I'm meant to say and think and do in my business, I live COMPLETELY by choice and design, and I freaking well (yeah I'm excited!) make multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars per MONTH by doing all of this and just by letting it be easy and by letting me be ME -


It's safe to say life is more fun right now 🙂

And it HAPPENED - almost in the blink of an eye! - when I finally got the f&*k over myself about how I THOUGHT life had and business had to be and I just thought to HELL with it and started doing ME.

So whether or not you join me in my Rich Chick Mastermind - and I hope that you do because by GOD will it change your life, your business, your wealth, your JOY - know this -

Life is NOW!

Time to STOP f&*king around.

Time to QUIT the B.S.

Time to step up ALL the way and give the world what you've got!

Ready to Start Doing You?

One of the most powerful things I've ever learned about wealth, and success, and of course PURPOSE, is that you can NOT create either from a place of the wrong service.

So as much as you can TELL yourself that this is the way it has to be for now, it's not true, never was, and never will be.

Get over that shit.

Choose to move THROUGH fear, and THROUGH overwhelm, and THROUGH uncertainty and just freaking DO it. You don't have to eliminate FEAR or even self-sabotage in order to create your dream life! Those things are just PART OF THE JOURNEY, but stop letting them DICTATE THE OUTCOME.
There simply isn’t a hotter place to be on the ‘net – if you are an entrepreneur who is serious about killing it online you won’t receive better value for money or more incredible support and to be honest you’d be kinda crazy not to at least check it out!
For real beautiful!


Q: "When does it all start?" 

A: As soon as you join!

Q: "When do I receive access?" 

A: Instantly! Following the payment checkout, you will receive an email with your login details, as well as a welcome email which includes your first training!

Q: "Why should I join?"

A: Simple - you want to make more money, faster, in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

Q: "What if I don’t love it?" 

A: Well I honestly think you will … I have jam-packed this program with value.

Q: "Why is it such awesome value?!"

A: I have a mission to get my message out to over a million woman in the next few years. I’m doing this through a variety of methods, including my best-selling Amazon books. For those amongst that million who are deadly serious about creating massive online success, doing what they love, I wanted to create something that is affordable for everyone and that is The Rich Chick Mastermind!

Q: "It really does sound amazing! How do I know it’s right for me?"

A: You need to try it. I guarantee you that you will receive 10, 20 gosh even 100x the value of what you’re paying. As far as how it will work for you I guarantee you that if you do the work you will get results! Heck even just by hanging around in the forum your knowledge and motivation is going to go through the roof, and to be honest I could charge $597 a month just for that and possibly should! But if you add to that the training you’ll receive? It really is insanely amazing 

Q: “I was wondering how I will get the content I’ve created for a course out into the world. Will I get the practical how to after years of programs, coaching, etc in your Rich Chick Mastermind?”

A: Yes definitely lovely, The Rich Chick Mastermind is about all of the inner work and all of the outer work you need to do in order to create what you want in business and life, I'll be teaching continually on practical as well as mindset. Plus, we have regular hotseats where you can ask me anything, as well as the Facebook group 24/7 for support!

Q: “How do I get all the things in your program? How do I use my membership to be, have and do the manifestations, lifestyle and money while making the impact I am here to make? How do I use it to meld the inner with the outer?”

A: Well that's exactly what The Rich Chick Mastermind is all about. This is the exact work that we will be doing each day and week to week, in the Rich Chick Mastermind. I'll be showing you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. Plus, we have regular hotseats where you can ask me anything, as well as the Facebook group 24/7 for support!

Q: “I get the feeling there is so much information. What is the best way to not get overwhelmed? Is there an order of sorts”

A: I walk through absolutely everything for you, plus, we have regular hotseats where you can ask me anything, as well as the Facebook group 24/7 for support!

Q: “I live in Sweden and am a bit curious about your Rich Chick Mastermind. What time is the call/meeting? I have been in similar programs before and sadly it never really worked for my timezone.”

A: The call times change every single week. I have clients all around the world. Only a small percentage of my clients are in Australia which is where I am so I don't base it on that and everything is always fully recorded.

The reason to join this is definitely not based on when a particular call is because there are so many trainings that we are doing in here all the time, some are live trainings and some are audios or worksheets that I post into the group and live trainings will change week to week to account for different timezones and of course they are are all yours to keep for life.

We also have the Facebook group 24/7 for support. x

Q: “I’m wondering how could I refine my brand with you?”

A: Well this is the exact kind of thing we work on in The Rich Chick Mastermind, coming back to the core of who you always were and then creating the strategy and implementation from that place x

Q: “When will my monthly payments be deducted?”

A: Your monthly membership payments are deducted on the same day each month from when you signed up. If you are unsure of which day of the month or you need to make any changes, please email

Q: “Am I able to cancel my RCM membership at any time?”

A: Yes, it's a month to month commitment. For convenience, we will automatically bill your monthly subscription fee of $397 / month using the payment details you have provided, however, you can choose not to continue at anytime by giving us 3 clear business days notice before the end of your billing cycle. If you choose to leave, you will retain the content for the months that you have paid. 

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  • ​The strategy, the content, the leveraging, the growth AND the wildest inner game side of it all so you can literally pick and choose ANY area you desire to see rapid change in, and get to work - fully supported
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  • ​My favourite and most game-changing trainings, tutorials from YEARS of online teaching!
  • ​Hands down the highest value bonus I have ever offered - even on a FULL price offer, let alone a trial offer!
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  • ​Immediate access when you join today - to all of it!
  • ​The most #nobrainer offer of the decade!
About Your Rich Chick Mastermind Mentor, Katrina Ruth
I’m KATRINA RUTH. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire, and I work with successful badasses like YOU, who kick their OWN ass … and then I kick it a little bit harder.
I currently live on the Gold Coast of Australia with my beautiful family (we have 2 children, Alyssa and Nathan, and are praying for more soon!). I travel a LOT with my business (sometimes with the fam, sometimes not), and my business allows me to be fully location free. Even if that location free means driving around in our own state in these current times!

After many MANY years of not going all in, NOT speaking my truth or doing what I really wanted to do in the world, I finally said yes to purpose and sharing my deep soul message, AND to doing the damn work, and now, well –

Here we are.

I have been fortunate enough to build up an INCREDIBLE online community of driven entrepreneurs and leaders and creators, and each day I get to do what I always wanted to do, which is to motivate, educate, empower and inspire you to press play and create the business and life YOU want.

I’ve made close to $15,000,000 (yes, 15 million dollars) online just by speaking my truth and following the path of my soul, breaking any and all rules that don’t feel fuck yes for me, and also – and this is my fave! – really just being ME. Yeah, I might have some fancier stuff now than when I started, but my business was built on, and still runs on, me being the girl who just loves to write and say what needs to be said running around usually in her gym gear as a hot mess, in between being a Mum and just, well, living life!
In the end, it's as simple as this.

You promise yourself daily that you're going to do the damn thing, but all in.

As a Rich Chick badass?

You are.

Don't forget - 

Life is Now. Press Play

Kat x

Get Your Place in The Rich Chick Mastermind Today and ALL the Value You Receive as an Inaugural New Member, and Get THE Most Insane Bonus Ever ...

My ENTIRE $4,999 'Ultimate Home Study University' FREE! (Strictly Limited Bonus Offer When You Join Today! Immediate FULL Access!)

  • Fully understand the work that I do and how I turn the MADNESS and the crazy into an online empire
  • ​What that looks like day to day, exactly what you need to do and every little bit of how to do it
  • ​The strategy, the content, the leveraging, the growth AND the wildest inner game side of it all so you can literally pick and choose ANY area you desire to see rapid change in, and get to work - fully supported
  • ​A complete resource library - everything in one place to create your own soul-led empire
  • ​My favourite and most game-changing trainings, tutorials from YEARS of online teaching!
  • ​Hands down the highest value bonus I have ever offered - even on a FULL price offer, let alone a trial offer!
  • ​135 deep dive video trainings, 7 deep dive audio training, 84 worksheets, mini workbooks and PDFs
  • ​Immediate access when you join today - to all of it!
  • ​The most #nobrainer offer of the decade!

Accepting New Rich Chicks for Our First Official 2021 Public Open, Launch Prices Apply! 

Money Back Guarantee

The Rich Chick Mastermind Success Money Back Guarantee!

By joining us in The Rich Chick Mastermind, you have exclusive backing with our client WIN guarantee!

If, as a result of following what you learn and applying it into your business and life, you within 30 days do not feel that what you’ve learned will or already is positively transforming both your mindset and ability to see and claim what is available for you, as well as your business and finances, you may request a full refund of your investment which we will happily process, and you can keep everything you received!

This is our way of making your membership in The Rich Chick Mastermind completely risk free, and ensuring you have everything you need with our one of a kind education and success mindset & strategy teachings and support, so that your success is a guarantee!
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