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Safe, And The Vibration Of Having

If you handed over all your worries and fears, and knew that you and yours were fully taken care of, all of your needs and true desires delivered for you already, and just waiting to pop into the now, what would you then have to do?

If you took the world right out of it, every body and their dogs opinion of what is right, and proper, and just, and good –

In your business
With your money
In your relationships
And with your soul

– what would you then be able to see?

What would your soul truly cry for,

long after,

and know to be true?

If you accepted that in this moment right here it is FULLY available to you to be done with anxiety, done with panic, done with fear, done with ‘how am I going to keep my head above water’, and ‘who am I even supposed to BE’, and ‘how do I get what I really want and need?’, well –

What would you have left?

And who would you ALREADY find yourself to be?

Where would your focus go, your energy, your life? If there were nothing you HAD to do, or force into being in order to save yourself?

And what if you were already saved –
Already whole –
and already FULLY able to claim everything you see inside of you?

I suppose what I’m really asking, is do you ever wonder if you’re maybe just a little bit addicted to your troubles, your ‘not having’, and your need to have to figure out the next step, because with all of that going on and filling your head you’ve no time to be in the now?

Have you ever stopped to think about what you’d be left with, and what your life would be about, if you already had it all, and knew you were taken care of?

Do you think you could handle just being in the moment and facing into YOU all day every day?

With no agenda except for that of being responsive to the now, listening and being guided by God and soul as to what each moment is for?

Could you trust like that?
Could you flow like that?
Could you BREATHE like that?

What do you do now, when everything is done and there’s nowhere to go and nobody to see and it’s just you and God and soul?

Do you run and hide with food, with wine, with the endless scrolling of social media? Do you busy yourself with more work, there’s always something to do! Do you perhaps veer away well before you even get to that point of being done, God forbid you have EMPTINESS or SPACE in your life, that’s a fool’s game – or at least one of the lazy, the ill-disciplined, the weak, but no, not you, you keep yourself OCCUPIED.

After all, life is to be lived!

But when did you actually last live it in the present? When did you last trust that you will be SHOWN the correct action to take, right as you need to take it, and usually not a moment before or after?

When did you last HAND IT ALL OVER?

Or do you think that the opposite of wasting your life is filling every bit of it before the moment even came to pass?

Because I can tell you –

That’s not what you were designed for.
You’ve misunderstood the instructions.
It was never about YOU being the architect, engineer, foreman AND every damn builder on the job of everything you get to have or become.

That’s not how it works.

How it DOES work is that what you trust in, ask for, align yourself with spiritually and energetically will be GIVEN to you. You get to hand it over! You get to allow yourself to simply receive! And you get to get on with your JOB, no, not a job you do in order to receive, a job you would do for the rest of your days REGARDLESS of what you get or don’t get in return.

And your job of course is this:


Being in the service of | creation of | worship of | unleashing of

And while you may one day, or even quite soon, or even right now, be able to look back and say, ‘oh look – I spent my days writing | creating | preaching | serving in this way, and therefore I was rewarded with earthly treasures in this way’, the truth is it’s not actually like that.

Ask and receive, PERIOD THE END.

Not ‘ask and then do these 89 tasks and then receive’.

You do the tasks (the work of being you and giving your life for what it was given you; for your soul work) BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU MUST DO.

For alignment.
For truth.
For purpose.
For saying yes to SOUL.

‘Oh, so why don’t I have all the goodies and rewards and monies and security I want already then; if it’s that simple?!’

– because you refuse to trust.

– because you refuse to surrender.

– because you are still insisting on living in a paradigm which says that if I just work HARDER and PUSH more and DO more and plan AHEAD more and just finish this one … hundredth more thing … then I will be able to breathe easy and get on with giving my life to God, to soul, to truth. I just need to get things sorted first, just a little!

– and thus you refuse to be present in the now. And you refuse to hand over shit. And even though you may well pray / affirm / ask in whatever way you do, THAT’S NOT WHAT PRAYER / AFFIRMING / ASKING / ACTUALLY EXPECTING LOOKS LIKE.

It looks like –

I asked and then I trusted it would be given so therefore I knew there was nothing I needed to do! And so I got back to the job of being me!

Don’t you see?

All of you who sit in prayer each day
Who meditate and visualise
Who journal and write affirmations as though you’re entering a national competition for it
Who speak about trust and faith and believing they can have it all, who sermonise on how it’s all an energy thing, baybeeeee –

Your actions speak louder than words
Your lack of trust is bleeding obvious
Your tight-fisted determination to force life into cooperation with you screams that you don’t have faith and that you are TERRIFIED of being left behind, left out, forgotten.

But my child (says God) –

You were never forgotten.
You WILL never be forgotten.
You have always been loved.
Taken care of.
And always will be.

And ALL I ask is that you accept the gift I am giving you.

Trust in its truth.

And then move forward accordingly.

The thing is,

God wants to bless you more than what you can possibly fathom, even with the wildest of imaginations.

But when you live in such fear and contraction, every bit of you tightly clenched, your eyes squeezed shut and your fists in little balls as you beat beat beat against the walls of life hoping that if you are loud and relentless enough you’ll be given your piece –

You make it impossible to see what’s being offered right in front of your face the whole time
And not a thing can be given to you with you already have your hands so full of fear

And here is the simplest truth of all, on all of this:

Receiving and pushing away each have very clear visual representations. We can see without doubt when a person is in the former versus the latter.

Ask yourself today –

Which is it time to admit you’re embodying?

And if you’re still not sure?

Just glance in a store window once in a while,

as you hurry on by on the quest to force life to co-operate with you.

Are you contracted, pushed down, harried and hunched, just a little, by the pressure of life?

Or do you carry yourself with the certainty of one who knows she is completely loved, completely supported, and completely free to live the life she came here to live, and who is doing so.

The things you say on the Internet are lovely.

But your clenched hands and anxious face reveal the truth.

Let go.
Open your arms and let go.
It’s available to you now.

Let’s not forget that patience is the shortcut.

And also?

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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