Secrets of Lasting Weightloss Revealed

Well it’s only been 26 months coming but my new book “Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed” is out and I’m damn proud of it. And more than just a little bit excited. To you this might look like just another e-book full of as-yet-unknown-thoughts, promises and research but to me it’s the culmination of my proving a massive point to myself. Which is (funnily enough) that if I want to be a writer, I actually have to write. Regularly. And eventually produce something larger than a blog post. Sure, of course I’ve always wanted to release a book, but hey who doesn’t? And what makes me so special that anyone might actually want to read the thing? (Actually this is my second book, but the other one was co-authored and I didn’t love the way it was edited so I’m not gonna count it).

Anyway. I’ve had so many occasions where I’ve nearly given up on it – not because of the time factor (although 245 pages of finely tuned detail did take a while!) – but because it’s really been quite a leap of faith to put something so comprehensive out there, to prove to myself that I could do it. 

But I did, and it’s done, and once I hit publish on this post then it can’t be retracted, so I may as well tell you a little about it. I’ll try not to turn into a talking sales letter :-). After all, I know that if you already follow me, I don’t have to convince you that conventional methods of weight loss just aren’t cutting it, that the health industry is increasingly about good marketing and cleverly presented science rather than truth, or that umpteen servings of grain and low-fat foods aren’t the answer. And so on.

Instead of all that, for now let me just briefly tell you the story behind Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed.

The short version is that I struggled with my weight until my mid-twenties, despite being a Personal Trainer since the age of 19. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t lose 150 pounds or end up on A Current Affair, I was just chubbier than I’d have liked to be (that’s me 6 years ago) – despite the fact that I ate really well, or so I thought (muesli, yogurt, lean protein sandwiches or tuna salads, brown rice, meat and veg, fruit for snacks) and exercised regularly. It was pretty frustrating, and it just didn’t make sense based on what I ‘knew’ about health.

These days I enjoy red wine whenever I feel like it. I eat at least 2-3 times as many calories as what’s on the above list. And I eat rich food nearly every day of the week. I’ve also learned several invaluable strategies for managing stress-related health and weight issues, for creating ideal digestive function, and for normalising energy and emotions. All that and more is in the book. And – as you can see on the blog banner above – I’m significantly leaner now than I used to be. Healthier too. It took me a good 4-5 years to really learn all of this and then to gradually streamline my knowledge so that I knew how to make it work for others as well. That’s when I decided to create Secrets Of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed. You won’t find any magic one-trick-wonder but you will find a detailed manual not just for weight loss, but for improved digestion, energy, sleep patterns, stress management, and ultimately for ideal health and happiness.

I wanted Secrets Of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed to stand out in another way.

Have you ever noticed how most books and resources deliver advice without offering an individualized assessment or step-by-step approach? Makes it kinda hard to follow, doesn’t it? One of the things that has been drummed into me over the years is that everyone holds excess weight for a different reason. My clinical experience has proven the same thing and so I put this book together with that in mind. Before you read the book you’ll complete 7 simple multiple choice questionnaires to determine your weight and health profile.

  • Food & Diet
  • Stress & Energy
  • Patterns of Behaviour
  • ​Motivation & Self-Belief
  • ​Sleep Quality
  • ​Digestion, Stomach Upsets & Bloating
  • ​Lifestyle and other factors

The answers to those questionnaires will then dictate the order you read the book in for fastest results. They form the blueprint of your ideal weight loss journey, although you can definitely still read cover to cover if you choose.

What You Will Find From There

Here are just a few tidbits of what you’ll learn –

  • Five ‘healthy’ foods that may be making you fat and unwell
  • 6 secretly healthy foods to get you ripped and feeling fantastic
  • A guide to balancing internal control and hormonal systems which can cause you to stay overweight regardless of what you eat or how much exercise you do
  • ​The lowdown on how and why your body stores fat and how to reverse it’s the fat-storing gene (did you know your body is actually programmed to make you fat? I’ll teach you how to change that)
  • ​A simple guide to correct (and doable) nutrition
  • ​The chance to email me with any follow-up questions or just for support.
  • ​A 60-day money back guarantee – if you don’t think the book was worth the spend I’ll happily refund you.

What You Won't Find Inside

  • Incomplete solutions or the requirement for you to buy additional products.
  • Feel-good motivational hoo-ha that tells you how to ‘visualize’ your way to a slimmer you (don’t get me wrong, I’m all about motivation and mindset, just not as a solution in itself).
  • An exercise program. That’s a massive area and I think it would be a joke to say I can cover both in one book and still keep things simple for you. It’s next on my list though!
  • ​A restrictive “diet”. Everybody who has followed this plan has told me they feel more satisfied than they have in years – it’s about a lifestyle change not a short-term band-aid solution.
  • ​An opportunity to count calories rather than quality. Instead you’ll learn to understand the power of your hormones to affect your health.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough to consider supporting me and purchasing Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed. You can do that right now. And at just $27 it’s really quite a steal!

Are you ready?!

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Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x

PS – your support not only makes me feel good but it helps me to invest more time in writing posts for you!

PPS – I guarantee this will be a great read and you’ll walk away with more than a couple handfuls of usable advice.

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Click the button above to receive INSTANT access for only $27!!

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