Just Sell the Freaking Thing

Gorgeous – !

Wanna flick the switch on momentum in your sales, your messaging, your marketing, your MOOD, and now?

Wanna understand how I knock out fresh inspired content day in and day out, have done so for nearly 20 years online, have learned how to consistently let my business follow what is true for ME, and continue to speak straight to the core of my ideal soulmate person all without spending anything LIKE the supposed time + hacking away the internet says you must?

Hey, it’s not about not putting the WERK in. (duh).

But it IS about expecting things to flow a certain way.

Being unavailable for anything but that.

And knowing how to FLICK THE SWITCH ON MOMENTUM AND JUST SELL THE DARN THING … or several of ’em … when your mind or emotions are running a story that you CAN’T or it’s too hard.

> you can
> it is NEVER too hard
> and decisiveness on who you gonna be matters!

I reveal all of this plus SO so much more, in fact literally how I have done sales + content from flow for longer than some of my audience has been alive and had it ONLY been a follow on to who I actually came here to be, to the tune of ze many tens of millions, in Just Sell the Freaking Thing.

This is a $999 course on sale now for $109!

Yes Kat – I want it!

I am also including my recent Masterclass Replay + Workbook ‘Money, But God’s Way’ (rave reviews are IN on that FYI), valued at $199,

AND my Content Queen Sales Secrets Revealed entire $999 course!

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Here is what’s included in Just Sell the Freaking Thing!

* 7 video / audio trainings on the mindset, practicality, inner game in all ways, required habits + discipline, ideal aligned + FLOW-led systems

* Full breakdown of how daily content can in less than 30 minutes a day (av. 4 days /wk) leverage into a consistent stream of ideal clients low through high end, AND exactly how to align this to you / your preferred style of creating

* Designed for the person who knows that part of what they are here to do is to POUR FORTH and who loves messaging / creating … but is sick of feeling bound to a certain way of having to

* NON typical marketing / online monetization approach because this is about going ALL in to who you REALLY are knowing that, as I’ve taught for over 10 years, the niche is you

* What daily sales activities actually matter; how to make ’em easy + fast

* Moving past fear, uncertainty, low energy, doubt, kick-starting momentum, being the person without it taking over you!

* Deciding EXACTLY WHAT TO SELL AND EXACTLY HOW TO SELL IT, then devising a plan which WORKS to help you do just that!

^^ this (the Just Freaking Sell It Course & Bundle) is ALL new 2023 content, PLUS also includes:

– I talk about how I do daily and weekly sales activity from flow, what I do when I’m out of ideas (way more often than you think!), how I ensure my existing stuff keeps selling, and so much more besides!

– Templates to go along with your video training!

– Content and sales clarity template, to allow you to deal with common blocks, resistances, fears and sabotages to showing up online!

– Sales activity from flow template

– The Katrina Ruth Show behind the scenes operating procedure and full ‘how to implement’ of content repurposing and leveraging. Exactly how I and my team know which content to best repurpose, leverage, use to sell, and also exactly how we put that together and get it on multiple platforms continually.

– Daily Sales Activity Cheat Sheet – what I designed for myself in 2016 and have used since, which in that year resulted in me doubling sales and having my first multi-million $ year!


2 entire bonus courses, Content Queen Sales Secrets ($999 course and my fave on this topic), and Money But God’s Way (new $199 masterclass). Delivery of bonuses + course access will be Monday November 27 Aussie time 🙂

Click here now to get ‘Just Sell the Freaking Thing’ for only $109 down from $999 PLUS $1198 of bonuses!!

Don’t sit on this one gorgeous!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.