Make Money
Discipline & Flow, Success/Success Mindset

Shift Your State and Make Money Just.Like.Boom.

Never forget that YOU are a leader and you can shift into YES in an instant, a moment, the blink of an eye.

If you’re feeling like shit or struggling to get into flow, if you’re running scared and everything seems like quicksand then guess what? It’s your fault and YOU are the one who gets to decide whether to keep going like that, or snap the fuck out of it and get on with things.

YOU are a leader.
YOU are the creator of your reality.
YOU didn’t come here for likes or a pat on the back, you came to lead a motherfucking revolution, to build an empire, to change the WORLD!

And that person? That higher version of YOU? She doesn’t mope around, dragging her feet, wonder what the next step is or whether the things she feels inside of herself are real.

She damn well KNOWS they’re real and she’s willing to put herself through hellfire in order to bring them to life.

And bring them to life she DOES.

Every day, consciously choosing to step INTO flow, INTO acting as the person she was born to be. Every day, gritting her teeth and looking resistance in the eye, and telling it to fuck off, right now, because baby there’s WORK to be done.

And a life to be lived.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

In the end, it’s not even about an empire, about making millions! Impacting millions! Being the 1% within the 1%! Changing the world!

We KNOW you’re that person, YOU know you’re that person, you are a leader amongst LEADERS, but what it all comes down to is ARE YOU PRESSING PLAY?

Right now, if it were all to end and fade away, can you honestly say you’re pressing PLAY, on the life you dreamt of –

So long ago.

Or are you filling it with STUFF? So.much.stuff. That you think you have to do first, or at all, that you’ve somehow made MATTER, and the truth is you don’t even quite know why you’re DOING it, most of the time, but yet here you are –

Caught up. Carried away. And still not quite pressing play.

What would it look like, today, if you were FULLY pressing play on the life of your dreams?

What would you be saying, today, if you were CALLING IN your true clients; those who you REALLY want to work with and who you KNOW YOU CAN HELP?

You don’t have to be shy you know …

If you KNOW that you can impact at a higher level then BEING SHY IS FREAKING SELFISH! And not in a good way.

It’s time for us as SUPERWOMEN to rise up and claim our rightful spot as leaders who came here to impact and INSTILL CHANGE.

If YOU are not going to step up and let the world benefit from who you truly ARE, then who the hell do you think is going to do it for you, pray tell?

So tell me, and be honest now, dig deep within:

Who ARE you, at your core? Who ARE you, when you’re not shrouded in fear or guided by what everybody else on social media is doing and whether you can keep up?

Leaders have been leading long before Facebook told them how to do it.

Storytellers have been captivating their audiences long before the platforms we use today existed to get that message out there.

Don’t you see? It’s NOT about the platform, or what you need to do ON it or ONLINE, at all, to stand out, get seen, be followed, be paid.

It’s about you.
ALL about you.

Those who show who they ARE, will stand out no matter what they say, where they publish it, whether they do it the way anybody else at all is doing it, or whether they merely whisper it into the air.

Those who BELIEVE they will lead, will lead, is what I’m saying, and it will have jack.fucking.shit. to do with HOW you do that or WHAT you do.

It will simply be that you decided to lead.
You decided to work with THAT sort of client.
You decided to sell what you are actually truly CALLED to sell.
You DECIDED, quite simply, to act from the heart.
You decided to let it WORK.

What would it look like –

Today –

If you’d actually decided it can now WORK?

Everything you need to ‘make it’, go big, get noticed, build your EMPIRE, is inside of you.

You can look outside to learn more, know more, even grow more.

But if you don’t first go within and DECIDE that you’re going to get the results you dream of and THIS IS JUST HOW IT IS, then the greatest action in the world won’t work.

Stop fucking around waiting until you feel like it, or just as bad, until you somehow climb that ladder and earn your place at the top.

You want to know how to get to the top, how to be in the fucking zone, how to BE the person you know is within?

REMIND yourself:

You are a motherfucking leader baby, and you have a message to change the world.

Stand up straight and act accordingly.