Live Your Passion


Whenever I tell the story, any part of the story, of how I have created one of the most impactful coaching brands in the world – THE true game-changing work for the TRUE 1% within the 1% driven creatives and badasses – it really all just circles around the small things.

This is true not only for my coaching business, not only for how I became the #1 success coach in the world for DRIVEN entrepreneurs, but it’s true for every wonderful and ‘big’ thing I have ever created, built, or been part of in my life.

Think about it –

Whatever you have built that is ah-MAY-zing –

Whatever you have created which is WOW –

Whatever you have shifted or said yes to which is SO.freaking.GOOD, well done, ‘impressive’, or RIGHT –

Has come from the smallest of moves,



and ultimately?

The most powerful thing you have which is your YES.

I was thinking about this yesterday more than I have in a long while, when some of my team and I drove down to the Northern Rivers to put our hands on deck as volunteers cleaning up the absolute devastation and destruction which has occurred to entire communities, massive regions, small towns, and, of course – thousands upon thousands of broken-hearted yet incredibly strong spirited individuals.

People have died. People are still MISSING. Some are cut off my landslides. With children, and babies. Livestock dead in huge amounts. Water levels multiple stories high in many areas, and spanning, yes – entire towns. Some people waited days to be rescued, on the roof of their house or wherever they could get to. Some have still not been. The Australian Government took an entire week to even BEGIN sending proper emergency and defence force services … yet previously snapped their fingers to have ’em there in a heartbeat for any anti-Covid protests that occurred.

I could go on and on. The VASTNESS of the work that needs to be done, physically and emotionally and spiritually is – well, vast. Seemingly endlessly so.

The work my team and I were able to do yesterday, alongside other amazing volunteers with Global Care Australia (which we here at The Katrina Ruth Show sponsor financially each month), it HELPED.


it was just one small move.

Really a series of small moves. Which felt at times almost pointless, because as much mud and muck and despair and mould as you cleaned … more appeared.

But with these sorts of small moves, repeated,

by us,

by other volunteers,

and mostly by the local residents and civilians who have been working beyond fatigue for weeks now to save each other (literally) in the fact of dangerous and toxic circumstances (the mud is already disease filled in parts), and to begin the huge job of repairing their lives,


bit by bit,

a huge mountain can and will be moved.

Where did it all start?

With each persons YES.

YES, I will face fear to go and do what I know I can’t not to save my fellow humans. (I’m talking about people in those areas who did this, not us). Yes, I will get up again and again when I’m exhausted because I can’t not. Yes, I will start wiping out those drawers, lay on my back upside down to get the mud out of the S curve of a pipe, keep going when it feels I’m making such small headway. Yes, we will commit our time, get in the car, do it.




My entire business,

this one,

and the other businesses,



creative endeavours,

wonderful things with wonderful humans,

all these things have been built –

many of them to seemingly ‘extraordinary’ levels or results –

through a single,



Which was then repeated on.

Never discount the power of your YES.

And that the smallest of moves,

can shift the biggest of mountains.