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What’s your big dream, gorgeous?

I’m not talking about the obvious stuff … the financial freedom, getting your biz to a certain point, maybe upleveling the house and car, taking some cool trips, and so on.

I’m talking about your REALLY FREAKING MASSIVE BIG dream.

The one that has you ALL THE WAY there where you normally only go in your fantasies.

The one that has you known INTERNATIONALLY, as THE leader in your field …

The one that sees you making MILLIONS …

IMPACTING millions …

Doing it all COMPLETELY on your terms …

With not only the ULTIMATE vision of how business could be, but with every part of your entire LIFE as perfect as perfect could be.

The business, the money, the fame, the freedom, for sure.

But also the total control over your time, and how you spend it.

The lifestyle to DIE for.

The travel stuff you thought was just a fantasy.

Heck, I’m even talking about having the body and the relationship of your dreams!

What I’m talking about, really, is having it ALL.

And honestly? YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Sure I know that the ‘catch-cry’ of our generation is that we can’t have it all …

We need to slow DOWN …

Choose what matters (the implication being and GIVE OTHER STUFF UP) …

Not be GREEDY …

Be grateful for what we have!

And so on and so on, and it’s all kind of OKAY, but also:


You can have it on your terms.

And you can start now, but honey if you WANT it then YOU have to go get it.

I mean THINK about it –

What would your life be like, if you fully and deeply believed that you could achieve anything you set your mind to?

Imagine if your confidence, self-worth, positivity and CERTAINTY of your ability to succeed was just … a given.

If you never questioned yourself –

If you never stopped to worry HOW –

If you never told yourself you CAN’T – (wretched word!)

And if every single dream or goal you set for yourself, no matter HOW insanely huge it might seem on first glance, quite simply, quite easily, quite OBVIOUSLY: Just. Came. True.

This? This is not just an idea, a pipe dream, something nice to talk about.

Of course if you TREAT it that way you can be certain your results will remain largely ideas, pipe dreams, something nice to talk about, but never live.

What this is; what I’m talking about, is a way of BEING.

It’s about deliberately and persistently tapping and further creating the internal POWER that lies within all of us. It’s about making a decision – as so many have before you – that from here on out, everything you dream of will be yours.

Guaranteed SUCCESS, Really?!

Over the past few years I’ve come to learn that there is a way of being CERTAIN of success in any and every area of my life.

I’ve spent over $500,000 and over 9 years traveling, studying, experimenting and learning from the very best entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers out there. I’ve learned and implemented the ‘strategies’ necessary to achieve my money goals, my body goals, my lifestyle goals, and I’ve learned the mind power secrets, and the ability to activate the sub-conscious mind to AUTOMATIC success.

As a result of what I’ve learned and created in the field of Success Mastery, I’ve:

  • Made over 4 million dollars online in the past 5 years.
  • Had my MONTHLY income reach well into 6-figures.
  • Embarked upon a Laptop Lifestyle now 3 years underway.
  • Stepped up to First Class travel and luxury accomodation.
  • Worked with the top coaches and entrepreneurs in the world.
  • Become a multiple best-selling author.
  • Lost 17kg, twice, after giving birth, and got ‘abs’.
  • Quit bulimia and binge eating
  • Come 10th nationally in a yoga competition, with only a month practice and pitted against my teachers.
  • Helped to rid my body of a serious pregnancy complication that caused me to be hospitalised long-term and told I might die.
  • Rid myself of 100k of debt.
  • Saved over $50,000 in a matter of weeks.
  • Been able to invest in a 34k tooth upgrade, a Mercedes, beautiful jewellery and nice things.
  • Given tens of thousands of dollars away in tithes and to causes that matter to me.
  • Hired the best business support in the world.
  • Created over 100 online products and programs.
  • Outsourced ANY task I don’t love doing.
  • Absolutely 100% designed the business AND life that I want, completely on my terms, and continue to do so

This stuff does not happen because of what I DO, it’s because of who I AM, which is an outcome of what I have MASTERED and CONTINUE to master within.

Of course it hasn’t always been that ‘easy’ or straightforward for me! I’ll share more on that in a moment, but first, know this:

It’s (obviously!) not just about me –

I’ve been fortunate to be able to pass on my learnings to thousands of women all around the world and at all stages of business and life success, and I’ve had the opportunity to observe over time what it is that truly ‘makes’ a successful person.

Some of the results my clients have achieved using the Success Mastery and butt kickin’ processes I’ve taught them include:

  • Leaving their 9-5 job in order to run an online business doing what they love (this is a multiple times achieved result with my clients!).
  • Living the Laptop Life traveling the world.
  • Losing over 30kg in one case, over 24kg in another case, over 5 or 10kg in MANY cases.
  • Turning around stressful and unhappy relationships.
  • Becoming a best-selling author, in at least 8 cases I can think of right now.
  • Winning a $70,000 contract.
  • Making that first sale online!
  • Selling high-end coaching, in amounts of 8k, 12k, 22k, 30k, amongst others.
  • Launching and successfully selling numerous online programs at the $19-$2000 level (there are a lot of options online!)
  • Quitting a business they don’t love to create one they DO.
  • Being able to come hang with me and further grow in London, the Gold Coast, Vegas, Bali, the Bahamas and more.
  • Eliminating limiting beliefs and sabotages ranging from binge eating to procrastination and more.
  • Spent weeks on end living the Laptop Life in Barcelona.
  • Been able to invest in multiple 5-figure mentoring support.
  • Successfully run their own on and offline events.
  • Gone from being in debt to making multiple thousands of dollars online, monthly and consistently.
  • Created a 2k a week new revenue stream.
  • Reclaimed their energy, joy and zest for life.
  • Found their true calling, message and voice and started living it as well as making a HELLUVA lot of money and a helluva difference.
  • Created the certain knowledge that anything they desire can be theirs and then MADE IT HAPPEN, on repeat.

And the difference, between those who make it and truly ‘have it all’, and those who continue to STRUGGLE, is obvious:

Those who succeed understand and know how to EFFECTIVELY use the power of their mind to create their outcomes.

Reality, about how YOUR life will play out:

  • If you are not currently consciously, deliberately, persistently and DAILY employing internal success strategies and activations then YOU WILL CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE, no matter WHAT effort or work you put in practically.
  • If you do not understand how to reset your beliefs, re pattern your mind, adjust your internal compass then YOU WILL CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE, no matter HOW hard you push.
  • If you do not know how to ALLOW success, and ease, and flow, then your PATTERN will be the same old one that got you HERE, where you are stuck, floundering, LOST and plain and simple not living the life you want to be living, not being the YOU you were born to be.
  • If you don’t have a PROCESS and a PRACTICE to approach your success from the inside out and achieve your EVERY dream, in every AREA, FAST, then you are KIDDING YOURSELF with the repeated time and energy and MONEY you pour into trying to FORCE success.

Don’t you know what you’re CAPABLE of? Then why the heck aren’t you LIVING it?!

We all have the knowledge, buried deep within our soul, that life can be whatever we make of it.

That if we really set our MINDS to it, we can be ANYTHING.

DO anything.

And have it all.

The truth is that deep within YOUR soul, you KNOW the truth, which is that the only LIMITS you have? Are the ones you impose upon yourself.

So isn’t it time … finally! … that you went out and made shit HAPPEN? The way you really LONG for it to happen?!

LISTEN UP! I’m here to tell you that you CAN have it all, you can have it ON YOUR TERMS, and you can have it now.

But if you WANT it then you need to go out and get it, and you need to DO it now.

So let’s get REAL here … if we weren’t already!

It’s time for a change.

It’s time for you to RISE UP as the SUPERWOMEN you are.

It’s time to INSIST on what it is you want for yourself, in business, and in life.

It’s all very well to keep telling yourself that “this is my year!”, or that things are going to change; to insist you’re going to “make shit happen; make it work!”. But if right NOW you’re not experiencing the business and life you long for and KNOW YOU CAN HAVE then honey, it’s NOT WORKING.

So let’s GET IT WORKING – yes?

First, a heads up. Because what I have for you today? Is DIFFERENT in a big way.

  • This is about creating the ‘one day’ life you’ve always dreamt of having, doing it COMPLETELY on your terms, and starting NOW.
  • It’s about QUITTING the B.S. that tells you that you can’t, not yet, not THAT way –
  • It’s about getting OVER your ‘sh*t’ and the stories you’ve allowed to rule you –
  • And it’s about saying hell-freaking-YES to creating not only the business and the life you want but EVERY damn part of it that you never-quite-yet-ALWAYS-dared to dream of –

We’re talking the impact-making business of your dreams, the MONEY you deserve (and want!), the adventure and joy-filled lifestyle, the PEAK fitness and energy, the inner PEACE to know you’re on your path, and absolute excellence in every area of who you ARE and who you choose to be.

We’re talking, quite simply, about COMPLETE success, on your terms.

About HAVING IT ALL, in whatever form that means to you.

And about seeing the TRUE path to fame, fortune, and MEGA freedom not only mapped out for you but being ROCKED outta the ballpark: by you.

And we’re talking about starting now.

You do NOT have to sacrifice health for money.

Or your relationship for health.

Or your sanity and peace of mind for your business.

Or anything for ANYTHING, unless you choose it to be so.

So stop kidding yourself.

Stop LYING to yourself about what you have to do, or put up with, or become, if you want to ‘one day’ live that life you dream of.

Stand up and stake your CLAIM on the life you want.

On the BUSINESS you desire.

On the MONEY you wish to make.

On the FREEDOM you deserve.

And on EVERY part of who you want to be.

Because with Success Mastery Shake-Up School? We’re gonna get you pressing ALL THE WAY play! You ready for this?!

Introducing Success Mastery SHAKE-UP School!

An 8-week fully immersive, fully intensive, fully AWESOME online time to create TRUE fame, true FORTUNE, and MEGA freedom, for your business and your life.

In short: 8 weeks to rock some SERIOUS results, and change your life.

And yep I am FULLY serious. You know I get stuff done fast. And now: it’s your time.

For so long I’ve wanted to create a comprehensive and INTENSIVE program that I can run with driven entrepreneurs like you who are truly ready to step up and DO THE WORK.

And I know I already do a pretty great job of teaching the ins and outs of online success through my various online programs and memberships. But I knew that it was time for something bigger.


More powerful.

Something ALL ENCOMPASSING, to truly show you EXACTLY what to do and exactly how to do it and then to SUPPORT you in actually DOING IT ALL, and doing it in a SHORT period of time.

The inspiration and point where I knew it was truly TIME came when I recently reflected upon what I would do if right now I were starting all over again from square one.

And I realised – honestly? I’d make it SO much simpler than what I built my business based, and what I see most women out there doing. All of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, the things that did NOT work, the things that almost tore me apart and broke me, all of those were lessons that had to be learned, of course!

But they don’t have to be repeated.

Not by me, and not by you.

Success Mastery SHAKE-UP School is about showing you a simple and clear path to create the success you desire in business AND in life, by carving out your space online and yes – creating fame, fortune and most of all the FREEDOM to do exactly what you want, and to live your dreams!

And the best part? I’m going to show you how to achieve all of this BY doing what you love in your business, and without having to sell your soul or sacrifice ridiculous amounts of your time and energy!

I’m a busy Mum to 2 kids and beyond even that – I like having a life! SO you can bet that the way I do success, and business, is NOT about burn out, putting in endless hours or indeed in any way going against who you naturally are and who you want to be.

In fact, quite the opposite! I’ve found that the TRUE path to success is to focus on doing the work you are most called to do, and doing it in a WAY that is truly aligned for you to do it. So when I say ‘business on your terms’? I mean it in EVERY possible way.

Which means that the way this is going to work is really very simple:

Over the course of 8 weeks I’m going to show you a simple and step-by-step POWERFUL process to follow to reach not only TRUE ‘fame, fortune and freedom’ success in your business but also to truly master what it takes to succeed in life and FOR life.

This is not just about 8 weeks of ‘working your butt off’ to uplevel your business and your income! Although we’ll certainly do that 🙂 but beyond that, it’s about something much more transformative: we’re going to be cultivating a foundation of LIFELONG success, and setting you on a path of true purpose and meaning (not to mention wealth!) that once you start on? You’ll never have to go back from.

Essentially it’s about forging a BLUEPRINT for the life you truly want to live, and then activating that blueprint NOW.

Here’s how Success Mastery Shake-Up School is going to Play Out!

  • Over the course of 8 intensive weeks we will cover 8 powerful modules of Success Mastery – each addressing both the ‘practicalities’ of what you need to do (and how to do it) as well as the mindset and internal shifts required to also get the job done.
  • You’ll get access to the eight incredible and POWERFUL training calls that I ran in the inaugural Success Mastery Shake-Up School giving you additional insights and tools beyond our weekly training.
  • Each week you’ll receive video, audio and written work, so you can learn and be IMPRINTED in a variety of ways.
  • Plus, of course, you’ll have lifetime access to a swish-bang fancy website to store it all in 🙂


Check it out! The 8-Week Breakdown of Success Mastery Shake-Up School. Eep!

Here’s what I’ve got for you …! (Can you tell I’m excited about this?!)

Module 1: Dream Biz & Life Clarity, and the PLAN!

We’ll be covering:

  • Your big vision and what you REALLY want, what your ultimate goals for your biz and life look like.
  • The “100 Million Dollar Question” and how to ACT on it, now.
  • What is your divine calling? You HAVE one beautiful. Time we find it.
  • Stepping into your wildest dreams.
  • The difference between goal setting and intent.
  • Understanding why it’s not working or you’re not there yet.
  • HOW to get clarity.
  • How to know what the right goals and dreams are to set in the first place!
  • And creating a clear vision and plan that we can and will act upon!

How it will work: You’ll receive your Module 1 in-depth training and accompanying action sheets at the start of Week 1, and be able to dive right in!

Module 1 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus … oh YEAH we got bonuses!

Each module is accompanied with a “build your fame, fortune and freedom” bonus!

In Module 1 it’s the Dream Biz Concept Planner: I’ll show you how to dive deep and identify the REAL business you want to run, and how you can build a brand, an income, and a legacy with it!

Module 2: Daily Success Mastery!

It’s about …

  • The daily habits YOU need to identify and create to step into your ideal reality, now.
  • Setting your INTENT for the day, based on that big picture vision, and then being able to act accordingly into your perfect day now.
  • Knowing what you NEED each day, for body, for mind, for spirit, for FLOW and for actually CREATING the success you desire.
  • Knowing what excites you, and how to build your biz and life around it!
  • Dealing with the (ahem) things that might get in your way or slow you down: without having to be a bitch about it!
  • Carving out a high level routine of action that gets you creating, being, generating AWESOME all day long, in the way you love most!

How it will work: You’ll receive your Module 1 in-depth training and accompanying action sheets at the start of Week 1, and be able to dive right in!

Module 2 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus!

The Mind Body Spirit Shifter: you are no good to your biz or yourself if you’re not looking after ALL 4 bodies beautiful! It’s not a big deal to do, either. Harnessing amazing? Is just about simple shifts. I want to give you a few targeted and quick to do processes I use to take care of ALL of me, things that can support you in every aspect of your fame, fortune and FREEDOM journey. x

Module 3: MONEY Freedom, Finally!

Oh YES you can make money on your terms! Gosh knows YOU know it as well, right?! So now it’s time to freaking DO it! Here’s what we’re gonna do …

  • We’ll HONE in on how you can start building your business around who YOU are, and what you want to do, finding what works for you ON YOUR TERMS and being able to ignore the rest.
  • We’ll look at who you need to be to be this person; this person who actually makes INCREDIBLE money, the way she wants, and with SO much joy!
  • I’ll help you map it all out in detail, an exact blueprint that you know you can and will follow and what needs to happen or change for it to work.
  • Of course we’ll talk the details AND the resistances around making money from your calling, your passion, your purpose, building brand you; all of it!
  • We’ll get super specific with what you need to do to match your marketing to you and to your message and the WAY you want to do stuff.
  • We’ll talk the EASIEST ways to sell high end, as well as how to sell in general!
  • And we’ll cover knowing when and how to launch, taking imperfect action, bringing things together fast!

How it will work: You’ll receive your Module 3 training at the start of Week 3, and be able to dive right in! Yep it is a lot this week, but if there’s something I EXCEL at it’s covering a LOT, simply and in a way that is fun and EASY for you to then action!

Module 3 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus!

The Ideas Machine Cheat Sheet: a biz can’t really run OR rock if you don’t know how to come up with killer ideas! Not to be TOO full of myself here, but I kinda have the ideas thing down. Let me show you how! SO fun!

Module 4: Resistance, Fear, Overwhelm, Naysayers and SABOTAGE: Let’s Smash ‘em!

Ooh this one is GOOD stuff. And SO important! Here’s what we’re looking at lovely:

  • Dealing with the partner stuff and the naysayers … yep it’s gonna get REALLY real here!
  • Productivity and getting shit done in and around your crazy life
  • How I only JUST held onto my marriage when growing my biz – and what I learned from that!
  • The pick yourself up and get to work NOW smackdown technique I use when the fear demons are trying to get me.
  • How to actually use fear to your advantage, as a light on your path to guide you FASTER to success!
  • Why procrastination is a GOOD thing, and actually a powerful tool to help you on your way.
  • Understanding your SABOTAGES, and sorting that shit out, stat!
  • And loads more super juicy stuff.

How it will work: You’ll receive your Module 4 training at the start of Week 4, and be able to dive right in! This module is SERIOUS make or break stuff to do with what it actually takes to succeed and it is the stuff that can actually KILL dreams if it’s not dealt with!

Module 4 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus!

I’m gifting you my Kick Fear’s Butt and Act NOW meditation; something I created for ME to listen to when I know I need to get over my CRAZY HEAD stuff and just do the work. This is ESSENTIAL asskickery lovely, and I know you will benefit SO much from it.

Module 5: Positioning, Branding, and Unleashing the Real You Onto the World

This week is one of the MOST fun! Details! –

  • It’s about getting super clear on you, the revolutionary and then UNLEASHING you onto the world. This means:
    • I’ll show you how to create true POWER from within, where you know what your inner gifts and true genius look like and you know how to USE them for the greater EMPOWERMENT of your community and your brand.
    • We’ll be tapping in to your inner truth, around what you stand for and what you want to be KNOWN for.
    • We’ll get you into intuition-based biz and soul-wealth creation (THAT is the good stuff!)
    • And I’ll show you how to stand out and differentiate your own ideals and rules from what the world says you must do or have in order to GROW, in order to be KNOWN, in order to EXPLODE your biz as well as your life.

How it will work: Same as every week, you’ll receive your Module 5 training at the start of Week 5, and jump right in!

Module 5 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus!

Simple, powerful TRUTH SERUM. In the form of an audio smackdown, designed to reveal the essence of who you REALLY want to show up as in the world. This is truly where self-doubt goes to die.

Module 6: Building a Tribe You LOVE, of RAVING Fans!

We’ll talk:

  • Creating a TRIBE vs a list, and why it matters to have that cult-like following … in a non-creepy way.
  • How to get massive engagement and love, making it fun for them AND you.
  • The difference between selling and ‘selling’, where one is easy, natural, effortless because it’s based on TRUTH and natural processes that are alignment-guided, and the other is uncomfortable and flat out doesn’t work.
  • How to communicate like a boss, growing your reach and your tribe day by day and seeding your subscribers to be DYING to work with you on everything you do!

How it will work: Training at the start of the week with loads of asskickery!

Module 6 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus!

The Rock Your Communication mini-training, designed specifically to help you map out a communication plan that suits YOUR style and your brand, not to message the WAY you want to message and market!

Module 7: Rapid Action, “Even When”

Truth time: it won’t always be easy to take action. Here’s how we deal with that:

  • I’ll teach you the process I use to take IMMEDIATE action, “even when“, with even when being ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that might stop or slow me! Of course we’re talking action that matters 🙂
  • We’ll talk about how easy it is to work FAST, when you know what you’re doing (and what matters!).
  • And we’ll dive deep into who you need to BE, and acting FROM not towards your dreams and goals.
  • We’ll also look at knowing in advance what is likely to work (As well as what to do when it’s NOT working).
  • And we’ll cover how to keep moving forward, constantly
  • As well as hit on the fastest ways for growth that YOU love.

How it will work: You’ll receive your Module 7 training at the start of Week 7, and be able to dive right in!

Module 7 Fame, Fortune, FREEDOM Bonus!

This one is EXTRA special for you beautiful! It’s a simple one-page PDF, on which you will find my exact Do it Fast, Do it Now daily planner. I don’t use this every day, I use it when I know I need to hustle like a PRO and get everything done all at once, if not sooner. It’s literally 90-minutes of online sweating to create about a whole week worth of work 🙂 #notforthefainthearted!

Module 8: Blowing the Roof off Your BIGGEST of Big Dreams: Stat!

It’s time to bring it home the SUCCESS SHAKE-UP WAY, and here’s how!

  • We’ll get you ready to KEEP rocking this thing by setting those BIGGER THAN BIG dreams for the next stage.
  • And we’ll make it serious by ACTIONING an insane dream.
  • We’ll do some letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve you as you continue your Success Journey.
  • And we’ll talk concepts of what is needed to take a business to 6-fgures, to multi-6, to 7 and beyond.
  • We’ll touch once more on productivity as well as strategy and what NOT to do as well as what to do.
  • And we’ll cover acting from instinct, being able to (constantly) strip away the things that don’t matter, being able to ever-dedicate more time and import to what DOES matter.
  • We’ll talk about the leaps of faith towards the ‘one day’ stuff you’ve always dreamed of doing, and what it means to REALLY step outside your comfort zone in order to create awesome.
  • And we’ll wrap it all up with an “Uplevel to Excellence” next stage mission for both your business and life, one through which you KNOW you can remain aligned, true, and stepping EVER further into the fame, fortune and MEGA freedom you desire and deserve!

How it will work: Same as usual beautiful. And this time? With bells on 🙂

The Final Bonus ,,, or is it??? 🙂

The Uplevel to Excellence audio training, created as a visualisation tool to move you NOW into the ideal you.

Are you ready gorgeous? If your heart and soul is screaming YES, then I’d love to have you … don’t worry I will get to price in a second!

Testimonials KStrunksTestimonial Sue Moore Testimonials Karen AndersonKat Gilpin


I’ll get straight to the point … I’ll try, anyway!

We’re going to be working INTENSIVELY for a full 8-week period.

It is going to be, in short, empowering, life-changing, confronting, incredible, aligning, and chock FULL of transformative work both inner and outer!

On the practical side we’re talking …

  • 8 in-depth trainings, recorded for you to access again and again.
  • Accompanying exercises and action sheets.
  • 8 weekly Q&A recordings, with additional deep dive training.
  • 8 incredible bonuses as I mapped out above.

But practical shiz? I mean that’s just the ‘details’ of what you get. What you really get, what it’s really ABOUT?

Shaking up your biz AND your life so that you NOW create the success you desire and reap the TRUE rewards of fame, fortune, and MEGA freedom!

And doing so in the MOST amazing environment of support, motivation, and accountability to do what you need to DO, that you could imagine!

So what does it cost?

What SHOULD it cost?

Well you know how these things work online! We charge what we charge, there are no ‘rules’, and really something like this could easily run into the thousands if that felt right to me! (Being straight up with you here, the planned price for this program was $1997)

Have you heard of the concept of ‘happy price’? It’s basically about listening to your gut, to decide what to charge. It’s what I teach my clients, and what I now live by, when it comes to pricing. I used to follow the ‘rules’ on pricing, and frankly it just never FELT awesome.

And part of TRUE success, fame, fortune and FREEDOM? Is it’s gotta feel awesome!

So, happy price. For this work, this time with you, my happy price is not $1997.

And it’s not, as I first thought after that, $1497 … (not yet)!

It’s very simple right now though:

For one simple payment of $697 upfront (best price) you can enrol in Success Mastery Shake-Up School. Or you can take my payment plan option which will get you start for just $257!

Please note – this is a new subscriber discount opportunity to join this amazing 8-week program to create TRUE fame, true FORTUNE, and MEGA freedom, completely on your terms! This program was originally sold for $1,997 so I’ll only be allowing LIMITED sign-ups at the $697 price. Sign up now and get started for just $697 (best price) or 3 monthly payments of $257! You’ll get immediate access to ALL content via your very own membership site!

Click on the Yellow Button to SIGN UP NOW and SAVE $300! Was $997, Now Only $697 🙂

The Unspoken Question … How to Know if This is Really For You, and if It Can Help?

Before I can answer that (and I do feel honestly that your gut will already be telling you one way or the other), something I want to share with you.

The truth is that success is derived, VERY simply, from just taking action. Doing what most won’t, so that you can live a life they can’t. One foot in front of the other, get up once more than you fall down, repeat.

Of course the REALITY is that most people just can’t seem to master this.

Fear, overwhelm, procrastination, feeling unsure of what to do or how to do it, wondering if you’re ‘good enough’ anyway – all of these things can literally ROB YOU of your chance to EVER live your dreams.

The worst thing is: you know it! And you know when you’re ALLOWING it to happen to yourself.

I’m not trying to beat up on you here. I’ve been there, just the same as you! Oh boy have I been there! I spent YEARS trying to figure out how to create the breakthrough I knew I was born for online!

I always saw myself as being a leader, a revolutionary, someone who would change the world! I knew it was possible, and I BELIEVED it was my destiny. I wanted to be a millionaire by 30, and I was sure I could do it!

But as 30 started to loom near, I literally had this ridiculous wake-up call of realising: oh shit. It’s not going to just ‘happen’.

So I got to work, and I really DID do the work.

The only thing is – nothing freaking worked! Well, I guess it did work after a fashion. I made some money online, made some progress, built a bit of a name for myself. But I also managed to end up over 100k in debt and nearly declaring bankruptcy! It seemed that for every step forward I took I seemed to slip back two more.

What was I doing wrong?

The truth is: I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I tried too hard to follow the rules.

I tried to do the right THING.

I studied internet sales and marketing, and lead gen, and I FOLLOWED.

But I didn’t learn – and nobody really told me how important it was – that the ONE THING that will make or break your success is building a business based on being YOU and sharing your true gifts with the world!

Once I got that figured out, and then also applied the INVALUABLE lessons I literally invested over $500,000 to learn form the BEST coaches in the world? I was unstoppable!

But you HAVE to have both angles.

You also have to be willing to do the work, the REAL work, of moving beyond your comfort zone and putting yourself out there in a way that people want to HEAR.

I’ve BEEN where you are. I know what it’s like to wonder if you will EVER make it; if you’ll ever breakthrough, if your stuff is any good and if anybody even likes you!

I know what it’s like to invest tens of thousands of dollars in coaching and study, and not see the return.

I know what it’s like to QUESTION whether you’re completely insane, to have the arguments with your partner again and again about what you’re doing, to wonder if you can hold on for even a single more day!

But I also know what it’s like to breakthrough.

I know what it’s like to go from making $0 online to making over $100,000, then over $200,000 per MONTH online.

I know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up, hand over fist. I know what it’s like to launch over 100 online products – I know what works and what doesn’t!

And most of all I know what it’s like to finally feel the joy of KNOWING you are doing what you are called to do, sharing your true message with the world, making not only the MONEY but also the difference you were BORN to make.

To me the greatest blessing is not that I now have a multi-million dollar (and growing) business, or even that I can choose to live location free, traveling the world in fine style with my kids. Nor is it that my name is becoming ‘known’ and I have some online fame and a brand I feel proud of.

To me the GREATEST reward of all my hard work and perseverance is that I get to live with complete FREEDOM and I get to do what I love and share my true message with amazing women like you. It’s that I get to help others press play and live THEIR dreams, just as I’ve created mine.

I would love to help you too to create the freedom based business and life of your dreams.

To create TRUE fame, true fortune and the MEGA freedom based biz and life you so thoroughly deserve.

Which is why, of course, we’re here! And it’s why I made you this:

It’s very simple:

You want results, you want results now, and you’re willing to do the work.

But it goes beyond that, really, doesn’t it? I could state all the obvious stuff about ‘not expecting any magic bullet solutions’, and ‘taking ownership of your results’, and so on.

I think that’s all a given.

Here is who this is really for:

This is for the women who know they were born for something BIGGER than big.

You have a calling, you’ve always felt it, and you’re ready to finally live INTO that calling.

At times your dreams seem impossible, arrogant, outrageous even! But the truth is – you believe them.

You see yourself born to MAKE millions as well as to INFLUENCE millions, and you KNOW you will get there.

You’re a natural born leader, a revolutionary even, and you’re not afraid to make waves.

You BELIEVE in something, you have a MESSAGE, and you want to share it with the world.

But right now, you feel stuck. You feel like you just need to find that missing link to bring it all together and you could just EXPLODE with not only your income, but your reach, your brand, the very IMPRINT you are leaving on the world.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and you wanna know it – now!


You know you need to make a true commitment, because the truth is, even though you at times kid yourself otherwise, you’ve been playing small. You’ve been shirking the REAL work you need to do; telling yourself that you’re still not sure, or you don’t know how.

Well perhaps this is true, to an extent, and so we’ll fix that. But what is also true is that for you to get to where you need to go you need to take the leap of faith to do the work even WHEN you don’t know how.

And you’re ready.

You are finally READY to step ALL the way up and to create the life you were born for, called for, and know you can have.

You are ready to LEAD.

You’re ready to UNLEASH the real you on the world.

You’re ready to stop PRETENDING you’re okay with normal when you know you were born for awesome.

You want someone to guide you, yes, to point you on path, to give you the red hot truth on what works, but also to kick your ass and keep you accountable when you hide from yourself.

I will be that person.

But most of all? You want to kick your OWN ass, because the truth is?

You were born for this. And now you’re going to own it.

Testimonial suzy ashworthBreanna Blackman

So IS Success Mastery Shake-Up School for You Then?

It’s very simple:

I know you were born to lead! And I want to see you leading.

I know you were born to be RICH. And I want to see it happen.

I know you were born to help OTHERS fly, and I know you know that too.

I know YOU were born to fly, and gorgeous?

I know it’s your time.

The only question, really, is do you?




Then Get Started NOW!

For three monthly payments of $257, you can get started with Success Mastery Shake-Up School. Or you can pay one simple payment of $697 upfront.

 This is a new subscriber discount opportunity to join this amazing 8-week program to create TRUE fame, true FORTUNE, and MEGA freedom, completely on your terms for just one payment of $697 OR 3 monthly payments of $257! This program was originally sold for $1,997 so I’ll only be allowing LIMITED sign-ups at the $697 price. Sign up now and get started for just $697 (best price) or take the payment plan option and get started for just 3 monthly payments of $257! You’ll get immediate access to ALL content via your very own membership site!

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My “Hell Yeah SUPER No Brainer Offer!” Aka. There is a Money-Back Guarantee. But first, a ‘disclaimer’ …

I’m a very big fan of standing by your word. This means, when you commit to something, that you do it ALL out and you follow through. For this reason I never normally offer money-back guarantee’s. I’d rather people just don’t buy if they’re not sure! And I still ask the same of you here; I do NOT want you to buy if any part of you thinks it might not be for you!

But I also know this is a significant investment, and I want you to feel safe. I KNOW you will find the immense and incredible transformative value in this program, and for that reason I’m offering that if you fully participate in the program, and provide evidence of such, then there is a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee. However my disclaimer in saying that is if you are not ALL OUT DETERMINED to rock this time, to show up and do the work, to give it your all and to take OWNERSHIP for your results, then do not join.

You’d be wasting my time, AND yours.

Oh, and I think I mentioned? More bonuses! Just because I really want to knock your socks off and give you EVERYTHING you need to unleash the TRUE fame, fortune, and FREEDOM you deserve!

So, I asked myself: what would make this just so damn awesome that you basically couldn’t help yourself?! Must practice what I preach, right?? 😉 besides which, let’s face it: I want you to have all the tools you could possibly need to EXPLODE your success journey in just 8 weeks, in your biz AND your life!

So I’m adding in the following VERRRRRY nice extras for you!

BONUS #1: Facebook Ads that WORK Laser Training!

This to the point training is going to show you exactly what to do and exactly HOW to do it, in terms of running low-cost effective Facebook Ads that get your goodness out there STAT, and make you moolah, baby!

BONUS #2: Social Media MAGIC Laser Training!

I’m doing a special training for you on how to ROCK your social media, how to choose the right platform for you, and how to use it to grow your income AND your list for FREE, in just a few minutes a day!

BONUS #3: Membership Program LASER Training!

I’ll take you through the exact process I used to create a multi 5-figure per month income in just 1-2 hours a week with a membership program, and help you come up with ideas and a plan for your own!

BONUS #4: Signature Program LASER Training!

We’ll nut out and then ROCK out your signature program, something you can use again and again to automate your income, and we’ll talk the FASTEST way to bring this offering to life!

BONUS #5: Automated CASHFLOW Laser Training!

And speaking of automation, we will get you SORTED with a breakdown of how you can create automated income and leverage your creations and offers from the get-go!

Shit’s Getting EXTRA Awesome!

What are you waiting for gorgeous? Success Mastery SHAKE-Up School is here and with the incredible content! Success won’t have an option: it’s yours!

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For three monthly payments of $257, you can get started with Success Mastery Shake-Up School. Or you can pay one simple payment of $697 upfront.

Please note – This is a new subscriber discount opportunity to join this amazing 8-week program to create TRUE fame, true FORTUNE, and MEGA freedom, completely on your terms for just one payment of $697 OR 3 monthly payments of $257! This program was originally sold for $1,997 so I’ll only be allowing LIMITED sign-ups at the $697 price. Sign up now and get started for just $697 (best price) or take the payment plan option and get started for just 3 monthly payments of $257! You’ll get immediate access to ALL content via your very own membership site!

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What are you waiting for??!

Bianca Aiono Robertson


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Click on the Yellow Button to SIGN UP NOW and SAVE $300! Was $997, Now Only $697 🙂

Quick Quotes from my Kickass Community!

Suzy AshworthSince going to my one day intensive with Kat, I have banked an additional $2000USD in just 5 days. Thanks for the kick in the pants! Thank you for helping me believe that it is possible .. and for showing me how!

Michelle Hanson AlconYou’ve given me the inspiration and courage to believe I can make the laptop lifestyle a reality, a doable framework for growing a community, the ‘aha’ that those who give the most win. I could go on:) Most grateful!

Stephanie DavisThe realness of what it is to do it, and seriously just do it.

Katy Moses HugginsWhat I find most helpful is your emphasis on taking action and forward movement. I feel like it is so easy to feel just overwhelmed with ideas and the process of creation. And instead of getting swamped, I find your techniques refreshing – just move, just get out there, just do something. It doesn’t have to be perfectly polished, it just needs to move and gather momentum and can be honed as it goes. That’s the core message in everything I’m hearing from you and the lesson that I most need to hear right now.

Renee ShupeThank you for the regular and real reminders to be yourself and the focus on doing what is the most important to me before anything else and just get it done!

Heidi LidholmFor anyone sitting on the fence about working with Kat 1-on-1 – i say for GO FOR it!! Last September I did a VIP day with Kat – she called my bluff on what I needed to let go of THE MOST in my business (it was making me high income at the time) because it was draining me and it wasn’t in alignment with what I really, really wanted and then she identified my truth – Kat hit the nail on the head. She got it. I was too afraid to say it out loud and she did it for me. Fast forward to November I had the absolute privilege of joining Kat on her retreat – this was business and life elevation at its highest. During this time everything changed for me and for the first time I got to concentrate on me – what I wanted, what I envision for myself and business, what I value and then how I can go about creating it.” So ‪Kat to answer your question you helped me to get into alignment and OWN how i truly want to show up in the world. You saw it before I had the balls to own it. And beyond that you continue to make trainings that I adore! They rev me up, motivate me and get me excited about stepping up into the business I envision for myself! Thank you so much!!

Ellie Burscough I said years ago I wanted to make $1m then I decided against it. All the proof I had around me of people making that amount of money or more weren’t my people and it seemed stressful and unachievable with the lifestyle I wanted. You’ve shown me that’s not true and that I can aim high again.

Leesa Klich – Thanks for the inspiration to JFDI (because I can!); and courage to just try things!

Selina BoshorinYou’ve given me confidence and not being afraid to own and rock who you are with flair and fabulousness – you definitely stand as an example of someone who knows who they are, is totally real and respects the gifts and genius of others- you do it and do it

Final Words!

Here’s what this is really about lovely –

You already know your dreams are possible.

I don’t think you’d have read this far if you didn’t … right?

So the only question is:

Does THIS feel like what you need?

If it’s an augh I think so okay I know so but what if this what if that?!

That’s a yes.

And if it’s a no, well that’s a no, and that’s fine.

But here is what I know about when your soul says yes.

It doesn’t always shout it.

Sometimes it does!

But often there is a NERVOUS energy, an anxiety even!

That’s a GOOD thing. It shows you care. It shows you know you are stepping UP.

So are you? Are you ready to step up? are you ready to do the real work, deep within, to become who you know you need to be?

Because if you are?

I can help.

And if you are?

THIS will help.

And if you are?

Then honey it’s time.

Join Success Mastery Shake-Up School TODAY, and say yes to you. 

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x








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Click on the Yellow Button to SIGN UP NOW and SAVE $300! Was $997, Now Only $697 🙂

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