Success Mindset

SPEED UP SUCCESS! 10 Ways to GTF Over Yourself and DO IT NOW.

It’s supposed to be FUN, you know. This whole business branding YOU thing … sharing your true message with the world … making a helluva lot of money, YES, but also a helluva’n impact doing what you were called to DO, so you can have it all, on your terms, NOW.


It’s not like you CAME here just to make money … or even to get famous … or even JUST to make a difference.

Be honest!

You want it all.
You want it now.
You want it on your terms.

YES you want the money.
YES you want to know you’re creating TRANSFORMATION.
YES you want automation, leverage, visibility; the works!

But why do you want that stuff?

NOT why does the internet marketing or rest of the online world want that stuff! Why do YOU want that stuff?

Because you believe in success.
You believe you CAN have it all.
You believe that whatever you dream of, you CAN achieve.
You believe that so long as you’re willing to DO THE WORK you can bring your EVERY true dream and desire to life.
And you ARE willing to do the work!

Aren’t you?

So let me ask you again –

Why is it you ACTUALLY want the money –

The fame –


Don’t worry, I’ll answer for the both of us!

Because you know that you can, but more than that:

You know you were born for it.

So if you believe –
In success.

And you believe –
In having it all.

And you believe –
That if you just do the WORK, do what it takes, no matter what it takes and UNTIL it takes.

And if you believe (and KNOW!) –
That you were born for creating all of this ON YOUR TERMS and that your true message is an extension of the true YOU … and I know we didn’t SAY that but I also know you KNOW it –

Then why the fuck aren’t you just letting it happen?


And for how much longer would you like to keep on holding the life you were BORN for and know you can have at arms length?

Is there really any good REASON to be doing so in the first place?

Or is it simply a matter (and I know this is hard to admit, but please – admit it!) of the fact that you’re letting FEAR rule you. You’re letting UNCERTAINTY rule you. And when all is said and done you just don’t have the HABIT of creating true success, on your terms.

Can I tell you how to make success a habit?

How to GTF over yourself (today!) about whether or not what you dream of is possible or allowed for you, and just make it happen?

How to SIMPLIFY and stop spending so much time and energy running around trying to do ALL THE THINGS when there are really only a few things you need to do – diligently and daily – to get to your goals?

I can?



Newsflash: everything you dream of is NOT going to happen unless you actually – SPECIFICALLY – know what your dream is. A feeling and a general sense is GREAT but how’s that working out for you? When was the last time you wrote down PRECISELY what you want to BE, DO, and HAVE, in a way that is clear where anybody could understand what you mean by it?

Do it today.


Part of the problem is a fear of voicing your true desires because they’re too big! And scary! And who are YOU to want to live like that or think you can! Well guess what – YOU can have whatever you set your mind to, but it’s not going to happen by fucking accident just because you OCCASIONALLY fantasise about how awesome it COULD be.

You want it, you need to state it in detail and then you need to OWN that you are allowed it, own also that you WANT it (be fucking honest about how insanely epic your desires are!), and own also that you ARE GOING TO GET IT.

In other words: get over all your bullshit about wanting it all and what other people or even YOU think about that.


Honestly, just owning it and knowing what IT is will set you on path (so long as you do both regularly) but it also makes sense and will speed shit UP to work backwards from GETTING it so you can figure out what to DO to get it.

The simplest way? If you were already there, what are the habits, disciplines, one offs and beliefs you’d have had to cultivate and act on to get there? Do those.


Yes, DAILY. I.e. Do #1 and #2 from above daily.

Don’t have time or feel like ‘how can that be necessary’?

Fine. Get back in the normal box, success ain’t for you.


When it’s not working –

Or you don’t get the response you want –

Or you get SCARED

Or someone tells you you’re doing it wrong –

REFUSE TO BACK DOWN, settle, or conform. Know your beliefs. Know your desires. Stick to them.

Doing #4 will keep you in the frame of mind to be ABLE to do this.


It is GOING to hurt. You are GOING to bleed. You are GOING to sweat blood and tears. And?? Did you come here for results? Okay then! Keep on keeping on, and trust in the PROCESS not the results of a single day or even week or month or longer. You either believe and you’re in it for life, or you don’t and you may as well quit now.


DAILY intention setting.
DAILY repetition of your goals and desires.
DAILY ‘seeing yourself’ as already being there.
DAILY surrounding yourself with people who believe as big as you, for themselves as well as you (aka ‪#‎thetribeofrevolutionaryfuckingleaders‬)
DAILY in some way shape or form creating in your mind what you wish to create in physical reality.

ALL your results begin in your mind so if you’re not creating actively in there then whatever you HAVE is a result of what you’re creating accidentally in there.


Success doesn’t have to be drawn out. You can change things in a MOMENT. PUSH.


If it hurts then PUSH ON IT. Do what it TAKES. No matter what it takes. Challenge yourself to SMASH YOUR GOALS and stop believing the bullshit about how long it has to take but also be willing to ENDURE what it DOES take.


Never quit.

Never back down.

Never give in.

Never sway.

BECOME the person for whom success is non-negotiable. Train your mind, your heart, your soul, your physical self, your every CELL to do the work, to be the work, to ASSUME the result.

Success is a result of who you ARE, not what you DO, so if you’re serious about lifelong awesome then simply BE SOMEONE FOR WHOM THAT IS HOW THEY LIVE.

Not for a day.

Or a week.

Or because you’re doing a bootcamp or something.

But for the rest. of. your. life.