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The fastest way to get what you want more than anything is to hand it over, completely let go, surrender the entire shebang, and move on with the business of being you.

It’s infuriating (on first thought at least) but true – the more fully you let go of something, the faster you submit it to God and higher self, but FULLY, the faster you can expect it to show up in your life.

It makes total logical sense, actually, because submission by definition is a TRUST exercise.

I trust that I will be taken care of.
That I will receive what I need.
That everything will work together for my good.
That most likely what will happen is better even than my wildest yet always LIMITED human imaginings!

A powerful statement I saw on Instagram a day or so back – on Snoop’s feed! – said something to the effect that what God is calling you towards is infinitely greater than what he is asking you to walk away from.

Wow!! Chills, right? I felt ’em. And not just because Snoop is the best.

Trust knows that there is nothing to be concerned about, that our only job is to be who we were born to be in God, and draw daily ever nearer to truth, and true guidance, and that WORRYING only ever results in very very reduced outcomes. Usually outcomes which come at the cost of inner peace, happiness, and joy!

Trust therefore has NO HESITATION IN LETTING GO.

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