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Success Mindset


You’re stagnant.


You know what you need to do, too, don’t you?


Not so easy?

Don’t feel like it?

Don’t know where to start?

Overwhelmed? Unsure? STUCK? Skin all shiny and hair lookin’ like cotton candy as well?!

Don’t worry. I’ve GOT you.

But first (and actually, this is what you KNOW you gots to get) –

A SMACKDOWN, if you will.

You will???!


You feel this way for a reason, and you SHOULD be fucking grateful for it. It’s a sign, a missive, a mission, a calling, a WARNING, and one you better heed, and here is what it has to say to you:


You wanna feel empowered, lit up, supercharged, on FIRE, in creative flow, and FREE? Damn straight you SHOULD! But if you don’t, you’re not, and it seems like a million years and a hundred thousand tears ago that you ever DID, then there’s only one thing for it –

Time to acknowledge where you’re not listening.
You’re doing shit for the sake of doing shit, sure you might be ‘hustlin”, ‘creating’, ‘showing up’, but if you’re honest about it? It all just feels kind of bleeeeugghhhhh.

You’ve become distracted again, haven’t you?


Pretty little.

Fancy little.

Fluffy little.

SO-called happy little.

SURFACE based.


“If I do this and this and this and THIS, and get it just right and just so, and oh – !”

And you prance and dance for a moment, as you convince yourself for even LESS than that that you’ve GOT it, this is IT, the SOLUTION, the next step, what’s gonna get you paid, or followed, or famed, and yes – !

And then?

Oh GOD no!
How did I even …?
When did I start …?
What on earth convinced me that …?
And for the love of God and all things Bordeaux, when did I last feel like the WHIRLING DERVISH BADASS BEATCH I AM?

Only one thing for it my fellow revolutionary fucking MESSENGER | LEADER | CRAZY MOFO CREATOR YOU –

Time to tear it all down again.

Time to tear shit UP again.

Time to ROAR and RAGE and BLEED and SWEAT and FUME and RELEASE, release, release, RELEASE –

Whatever the fuck it is that ACTUALLY NEEDS TO COME OUT NOW.



SO good, right?!


And here is what else –



Fucking EVER.


DO shit again for the sake of doing shit, mmmkay?

That doesn’t work! You know it doesn’t work! Why do you keep trying to make it work?! Why do we DO that?

I dunno. Gluttons for punishment, perhaps, but whatEVER, either way, now you’ve been smacked awake again, and the good thing about THAT is that once you know you can’t UNknow.

It is what it is.
That’s HOW it is.
And you best now be DEALING with what it is.

The ‘HOW’ of that is quite simple, as well, isn’t it?

A simple matter of tuning the fuck in, and asking – 

‘Where have I not been honouring my soul?’

‘What does my soul TRULY desire?’

‘What would I be DOING right now, if it were all about fun and flow?’

‘What would I be SELLING right now, if it were all about fun and flow?’

‘What would I be TEARING THE FUCK UP right now, if it were all about fun and flow?’

‘What would I be WALKING AWAY FROM right now, if it were all about fun and flow?’

Hmmm? Hmmm!

YOU know.

And you remind yourself, you remind yourself, as you dive into your journal and WAY into your soul, you REMIND yourself that if it doesn’t include GETTIN’ A LITTLE CRAZY, A LITTLE FUCKED UP, A LITTLE CHAOTIC AND WEIRD AND RANDOM AND DOING IT ‘CAUSE YOU CAN’T NOT, THEN YOU DON’T WANT ANY PART OF IT.

You RE power.

You RE claim.

You RE affirm.

All that you are.
All that you know you’re meant to be.
All you’ve NOT been being.

And with this SIMPLE decision, or string of thoughts, or sure, perhaps painful as fuck extrication of the soul into your journal, you become STRAIGHTER, you become TALLER, you become BOLD once more, you are LIFTED and LIGHT, and READY, and you REALISE –


Of COURSE I’ve felt so bleugh.
Of COURSE I have felt so stagnant.
Of COURSE I’ve been eating shit, drinking too much, mindlessly fucking around on the internet, COASTING.
Of course I look and feel somewhere between a potato chip and a bloated white pale fish!

And in a MOMENT, a single fucking MOMENT, the switch flicks – BANG!

And you’re free.
Once more.
Once more.
To BE.
Once more.

Now with every second that passes, you are picking up pace, you feel your superpowers click in, is it real, can it be, am I back, is it back again, you don’t want to get cocky about it at first, maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but oh YESSSSSS – it’s fucking HERE and it’s ME and I am IT and WATCH ME ROAR. Now you’re running, you’re running faster, and faster, and faster, people all around you are being brought to a FURIOUS and sudden stop, they’re magnetized by you, they don’t know WHAT the fuck is going on, but they can’t look away, and suddenly running turns into FLYING and you are IN –

The superflow lane baby.
Where creativity and FIRE and IDEAS and TRUTH and ALL knowing and wisdom and power are INFINITE and just THERE –
With you
And you
With them

You KNOW, in this place, that you’re unstoppable.
You KNOW, in this space, that you won’t BE stopped.
You KNOW, in this place, that you are COMPLETELY fucking certain – 

Of who you are

What you must do

And EVERYTHING that was ALWAYS available to you the entire.fucking.time.

The weight is lifted
The cloud gone
The heaviness? What heaviness!

And now

It’s a choice but also a RESPONSIBILITY, to stay in this place, to stay in this space, to KEEP ON FLYING.

But don’t be scared!
Don’t be alarmed!
Don’t be FEARFUL that it will be too hard, you can’t, WHAT IF YOU SLIP OUT OF IT.


Right now.

In this moment.

YES it feels fragile, but sometimes the things which appear most fragile are also the things with the greatest of strength.


OWN it.

Now show it to the world.



Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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