The more you’re not sure what to do, the more you need to stop,

drop all the thinking, figuring out, worrying, and endlessly searching on how to get places,

and roll ALL the gee darn way into the depths of your own soul, your deepest and most connected place, the truest you, the place where you are in absolute BEING of you.

You know –

the place where you are certain.

There is ZERO doubt.

The way is clear,


and even though you don’t necessarily yet have what you want, and you still don’t know all the things you gotta do to get there,

you feel free

you feel peace

you feel EXCITEMENT, because once again possibility is unlocked and it’s just –


Of course I am going to do this thing!

Of course I will beco

me this thing!

Of course I will step into this thing, and then wear it all about town with bells on!

The pricing you can’t figure out

The next level money flow you can’t seem to anchor into

The soulmate private clients you’d love to be working with, and know you should!

The soul certainty around the best ways to get your existing offers out into the world on repeat, on how or when to add to them

The crystal clear clarity you long for around next moves to make or take in your relationship

The peace around the relationship you don’t yet have showing up

The peace around the YOU you’ve not yet met showing up

Tell me what you want, tell me every last little thing you want and that your soul LONGS for, and I will tell you where to find every.last.bit of it.

I will tell you that when you look outside of you, even in the most supposedly ‘soul aligned’ places, when you say to yourself “I’m gonna get on the frequency of THAT!” –

the money frequency

the love frequency

the hot AF body frequency

the soulmate biz | life | whatever frequency – !


It is not a frequency EXTERNAL to you to align yourself with, and in doing so to somehow magnetically pull these things in to you, and then make them part of you.

It is a frequency that already exists IN you,

and actually –

you in it.

Because the place where ALL of what you want exists, is in the deepest and truest and most – ahhhhhhh. Relaxed into beingness parts of you.

And as much as it is in you, yes you are in IT. Because it can’t exist without you, it can’t be physically birthed without the unlocking of that true you. Do you get that?!

The magic key is and always was you letting go and free-falling into you.

Setting an intention perhaps, saying a prayer of course, DECIDING and in doing so anchoring in that choice you want, and then?

Handing it over because you KNOW it’s gonna show up for you (duh), this or something better is just how your life WORKS, and the place it pops up, taps you on the shoulder, and says ‘yo, girl, here I am’?


So when you’re not certain.

And you don’t know how.

And you are FRUSTRATED, with the endlessness of it all.

And you just wanna be there now, you’re willing to do the work God damnit; just show me what that work IS – !


DROP any and all thinking.


Use movement. Or breath. Or writing. Or singing. Or screaming. Or dance. Or just deciding. Or fun. Or play. Or anger. Or an arm wrestle! Or your journal. Or just the simple freakin’ fact that you’re tired with all this push, and you KNOW there’s another way.

Use whatever you need, but just refuse to do ANYTHING, refuse to make another move, until.you.feel.that.drop.

This is the way.

This is the only way …

Now remember, sister, you’ve GOT this, and?