STOP F*CKING TRYINGYour trying makes me sick.

Let’s be honest –

it makes YOU sick.

All this sicophantic… what?

Wishing? Wanting? Hoping?

Let’s call it as it is.

Begging. Pleading. Emploring.

Please. Let me belong. Let me be enough. Let me be seen.


It’s disgusting.

And for what?

So you can prove your worth, your place, your right to keep playing here, your right to BE?

Don’t make me laugh.


And bleed, pieces of my soul, right out on the floor.

Or sure, do it

Give me more fodder to draw on

To dig my claws into

As I watch the last remaining bits of YOU


And become


Nothing at all

Not that they ever really were

Your trying is vile


An abomination to art

But most of all

It’s an abomination to YOU

The you who never knew how NOT to be

And yet still

Did not

So, yeah…

Keep on NOT

that makes sense

That’s good

Or at least

It’s something alright.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


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