Success Mindset

Stop Making it So Freaking Difficult!


Have you ever stopped to wonder how simple and just BEAUTIFUL your life could be if you stopped working so hard to do the right thing?

If you threw out the rules on business … On making money … On getting in shape … On HAPPINESS

On every little and big thing you right now believe you HAVE to do?

Just imagine! – Creating new products and programs and offerings from a place of complete soul alignment rather than ‘what will sell’ … Having a sales and marketing ‘system’ that actually FEELS right, not forced, based in truth and authenticity and just really, you being you …

Listening to your body about what you need, right now, and what you don’t … Making up your OWN mind before blindly adhering to ANYTHING, whether it be how you ‘have’ to do social media, how a sales page must look, what a program should include, how your website has to be, how things must be delivered.

For heavens sakes! When did it become okay for other PEOPLE to write YOUR blueprint of how your life should be lived?! And more than that – When did YOU become so blinded to your own intuitive KNOWLEDGE about what you need for yourself, your business, your life, to the point where you’re now running around, hands outstretched, wearing a freaking blindfold that YOU PUT ON and asking for somebody to show you the light?! You wanna see the light?

Then open your eyes!

You already have everything inside of you that you need to succeed …

You KNOW when you are doing your best work and when you’re not …

Your body gives you FEEDBACK when you are pushing in the wrong way, trying too hard, forcing the point, trying to make. things. work.

And what happens, when you ignore that feedback? They don’t bloody well work, do they?!


Here’s an idea, and this is for me as much as it is for you, I promise you that I too find myself caught up in this never ending SHIT-STORM of trying to do the right thing, get to the next stage, breakthrough, get ahead, before I break the complete fuck down –

Why don’t we all just start listening to OURSELVES when it comes to what must be done in our own lives?

All of those rules, the ways things are done, the systems that do work for others? They’re just rules, ideas, systems made by other people.

YOU also are a person, right?


This is not about defiance …

Or being a REBEL, unless by rebel you simply mean somebody who trusts their internal guidance and paves the way …

It’s not about deliberately trying to upset the apple cart.

It is, quite simply, about being a leader.

About being YOU as a leader.

And realising that leaders? They lead.

I know. It’s kind of ridiculous.

This idea, all these ideas that the ‘way it is done’ is the way it MUST be done. And you know that this applies to anything and to EVERYTHING.

To improving your health and fitness …

To having great quality relationships …

To how much sleep you need …

To how a sales page should look (if it should even exist at all!) …

To how a website should look (if you even need one!) …

To what sort of emails you should send, and how often …

To what a program must include, and where it should be hosted and how it must be rolled out …

To the way you brand and market yourself …

To what has to be in your funnel …

Really, when you follow all of this stuff, what you’re saying deep down or maybe not so deep down at all is this –

I don’t trust myself to make good decisions for me.

I need somebody else to tell me how life must be lived.

I’m scared.

I’m a follower.

I prefer the road well traveled.

Beyond that, what you’re saying, is that you want to know in advance how it will all turn out and so therefore you need to follow the same path that others have taken because THAT way you will GET THERE.

There’s just one teeny tiny freaking HUGE problem with this beautiful – It doesn’t work that way. Somebody messaged me yesterday asking if, if she joins my Biz Smackdown Intensive, I can guarantee she’ll be making 5k a month by November.

Of course I can’t guarantee that! Heck, I could move in with her and give her my entire business model, my team, my very brain and STILL not be able to guarantee that.

The reason MY stuff works so well is because I’m being ME! I can give you the exact tools and strategies in the world that I use, and I do, but YOU STILL NEED TO BE YOU, and that is the REAL thing I teach my clients.

Connect the dots just don’t work when it comes to business, money, life. So why do you keep acting as though, if you could only find the right SYSTEM, the right PATH to follow, you’ll finally figure it all out?! It’s not going to happen.

Not now, not EVER, if by happen you think that rolling out a SYSTEM is what will get you to that magic place of – well. Whatever your magic place is.

Wanna know how you DO find the magic?

If you’re a leader, start leading. If you’re somebody who has a calling, start following it. If you know your purpose, your passion, or even if you don’t but you KNOW THAT IT IS NOT THIS, then start living it. If you have a message, share it.

Do it, all of it, your way.



The very best thing about life, ALL of life in business and outside of it?

You get to choose!

You have a CHOICE, every single step of the way!

And nothing – NOTHING – that anybody else says is right, or works, or is the way things must be done, has to actually be so for YOU.

I mean really – Do you actually believe that anybody else out there is more qualified than YOU to decide what is right for you? I can tell you that there is only one ‘system’ you need to follow if you want to create true and lasting success, in all ways, and on your terms – It’s the one that is already inside of you. Now yes.

You may very well choose to learn ‘strategy’ and ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ and ‘lead gen’ and anything else that you feel you want to know more about. Certainly I teach this stuff, in spades, to my clients. But I do so with the PROVISO that you still have to figure it out for YOU. There is NOTHING that can guarantee you results, if by results you mean definite income, growth, etc. No system, no process, no PLAN. But I can tell you what will guarantee you DON’T make the money, create the business, live the life, and that is this – Ignore that inner voice.

Don’t listen when you feel like something is just not RIGHT.

PUSH THROUGH when something feels unnatural, out of alignment, just plain wrong, particularly if somebody you admire or look up to is doing it because THAT MEANS IT MUST BE RIGHT.

Make your decisions based on (so-called) logic, and following the rules, and based on what the rest of the world is doing. Ignore your gut. Deliberately become NON intuitive because you prefer to follow a proven path.

Keep looking for that one system, step, strategy, magic bullet.

Hey – you’ve got 80 years or so here, right? Plenty of time. OR. You could decide. Right now.

That this whole following the rules and doing what ‘must be done’ thing kinda blows. That it’s just not really who you are. And that who you are is WHOEVER YOU ARE. And that whilst yes, it might be nice, helpful, ADD TO what you’re doing to understand certain sales and marketing and growth strategies that all of that is just a SUPPLEMENT to you being you.

And that when you treat it like the main meal? It’s pretty damn pointless if not downright harmful. Here’s the thing. It would be nice, REAL nice, if there were a set path for us all to take to reach success.

Like good little lemmings we could all follow in each other’s footsteps, one after another, left, right, left, right, left, right, oh FUCK!

And really? That’s how the world at large lives, isn’t it?

Schooling, tertiary, more tertiary, job, better job, advanced job, premier job, marriage, house, cars, annual trip, the right friends, the right hobbies, the right weekend outings, follow this, do that, next this, now that, invest, grow, move forward, save, advance, keep going, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, soon you’ll get there, march onwards good soldier, left, right, left, right, it will be worth it, left, right, left right, keep pushing, left, right, left, right, don’t stop! And then one day?

Oh fuck.

Just like all the other good little lemmings you self destruct right off the cliff into – Well. Let’s not go there. Now in the entrepreneurial world we tend to think we’re different. We don’t follow the normal path!

We’re proud of that!


We think outside the square.

We live on OUR terms!

Or do we –

Business idea, credibility, pretty website, about page, the right optin, start blogging, start a newsletter, a video blog, a podcast, write an ebook, create a program, join the right groups, make sales pages, have a facebook page, create shareable images, be active on social media, join this course, this mastermind, do a video launch, do a series based launch, keep going, move forward, follow this, do that, next this, now that, invest, grow, advance, keep going, left, right, left, right, left, right – You tell me.

Is the path you’re following right now leading to oh FREEDOM or oh fuck? Are you waking up every day feeling motivated, alive, inspired, KNOWING that right now you are being you and doing it ALL OUT? Or are you stuck. Blindfolded. Hands tied. Chained to the path that one must follow if one must succeed? You do know who put those chains on, don’t you?


Look inside beautiful.

Look ALL around.

There is NOTHING right now that you HAVE to be doing.

The way others got there does not have to be the way YOU get there, IF in fact they are actually there in the first place.

YOU are allowed to listen in to your inner guidance about how to run your business and how to live your life.

YOU are allowed to CREATE rules.

You are allowed to LEAD.

You are allowed to do things YOUR way.

You MUST question.

You must CHOOSE.

Because the reality is you always ARE choosing, aren’t you?

And at the end of the day if you can’t reach the end of THIS day and know that it was a damn fine day where you were being completely YOU?

Then what was the point of it at all? Seriously. Stop making things so freaking hard for yourself.

[pq] Stop FOLLOWING when you were born to lead. [/pq]

Stop running scared when you already HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

Choose YOU.

Do it NOW.


Trust that you will make the right choice. LISTEN IN, not out.

Create your OWN way.

Give yourself permission for it to be easy.

It’s allowed.

It’s okay.

And more than that?

It’s the only way.


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