Success Mindset


“It’s fucking EASY to make money!” I said. “Seriously! People don’t realise how easy it is! I know it sounds kind of made up … or I guess too good to be true … but it really is just that simple, and it WORKS. This will work.”

“Well, it’s what you’re already doing”, he said … “so yeah, I believe you. But it does sound kind of made up for sure”

I shrugged, and picked up the cables for the next set –

“Just wait. We’re GOING to do it”

Well, we are going to do it and we will do it, in fact it starts next week (my new show with two of my crazy AF ALSO to create and perform friends), and it WILL be fucking easy to monetize as well.

I know this because I know HOW to monetize great content and art, but it’s not like I have any special magical skills that make this available for ME and not for you.

If you’re here, and you resonate with what I do, and you KNOW you have natural creative talent; a message to share with the world, then know this:

It’s fucking easy for you to make money.
Like … DAMN easy.

The question is not whether or not this is true, and the question is also not HOW, the question is actually nothing to do with money at ALL, in fact if you’re asking ‘how do I make money’ you’re so far off the track you probably don’t even realise there IS a track!

Me talking about how easy it is to make money and outlining in about 75 seconds precisely how we’re gonna do that is not because we sat down and tried to come up with an idea for a side hustle. In fact, we’ve been planning this show out for about 5 weeks, waiting for me to get back from the US so we can start, and not ONCE has money been mentioned.

What the show is? The Truth About Men and Women and Sex.

What we’re gonna talk about? Well I guess some inappopropriate shit for sure! But really … whatever comes up. It’s not like only footy is discussed on The Footy Show. The message and the art will go where it needs to, as it always does, IF you make space for.

And as to why we’re doing it? Because we were at breakfast and having the most hilarious conversation ever, and realised, firstly, how damn selfish it was not to be SHARING that with people, and secondly, how FUN it is to just create epic new shit.

All I ever wanted to do, really, was create epic shit and have a damn good time doing it. WITH purpose, of course!

But make money?
Get rich?

Well … yes! Not gonna lie. I’ve always wanted those things, or, more so, I’ve always known they would be part of my story. It’s just been a given, for as long as I could remember, that that’s my pathway. But where I screwed it UP, where so many people screw it up, where YOU might be screwing it up right now, and finding yourself so damn FRUSTRATED that you just can’t seem to make shit work, is if you’re trying to do what you think you needa do to get paid.

Set money goals, of COURSE.
Write that shit down and know and trust that because you DO, it will come to life. What you write becomes real, fact!

But then? Aligned action, baby. Art. Creativity. Passion. Purpose. Calling. And, of COURSE – outrageous amounts of slightly inappropriate fun, if that’s your thing 

The conversation at the start of this blog was this morning in the gym with one of my co-hosts, Matt. Later on today my other new co-host, Steve, and me went on a beach walk and spent about 90 minutes just getting into TRUTH on what matters.

Your job as a CREATOR, as a messenger, as one born to be in some form on the world’s stage, is to follow the flow of that art. Take the silly or funny or inspiring parts of you and stop selfishly hiding it, or sharing only with your friends and family or personal clients. LET THE MADNESS OUT. All we’re gonna be doing with our new show is taking our behind the scenes conversations, the day to day normal stuff, where we really ARE quite amusing, if we do say so, and putting it in front of a camera.

Then, because – hell yeah I know how to make something of this shit – we’ll get it created into more content, chop and edit and repurpose bits and also of COURSE monetize the fuck out of it.

All of that is only POSSIBLE because we’re putting art and flow and purpose and fun first.

Prioritising your priorities creates a platform which DOES make it easy to make money. That does NOT mean the money will just appear of course. You’ve still gotta ask. Success doesn’t come to those who don’t ask! But it really IS simple.

What could be more simple than simply turning a camera on a pretty normal, random, and YES interesting everyday conversation, then creating a simple program or offer from that and selling it? It’s LITERALLY an extension of being yourself!

But, most people won’t do it …

They refuse to believe it can be that simple …

They put their bullshit ahead of their creative dreams, desires, yearnings, musts …

They buy into the story of not being ready or not knowing how or thinking that it DOES have to be more complicated, surely …

Or they just plain never start.

If you’re anything like me I bet you have a million ideas, on repeat, for things that seem like they COULD be cool, could work. But, you maybe think that that’s not enough to get started … or it’s silly … or you have to wait for something … or you just plain talk yourself out of it.

What you have to realise is, success, creativity, art, doesn’t require you to get rid of fear and uncertainty first. It’s about showing up in SPITE of that fear. In spite of the doubt. In spite of uncertainty. In spite of AUGHHHH and I don’t know HOW. That stuff has nothing to DO with whether you can do your purpose work … unleash creativity … make money … have FUN.

You GET to do the thing anyway.

You HAVE to do the thing anyway.

It’s TIME to do the thing anyway.

And you know it.


GTF over your stories.

And go make epic shit.