Bahamas Retreat
              February 16-18, 2015
bruary 16-18 2015.
I'm putting together my RICH CHICK RETREAT in the Bahamas on the 16th February 2015, running over 3 days of soul and body rejuvenation and KICKASS strategy to help you create the biz and the life you desire!
And it's all happening in the most relaxing and beautiful surrounds you can imagine ...
This is about -
**Stepping away from the madness of the day to day and the never ending GO of trying to keep up with all that you feel you have to be
**Creating incredible CLARITY on how you want your business to look and FEEL
**Dealing with the fears, uncertainties, self doubts and 'not knowingness' that is currently holding you back
**Creating a simple and elegant plan to get you to your income goals in under 3 months (and a strategy to roll out as soon as you leave)
We'll meet together each morning and afternoon for bursts of creative work, internal clearing, and deep biz strategising.
We'll break it up with space for journaling, sleeping, massage and other body treatments, movement, food, nothingness.
We will meet for some meals (on me), and you'll have space just for you for others.
The INTENT of this retreat is to take you out of your current wheel of doing and into a place where you can re-set yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally - this is about getting back to YOU, what is important to you, what you need and HOW you want to live your "one day" life now.
This is for you if right now you are moving at a million miles an hour to get to where you want to go, but know that you are not quite aligned, not quite getting there despite all your work, and not likely to change any of that unless you change the WAY you are trying to do success.
... and you'd love to spend time with a group of equally driven and like-minded women in beautiful surrounds and unwinding your very soul at the same time as you rewind and then reBUILD your dream biz and life plan.
If you'd like to talk about whether this might be for you please hit YES PLEASE KAT!
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