Ready to Get the Fuck Over Yourself and Get On With It??


It’s SO boring, isn’t it?

The whole Groundhog Day-ness of the thing.

Every freakin’ moment pretty much the same as the next.

Day turning to night to day again and you can barely tell where one left off and the next began.

The way that, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you sometimes nearly fall straight down into a sleep as deep as the damn Dormouse, because there’s not a whiff of a vibe to be caught no matter how hard and loud you sniff.

And the EXCUSES, my GOD, the excuses! If you rolled your eyes any harder at your own SELF you’d just about lose them right up in your head!

Yeah yeah yeah, you’ve got shit going on, ain’t nobody questioning THAT.

You have the obligatory ‘stuff’, sure, there’s always more things, and nothing wrong with that either, but you don’t do too bad.

Your jeans are cool your hair is shiny (when you remember to wash it lol) your nails are a mood and you can smile smile smile in that just-so-sassy way with the best of them.

NOBODY is doubting you’re a badass, in fact – they’re yassss Queen-ing all over the place any time you drop it on Facebook!

You do such a good job of convincing the world you have your shit together and that you hashtag love life so much that you’ve VERY nearly convinced yourself!

I mean –

It’s not as though you’re NOT happy …

It’s DEFINITELY not a case of hating your life, and nor is it really a case of living the wrong life. You did that bit already, you figured your shit out, and while there will always be more to learn and to drop into the truth is you DO know who you are, you know what you came here to do, and you do actually like and even love yourself!

It’s just –

Hmmm, how do I say?


And so you look look look around, and you dig dig dig within, and you KNOW that it’s just about catching that damn flow wave again, but the thing is, the thing is, the THING is –

where’d it bloody GO?

And you wonder –

Maybe I DO need a new strategy.
Somebody to teach me things I don’t already know.
To take me by the hand and guide me up the hill to the next level.
To show me the secret pathways and doors to the other side, and give me the magic codes.


Only thing is, well – fuck that.

You don’t actually want anybody to tell you what to do or how to do it at ALL if you’re honest, who the hell do they think you are?!

You do NOT want them to tell you what to do even a little bit! Just –

That you can do it.
Which you already know, duh, of course, so basically you want them to jazz you up full of extra energy to believe in yourself; hype you up on your own juice basically!

Tell you you’re amazing, and get you fired up, frenzied, a little furious about why you’ve not been doing the damn thing of BEING the damn thing.

What do you WANT?

Clarity around what to do next, and who you are on an even DEEPER level.

Affirmation, validation and asskickery to know and RE-know that everything you feel inside of you is real.

Monies that flow in from SOUL, the way it damn well should be, and MOAR, for SURE, why would you not?!

To feel certain you are on track, living the right life, doing first things first, working for who and what MATTERS.

To be continually reminded of just how powerful you are, yep, even when you’re already OWNING that Warrior Queen Badassery, nothing wrong with being hailed now and then by life itself!

And most of all?

To get a fucking caffeine shot up the booty that’s gonna have you getting the fuck over yourself and getting ON with it, because this lame-o ‘ImmmanotFEELINGitvibe’ is SO done.

You know you have what it takes, that’s not even a fucking conversation.

It’d probably be helpful if you were consistently DOING what it takes though, and that’s the bit you just can’t seem to figure out.

Why, despite your best promises and your deepest destiny-fuelled desires, you just continue to flake out, fuck around, and play a fool’s game with your LIFE.

Mainlining sugar like your future depends upon it.
Scrolling on Instagram like you’re looking for the meaning of life when you were s’posed to be working on your Next Big Thing.
Pushing that workout sess to the afternoon … the evening … the morning … repeat, or showing up and going through the motions then convincing yourself that because you got a mild glow on you’re actually alive.

And that’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it?

You want to feel ALIVE again.

You want to feel jazzed, excited, on fire, pent up and LIT up!

You want, if you’re honest, and this scares you a little, but LET’S GO WITH IT ‘CAUSE IT’S TRUE, to feel ripped apart and turned inside out and upside down by LIFE itself.

And while we’re at it, a hot man wouldn’t go astray for a little ripping apart and turning inside out and upside down either, would it?! Sure, we’ll take three.

The truth is you LIKE when things are tumultuous, fiery, full on, and ‘too much’. You LIKE when you’re playing life so damn hard you can barely keep up and you’re not sure if you can keep going and your lungs are burning and you’re JUST about to drop to the floor but then you realise you’re NOT dead yet and so you keep.on.going.

Are you DEAD yet Kat?! No? KEEP GOING THEN.

(To this day one of my favourite lines from an old strength training mentor of mine!).

Sure, you love the flow and the la la lah just chill shit too. You’re all about it! But let’s not kid ourselves anymore, we do NOT want that when that’s the whole freaking kit and caboodle! What we WANT, what we NEED, who we ARE, what we MUST have is the CONTRAST.

Chaos / order / crazy / chill / mess / madness / flow / YES.

ALLLLLLL of it baby, we need and want ALL of it, and why is that, WHY is that?


We are the whole freaking fancy ass buffet.

We are a giant sized gold dusted melt in your mouth gooey af chocolate chip cookie.

We are LIFE MANIFESTED INTO BADASSERY SO FINE it literally cannot even be put into words, it’s an EXPERIENCE baby, and girl?

You GOT to experience that.

Which I guess brings us to this:

When TF do you think you might wanna let people experience all of that?



Enough with the waiting for the vibe to show back up for you, for the flick to fucking switch, for a vestal virgin to come down from God above to tell you it’s time and then take you by the hand and show you. You don’t need the damn fire, you ARE the motherfucking fire, and now?

We gon’ reclaim that.

Introducing the Get the Fuck Over Yourself and Get On With It Intensive

21 Days with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth, to Wake You and Shake You, and then Bake You Like the Fine AF Gold Dust Flaked EXTRA Large Choc-Chip Cookie Babe You Are. Aka Girl it’s Time to Double Down on YOU.

I am going to kick your ass.

I am going to grab you by the scruff of the neck, actually.

Then I’m gonna hold you up to the heavens.

Tip you upside down.

Shake all the bullshit RIGHT on out of you (screw exhaling crap and inhaling light or whatever it is, I think we have more efficient ways than that).

Plop you back down neatly on your feet.

And fire a rocket sized shot of pure caffeine up your ass as I set you on your way.



Duh, that’s obvious. Because here is the truth about you baby, and me –

WE don’t need to slow down and breathe, we need to wake up and LIVE, that’s how it’s always been and always WILL be, and so with that in mind doesn’t it just make sense to you that the reason you’ve not hit that next level yet is NOT because you’re not ready, it’s NOT because you’re not good enough (der, you’re The Queen and you know it), and it’s NOT due to a lack of know-how!

Plain and simple it’s because you run on fire and you’ve been trying to fuel yourself on floaty boring marshmallow bullshit.

So here is what this is about. You and me and the Get the Fuck Over Yourself and Get On With It Intensive.

21 days.

At Home Study Program, all accessible via the membership site

You’ll have access to the warm-up as soon as you sign up. (I’m not telling you what it is, but trust me – you’re gonna need and be VERY happy about this, and the sooner you get your hands on all of its parts and let it WERK on you, the better!!).

I WOULD SUGGEST SAYING YES TO THIS ASSKICKERY RIGHT NOW. Not just ’cause of the very-needed pre-work, but because when you do?

It’s going to expand and energise the fuck out of you INSTANTLY. The breath of fresh air you’ll feel lighten and lift you will give you your entire freakin’ return on investment right away! That’s how this shit WORKS. It’s how it ALWAYS works, when you say yes to soul, and also?

When you call bullshit on your bullshit.

Get the home study program now and save 30%. Or keep reading if you want the deets first 😉

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How It’s All Going Down

Daily content.

Complete content and recordings from the LIVE course with me, self-made multi-millionaire Katrina Ruth

21 days.

You and me.

With the very clear and very specific intent of shaking and waking you ALL the way out of afore-mentioned bullshit, and then getting you flipping shit so damn amazing (bake it baby!!) that you can really only LAUGH at how sad and sorry your ass has been acting up til now!

A taste, a teaser, a little sneak peak for you –

YES this is about clarity on your next level business, next level self, the next level depth and certainty of your message and all that you’re here to unleash onto the world.

YES this is about what it is you’re meant to be known for, famous for, PAID for in a big way that you’re still not doing.

YES it’s about your Next Big Thing, uncovering the fuck out of it and then LAUNCHING the fuck out of it.

YES I will kick your butt to get that done FROM flow and with a VERY healthy dose of asskickery with me right there by your side, yes DURING the intensive, live.

YES this is about shredding the ALL get out outta your whiny little wimp-ass excuses (and the ones which seem more valid and real, even ARE real!). They get to go. They get to MAKE SPACE FOR WHAT NEEDS SPACE.

YES it’s about understanding your bullshit! I know ALL about that.

YES it’s about getting completely behind the truth of your sabotaging, what it’s really about, why it keeps popping back on up no matter what you say or swear to, and how to END it, in a heartbeat, like WOAH.

Yeah. It’s about flicking the damn switch. Boom, motherfucker, supernatural mode activated.

YES! Speaking of that! It’s about the energetic side of things, accessing beyond your natural powers, quit freaking relying only on the natural and physical when so much more is available to you, and you were never supposed to do it all from fucking WILL.

YES. It’s about dropping beyond said willpower. Realising that while you always love the BURN, you are the damn burn, and hell to the YEAH you’ll do the work, that at the same time the real magic lies in surrender, in letting go, and in getting, by the by, that that does NOT mean then sitting on your ever-expanding ass and waiting for life to come and pat you on the head and tell you it’s time.

Speaking of your ass –

YEP. It’s about getting your high vibe WATCH ME ROAR body vibe on. You have a damn temple there girl. Might be time to start acting like you know it. It’s a lie that it is anything less than your birthright and also SO available to you, to look and feel YOUR best. This is all part of the sabotage, the ‘giving in’, the idea that it’s all so far away for you. It is not.

YES. It’s about ripping shreds off your anxiety and fear, too. Oh YES I know about that. I know how it binds and freezes you. I KNOW the resistance, and all it says, and I know the very very real terrifying and cloying and PLEASE let me escape feel of that noose around your neck, the tightness in your chest and throat, the HELP.

I know what to do about it, too.

YES. It’s about the practical shiz niz of your dream life and biz niz. Of COURSE there is shit you have to DO. In fact, half of your problem is you’re all about responding to what’s in your head, what you think is actually being said up there, rather than to doing what needs to be done! So you’re not sure what to do half the time, so what?! You think that’s actually valid. It is not. But also I will show you the do that works for crazy soul-led creators like us.

YES. This is about clicking in to the money shit that works. Money flows towards you when you’re magnetic, and attractive, period, The End. Attractive and magnetic to others?? Sure sure, whatever. That’s a natural outcome of being attractive and magnetic to your SELF. Wanna know why money runs from you? Gah, so many reasons!! Bad energy, bad moods, bad emotions, bad stories, bad patterns, bad (flaky) decision making, commitment and addiction to the stuff that binds and chokes you, the list goes on, but how you STOP the damn thing is simple –

In fact what ALL of this is about is simple, what this entire INTENSIVE is about is simple, what you need your head read AND your butt kicked around and to be REMINDED of is freakin’ SIMPLE:




Not in some bland and boring ‘I love myself because I’m worthy and deserving and born enough blah blah blah whoops I just passed out asleep like the Dormouse’ sort of way.




Am I talking about being cocky, arrogant, fuelled by ego, or thinking you’re God? NO! I’m talking about what it ACTUALLY means to own the power of you, and of what God, speaking of, brought you here to do!

I’m talking about shining like the rare precious jewel not the low-key freakin’ cubic zirconia.

I’m talking about taking a BITE out of the ass of life every damn DAY and about not being able to wipe the jazzed up grin off your life because you know you are LIVING it –

And also GIVING of it, in the way you are meant to, to others!


ALL of success is an energy thing.

All of LIFE is an energy thing.

So when you’re looking for –

What do I gotta do to feel better?
What do I gotta do to look better?
What do I gotta do to kill this anxiety, this resistance, this fear?
What do I gotta to do stop sabotaging, procrastinating, hiding behind excuses, playing small?!
What do I gotta to do get clear on my Next Big Thing, and then to get it out there?
What do I gotta to do to call in my soulmate peeps, more of ’em, all of ’em?!
What do I gotta to do make more money, like – now?!
What do I gotta to do WANT to do any of this?!

– let me tell you that the answers are a lot simpler than what you’re making ’em out to be.

Plain and straight up from the gate up, you’ve been walking around with a nasty and smelly case of the I forgot who TF I were’s, and now?

We gonna tear shit up, RIP it up, and let the life you’re meant to be living do a once over on you because girlfriend?

It’s time to do the damn thing of being the damn thing.

Get the fuck over yourself.

And let’s get on with it.

See you inside.

Don’t forget …

Life is Now. Press Play.


Click the button to say yes to the home study version of Get the Fuck Over It with me in one easy upfront payment, or over extended payment plan for our lowest get started price! Check your inbox in 15 minutes for the welcome email and (hehe) the warm up!





Not ONLY am I gonna kick your ass as soon as you sign up.

Not ONLY is the (secret) warm up going to blow your MIND (and prolly terrify you slightly .. in the GREAT way hehe).

Not ONLY is this entire live 21 day intensive literally what you’ve been waiting for and didn’t even know you desperately needed to wake you the fuck back up.

Not ONLY are you going to be playing life so damn good in the coming weeks you’ll leave an actual trail of fire behind you and also wonder how TF you possibly thought it was hard to have money flowin’ in and biz | life | body | you just BALLING.

Not ONLY will you be surrounded by next level badasses plus MEEEEEEE to help lift and light you even more!

Not ONLY will the damn switch be flicked so good you’ll forget you even once thought you didn’t know how to find it.

Not ONLY are you about to go next level on EVERYTHING you’ve been working so slow and sadly towards all year.

Not ONLY could I seriously list out about 100 more amazing things right now, but in addition to all of this and so much more you also get bonuses RIGHT NOW TO GET YOU STARTED!

ACTUAL FREAKIN’ SELF LOVE BONUSES! (the brutal truth you know you need kind)

And more!!

Sneak peek of the bonus trainings >>>

1) You Can’t Make Money From Your Art
2) So How’dya Make the MONEY Then?
3) Dropping the Sales Drama
4) Love Yourself Enough to Say Fuck That!
5) Wave a magic wand and GET IN ABUNDANCE
6) S********(eek! this one will change everything for you!)

^^^ Hours and hours of my best kick your butt and wake and shake you content for you to immerse yourself in and then explode out of before we even start!!

I know!!

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Seriously, you’re still here?

This is not an ‘I’ll think about it’ sort of thing. You KNOW you need to shake yourself from the inside out. And you KNOW you came here to do serious work that WORKS and that lights the world on fire. And you know it starts with lighting YOU on fire.

Stop making excuses for why you can’t even dial up 100 more watt when you were born to light the damn world.

Click the button to say yes to the home study version of Get the Fuck Over It with me in one easy upfront payment, or over extended payment plan for our lowest get started price! Check your inbox in 15 minutes for the welcome email and (hehe) the warm up!





Who, What, When, Where, Hoooowwwww?!

I’m KATRINA RUTH. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire, and I work with successful badasses like YOU, who kick their OWN ass … and then I kick it a little bit harder.

I currently live on the Gold Coast of Australia, and I’m a single Mum to my two beautiful children, Alyssa and Nathan. I travel a LOT with my business (sometimes with the kids, sometimes not), and my business allows me to be fully location free.

After many MANY years of not going all in, NOT speaking my truth or doing what I really wanted to do in the world, I finally said yes to purpose and sharing my deep soul message, AND to doing the damn work, and now, well –

Here we are.

I have been fortunate enough to build up an INCREDIBLE online community of driven entrepreneurs and leaders and creators, and each day I get to do what I always wanted to do, which is to motivate, educate, empower and inspire you to press play and create the business and life YOU want.





Click the button to say yes to the home study version of Get the Fuck Over It with me in one easy upfront payment, or over extended payment plan for our lowest get started price! Check your inbox in 15 minutes for the welcome email and (hehe) the warm up!