The Platinum Experience

The Platinum Experience is here. Details at the end, but first a soul punch reminder –

Stop scrabbling for scraps, when you came to pierce souls.

This is a letter to the true 1% within the 1% leader,

who is bored senseless with doing anything other than claiming his or her rightful place,

and going straight to the actual mofo top.

Not the smoke and mirrors top that everybody else is fighting to get to,

and which, no need to pretend otherwise, you yourself have also at times scrabbled to reach. Whilst simultaneously loathing your every move made in doing so.

And also not the top that the you of yesterday was excited to reach.

You did that thing.You climbed that hill.You sat atop that mountain.It was a BEAUTIFUL thing, and one to be proud of.And it’s done.

Quit trying to climb a mountain of yesteryear!

And quit trying to show up for what is, frankly, beneath you now. And perhaps always was.


You shouldn’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

You are selling yourself out, and WILDLY short, when you do.

You have no interest in being better at standing out in a room you never wanted to be part of,

and never really were!


Are the true 1% within the 1%.You want to have every last BIT of it all.You’re NOT here for the masses.And you’re certainly not one of ’em. Not even in a room where said masses ARE already the different ones, the game-changers, the entrepreneurs.

You, you’re different and always HAVE been, even from the different ones.

You’re magic and always WILL be, more so than a world filled with those who say that they ‘know’,and yet repeatedly SHOW,they do not.

You came to pierce SOULS.

To RESET time and space.

And to do work which pours forth relentlessly from you in a way which just WON’T fit a mould,

not even the coolest or most fabulous mould out there.

So why then,

do you keep trying to get better at being something you’re not here to be?

Why do you continue to show up for a thing you see OUTSIDE of you,a thing which may have been true for a PAST you,and not THE thing which is the NOW you?

Close your eyes. Let your heart beat a minute. And know this –

What you see inside of you is real, and always has been.This will be as true tomorrow as it was yesterday and is today.This is unchanging.This also MEANS, by definition, that in order for you to be.with.what.IS –

You need to be willing to walk away from what was a yes YESTERDAY,in order to SAY yes to today.

In your business right now … your creativity … your receiving of money and more …

it’s hardly logical for you to be surprised, or indignant, that things are not flowing the way they absolutely SHOULD be,

when YOU are not in flow the way you absolutely MUST be.

You need to quit looking through an old and tired lens,

when there is an entirely new paradigm awaiting.

And you need to own:

I was born to the the absolute motherfucking best.I came here to have it all.I can create worlds within worlds with my damn EYES closed, and not ONE of ’em look like whatever everyone else is doing right now.I came here to LEAD THE LEADERS.To change the game for the game-changers.And to flick the damn switch for those who play the HIGHEST of games,in whatever they do. am of a world I have ALWAYS seen inside of me,and which it is time to run full fledged into now.

A world in which the GREATEST of money flow,is a natural follow on to the fact that I am in the greatest of ME flow.


And recognising the responsibility of what that means NOW.

And what it does mean?

Stop.Just stop.The scrabbling. The low vibe ANYTHING. The making and marketing and selling in a way that does not excite you.

Stop.Just stop.Pouring your all into improving relationships which are no longer for today. In fighting to convince yourself in both your business and your life that ‘I can get behind this, no really!’

Stop.Just stop.Trying to be inspired by or happy with doing or making or selling shit that is just … no.

STOP.Just stop.The embarrassing and pitiful and unavoidable feeling in your stomach you’re getting from showing up in worlds you just don’t wanna move in,yet for some reason have convinced yourself you must.

And start.Just START.Remembering who you always were. And then once again lighting that fire to DECIDE TO NOW BE IT.

This means:

Your offers need to change.Your marketing and branding needs to change.Your endless seeking to stand out more in the wrong fucking world needs to change.The ladder needs to be burned to the ground.And you need to start paying attention to where you’re actually being called to lead from now.

This means:

You need to commit to playing at a higher level with your investing, starting with you, your focus, your energy, yes your money, but ultimately –with what inspires you.And what absolutely does not.

This means:

You need to rip the actual fucking bandaid.Expose the wound.And then deal with that shit.

You’re never going to look back and say ‘GEE. I’m so darn glad I waited so long to admit I was fighting for the wrong life’.

And here is what I have for you.

JUST you.

And nobody else:

A complete and total tearing down.A birthing through fire.And an admission,of what it’s now time,to be.

The Platinum Experience.3 months together.At the highest level.And the most exponential return.Nothing you’ve ever seen or known before.And exactly what you need.


You have an existing wildly successful business and life, in most anyones books, one which you yourself are proud to have created and built. And?

You are bored nearly to fucking tears. Not because parts of what you’ve made are not absolutely right. But because parts of who you ARE. Are being kept from the light.

You’ve done the thing, over and over again, of saying yes to what most would not dream of, and creating it.

You are ready AGAIN to do that, and this time in a way you haven’t yet dared to fully look at. But yet are absofuckinglutely ready to run into, nonetheless.

You can no longer continue to press forward in a way of doing business and life which lit your fire YESTERDAY,

and you are ready to finally admit that,

and then act fucking accordingly.

You expect:

Quantum fucking transformation and elevation, in all areas, business, money, wealth, relationships, self, fun and joy and fulfilment, lifestyle, LIFE, at the speed of mofo light and with the snap of your fingers, what else?!

A mentor who actually gets this and can see and call you forward beyond even what YOU can. Who will not take your shit. Who understands how to flick the switch for the switch flickers. And who will pull on the exact mofo thread that changes EVERYTHING for you in a heartbeat, and then do it again.

The cannot-be-any-longer-ignored activation of what’s in you as a result of saying yes to that.

To once again be the damn person who broke the mould and then exploded straight to the top of all of it.

And most of all?

To once again be in the certainty and soul-fire you know is available,

and to be creating what comes from there FULLY,



and furiously,

so you can breathe again

and finally BE again,

but all of you.

Apply now or PM me now to talk.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x