The Self Assured Queen

The Self-Assured Queen is here gorgeous, and the place? Where in a single workshop experience with me I show you hot to completely shed, once and FOREVER, the parts of you which know it’s time but still.can’t.fucking.leap, and the parts of you which know there is a way to operate from certainty, from groundedness, from that fully tapped in Queen on her THRONE energy, and yet,

for reasons you really feel you should have nailed by now,

you somehow still default

to uncertainty
to wondering if you have what it takes
to questioning whether your leap, once made, will land you splat on your face again or whether it really can be your time.

The reality is that it WILL be your time the moment you realise the throne is right there waiting for you and you get to CHOOSE. But at the same time … those fears, those doubts, those ‘what ifs’, of COURSE can be oh so real. The question is – are you going to let them continue to rule you?

Or are you going to be the woman who decides TODAY to appoint herself into a new way of decisiveness, and into being the version of her who has what it takes to on REPEAT make the choices which are right for her and then live INTO them.

> who insists on expects and experiences life to treat her in a certain way
> who has only fuck yes relationships the way a self assured Queen WOULD
> who commands through her presence alone
> who knows how to impact and influence with a single word, gaze, thought
> who absolutely backs herself in her offerings, and what she puts out to the world
> who is clear on who and what she is, and what she requires, and who acts fucking accordingly

In this one time workshop we unlock the version of you who simply IS that woman.

As a result of this you will feel absolutely in your certainty, groundedness, and SELF-ASSURED QUEEN ENERGY in every element of how you do business, money, life, and YOU.

Specifically what we cover includes:

– Paying a visit to the self-assured Queen you (live identity activation to meet that you)
– Downloading her beliefs, energies, emotions, certainty – the precise and individualised to YOU blueprint of who you are as she
– Understanding and clearing your most present limiting or sabotaging behaviours / ways of operating currently: such that the reason they needed to BE there is also addressed, and a new pattern planted instead
– The discipline AND flow of being a self assured woman who operates from her grounded truth
– Current offer activation: discover what is most true for you. to be creating and selling right now, as well as the ‘how’ of putting it together AND of marketing it
– Sales and marketing principles to help you show up now FROM the place of being her, rather than working towards it
– Soulmate audience attraction made straightforward and easy
– The 3 things every woman truly in her grounded Queen energy needs to be attending to daily in order to attract continual business and money growth
– How to make rapid aligned decisions
– Harnessing energy and motivation for times when you are overwhelmed, frozen, disconnected
– Flowing WITH your natural style as your hugest business asset
– Top 3 avoidance habits which stop women truly claiming the the throne revealed and understood
– Open conversation and live coaching time for all who attend live!
– Self Assured Queen mindset principles for life, and how to integrate and embody them now

At the start of next week I’ll be sending out a full playbook to accompany the workshop replay. Think: journal exercises, activation questions, deep dives, key concepts expanded on, and more! There is a several day break before sending this out, due to the integration which is required after watching the workshop; a natural follow on from the time itself as well as the fact that I ran 2 activations within it.

Right now, until the playbook goes out, you can get lifetime (and immediate!) access to the 2.5 hour replay, and then the playbook sent out to follow, for just $200. There is a payment plan option available as well!

The price goes up next week once I house the workshop in my content store. If you know there is a deeper level of you to create from, and that doing so would EXPONENTIALLY elevate your results in a way which is impossible to ignore then you don’t want to miss this!

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If you are in the Screw the Rules Mastermind, The Identity Switch, UTMB or The Rebel Millionaire Coaching Certification you receive this workshop free! You can also credit the workshop back if you do join me in these ongoing spaces with me at any time in the 30 days afterwards!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x


You know so much more is available to you, and you do know it’s available now.

Get your copy of The Self-Assured Queen Workshop today, and the accompanying playbook designed to take you all the way into you!

“Thank you so much for creating this today!”

“Being BOLD like I am, rather than editing myself. And being SEXY instead of cute!”

“A different vibe and I energetically felt different and even emotionally felt different…even my breathing pattern changed.”

“I already feel sick like i had a massive shift”

“What was most true: That I know who I am. And I’m ready to be her.”

“I decide my own fate”

“this idea about putting ‘her’ on every damn day has made ALL the difference in my business and life the last 9 months…every day I have stepped into HER a little more and 9 months later I am more HER then ever before….completely different reality and one that is that i envisioned!”

“The self-assured queen speaks truth without worrying what other’s may judge her on or be offended of. She is able to protect her energy from this!”


“So simply elegant, yet so powerful!”

“I’d like to share that staying consistent with this exact work honestly changed my life. Thank you for relentlessly teaching this concept Kat 🙏🏼

“This is a big wake up call. Thank you”

“I love the idea of continuing, not starting”

“Definitely needed to hear the part about summoning instead of trying to rely on my own strength.”

“Such an important share there….who you listen to matters…I shut off everyone but Kat this year and what a difference that made….I could FINALLY move things forward because I wasn’t hopping from one person to the next….another game changer.”

“thank you so much Kat!! Great teaching!”

“I will be looking out for the great workbook, and will sleep like a baby in a few moments“

“Thank you Kat. This has been a huge shift for me on many levels! Have a great day!!!”