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Hey there,

Inside I’m sharing my story, and how I went from full-time 1:1 coaching to making now over 80k a month (50 when I first wrote the book a few months ago!) all online and doing what I love. And here’s the thing - 

If I did it, then so can YOU!

Long story short?

This book is exactly what you need if right now you feel like things are just not working in your online biz, if you're ready to leap to the next level, or if you don't even yet have an online biz but want the motivation and strategy to create one!

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I know you’re going to love it as I cover exactly how to create an extra 5k in your biz in 7 days or less - even if right now you’re starting at square one!

We’ll be talking about how to get clear on EXACTLY what you want to do and how you want to be as a leader and an entrepreneur, and create a step-by-step 7 day plan to get you to your goals and actually get $$ in the bank in a week or less! I’ll even show you how to get all of this happening if you don’t even have a WEBSITE right now!