Success Mindset


And this is how simple it is, yet this is how hard you make it –

Your only mofo job was to go in, sit your damn ass in the chair, be in the space of simply TAKING space, and then stay there –

til the drop.

The thing you were tasked with, the mission which has pulled you since before you even knew the word was simply to BE WITH YOUR BEING, and watch –

what came out.

Don’t you remember? As a child? When your tasks were done and chores complete and you’d happily (or not!) worked your way through your list of homework and musts, and there was nothing left to do,

the air was heady, fragrant, a faint buzz in the air –

just nature and life, doing its thang.

And you, what would you do?

Sit. Or move. Create. Or watch. Read. Or Write. Put things together. Pull ’em apart. Explore. Draw. A little bit of time this way, now a little bit there. Observing. Thinking. Imagining. Ideas. Action. Occupying yourself? BECOMING yourself.

All those times you watched, you observed, you daydreamed, you imagined, you created, uncreated, created again, you dreamt up or learned about worlds, and then you made new ones in your head; elsewhere too … this was not just ‘how you liked to use your free time’. This was not just ‘the thing you turned to to relax’.

This was –

A signpost.

A gateway.

The activation of a blueprint.

THE way.

The fact that your desire to just … BE, be with your own BEING, have time and space endlessly to turn here and there, do this then that, and gradually settle into some kind of flow as the world fades around you, is – TIMELESS.

The timelessness of your natural inclinations is –


And now.

You busy yourself. You utilise time. You have ALL the habits and routines and rituals in the world to ‘relax’ and take care of yourself. You squish creation in to where it fits. And you tell your dreams to get themselves more organised, stat.

But the girl who had all day,

all afternoon,

to be and just play,

and who as a result of that created entire worlds within worlds,

and bit by bit became THIS.

When exactly did you put her on pause, in order to become a Successful Woman?

It is still as simple and hard as this:

your entire mofo job is to go within and stay there until it’s time to come out. This is the place where everything you dream of and have not yet dared to exists.

If you keep doing pretty much the exact opposite, namely doing everything and being everything EXCEPT going within fully,

don’t be surprised if you get exactly the opposite result,

to what exists in that place.

That’s all!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

I’m creating my new course, Big $ollar Energy, for the one who always knew she is here for millions,

to make it. To impact them. To create. And to LEAD.

Big $ollar Energy

The Money & Expansion Course for the Soul-Led Wanderer Who KNOWS It’s Time to Go All in on HER,

and Let the Damn Receiving Take Care of Itself. The Way it Was Always Meant to Be.

Which means?

Identifying and releasing everything that gets to go, from the way you’re thinking you need to do shit now, to the purposeless bits of the push or biz that it just don’t need to be about, to the hidden junk in your psyche that gets to go.

>>> It’s not about the do. The push. The win. When who you are when you only go within naturally PLACES you at the top,

but of the right fucking mountain.

The one that was always YOURS.

And then you finally WENT there.

Here’s the thing, for us, about allowing an expanse of RECEIVING.

And always was.

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> it’s time.