This is what you need to hear right now, the message which flows through and from me although not created, no never that – ! – of me.

I am told.

You know, one of the questions I’m asked the most is how on earth, how how HOW it is that I am able to produce SO much content –

SO fast –


Day in, and day out, and no matter what.

And I hear people say:

They could never be as transparent as me, they don’t WANT to, anyway, and besides, how to know what to WRITE, never mind create –

Launch –

Or even – !


Can I tell you? It’s SO FUCKING EASY to do this work, it’s actually almost outrageous how easy it is to show up like this, simply live your life and be you like this, make money, oh I mean RECEIVE like this.

So easy.

I mean – WHAT ON EARTH COULD BE EASIER THAN WAKING UP EVERY DAY AND JUST BEING YOU … and having your EVERY dream come true as a result of that?!

But I digress –

I do that a lot, I know. You’ll have to love it or leave it though, it’s part of that whole JUST BE ME thing I got going on.

Where was I?

Oh yes … letting it be EASY darling.

And look:

I know.
That it’s easier said than done to imagine it AS easy! Don’t think that I’m not aware, I am VERY fucking aware. Of how infuriating it COULD be, to hear me harp on and on about this stuff, as I flash around my lifestyle, my business, my unwavering insistence on loving life and letting it love me.

But yet I think …

And correct me if I’m wrong?

That most likely YOU find it not remotely infuriating, but instead –

As fuck.
As fuck, also.
But yet –

It revs you the fuck UP, and reminds you of all that you already know, which is to say of COURSE you can have it all, you ARE going to have it all, you’ll be God damned if you DON’T, and ain’t NOTHING going to stop you!!

Except –
Since you ALLOW it!!

So yes.
There’s that.

But also –

Can we talk about how to LET it be easy? Would that be okay?! Can we talk about how to play life so it just FLOWS and so that you NEVER have a single thing you need to do but yet you’re CONTINUALLY in aligned action?

‘Cause honestly –

It is the BEST.
The best baby.

And quite frankly it’s all I want to talk to you about right now. As I tuned in. As I asked myself, a question I often do, when I on the VERY odd occasion don’t already have my message, my truth, the FLOW, pouring out of me, I ask:

“What is it I need to write today? What must I unleash or release or just SAY? What is the message that has to come out?!”

And then I just begin.
To write.
A thing.
Something, about nothing, and anything, but yet, ALWAYS, it is everything.
When I tune in this way. Everything I needed to let out for ME, and everything (I trust) you needed to hear, come out of me.

And there it is.
If you’re looking for the answer, the how, how how HOW, Kat, do I create like that, show up like that, produce so damn MUCH like that, and somehow turn it into a business, a life, an empire, a BRAND so COMPLETELY fucking aligned, I just GAVE it to you.

A single word.
The most powerful word.
The word that ALL of this must be hinged upon, or else it will NEVER FUCKING WORK.

Do you know what it is? Have you caught it? Do you LIVE by it, do you CHOOSE it?

What you have to understand, is that to play life from flow, where you NEVER ever again have to worry about what you need to DO, in order to get an outcome, and where you’re CONTINUALLY living in aligned action and actively seeing your dreams come to life, it’s a CHOICE.

And it won’t happen.
Not ever.
No way.
And no how.
If you don’t –


Which brings me to perhaps the most important thing I can say to you today.

Because I could tell you how the HOW of what I do is to simply tune in, moment by moment and breath by breath, from the time I awake until the time I sleep, and I simply ask myself:

“What is right, right now?
What is it I need to say –
Create –
Sell –
Breathe into –
Release –
or do?”

And then I go ahead and do it.

I could tell you how it’s based loosely on tune in WITHIN (inner work, mindset work, THE real work), then release FROM within (the message, the blog, the email, the post, the live, etc), then make my offer (SELL, baby, SELL!), then also take care of my OWN self, my life, the other things which matter to me, and at some point, sure, sit down, pump up my tunes, get my ass in the chair and get my shit DONE, my emails cleared, my team rallied, ETC), and then repeat repeat repeat, ALL of it.

I could tell you all of that.

And I could even break it down for you more, why not, I often have, and I’m sure I will again.

So go ahead.
And ask.
What it is.
I do.
To make my millions, IMPACT my millions, live my fucking truth and PURPOSE, and even, in some way, change the world.

But what I really want to say, and, I believe, what it is you need to hear, is a single –

Simple –

Guiding –



– What would your life be about RIGHT FUCKING NOW, if you actually had faith, and chose –

To trust.

It’s a bullshit myth made up by the 2D human people, this idea that we need to make list, check it twice, work our way through, and that is how to create success.

You have everything you need inside of you.
Just exactly where it’s always been.

At some point, perhaps, and this is just my thought of course, YOU do in fact get to choose –

You might wanna pay fucking attention and act on that shit.

In the end EVERY possible thing simply comes back to:

Shut the fuck up and be you.

Or just –

Be you