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Time to set CLEAR intentions if you want clear RESULTS! {Podcast 97}

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An intention is a statement of what you intend to receive / create / take action on.

Most people set intentions in a state of something happening in the future. However, I set my intentions in a way where I’ve already received them.

Whenever I set clear intentions, I almost ALWAYS hit them. When I don’t, though… I rarely hit them.

•    Be CLEAR with your intentions
•    Remember: set. intentions.

Today’s ASSKICKERY Action Task:
Take ten minutes to write down your intentions. BE CLEAR. What do you want? How much income do you want each month?

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


There’s only a day left to join us Queen, where are you?!

It is NOT enough to do the work.
Even all of the work!
Even all day long, every day!

You’re not getting what you want yet because you’re not BEING who you were sent here to be.

It’s time to rip the damn bandaid.

And go straight to the motherfucking top. THE WAY YOU WERE ALREADY APPOINTED TO BE.

Final 24 hours, and your place, here: