Success/Success Mindset

What if you truly valued your gifts AND also yourself?


Do you think that you’d be doing life the way you’re doing it right now?



Do you think you’d accept things the way they are now, continue on the path you’re on, putting up and making do – settling, really! – or do you think that you’d have standards which were actually, well –


Of trusting, in yourself.

Of believing, in yourself.

Of seeing the VALUE, in yourself, not only of what you have to give but also of what you are allowed to RECEIVE.

It’s a funny thing, don’t you think?

We so often talk about value, about the need to create value in order to stand out in the marketplace, in order to deliver enough goodness that people will like us, trust us, want to spend time around us and maybe even buy from us.

We work our butts off to create content of VALUE.

To deliver programs of VALUE.

To ensure even our free stuff is high VALUE.

To tap into the VALUE of what we can teach and lead with and share.

Which is great. Value-giving-focused is the way to be, if you want to stand out and step up onilne!

But when was the last time you stopped and thought about the value you’re TAKING not just the value you’re giving.

(And doesn’t that word TAKING right away just make you squirm, feel bad or wrong or as though you’re being accused of being a graspy selfish bitch?!)

Give value to receive value, we all know that. Give value in business, receive over time a tribe of trusting followers as well as money and perhaps fame and all sorts of other cool things.

But what if it weren’t about the value you can receive from outside of yourself?

What if you didn’t need value to be ADDED to your life or your self?

What if you – just as you are, just right now – were already an item of incredible, unparalleled, inexplicably worthy –


What if the thing to value most in your life weren’t money –

Or fame –

Or even the markings of freedom –

But what if it were, quite simply, you.

Do you think you’d approach things differently, than what you do now?

In business, when you hawk your wares in a way that isn’t aligned for you or perhaps the wares themselves aren’t wares you truly love or believe in, what you’re saying is “I value money and recognition – please give it to me if I do this! – more than I value myself and what I truly stand for, what I believe in, who I am”.

In a relationship, when you accept somebody treating you in a bad way, being abusive, or hurtful or actively not showing you love, what you’re saying is “I value the so-called security and safety of being with somebody and all that our lives right now stand for, more than I value my own self-worth and respect”.

In fitness, when you use food to stuff down stress and emotions or when you one again fail to follow through on the workout you said you’d do, you’re saying “I value my excuses more than I value the outcomes I SAY I want”.

In life, when you have a dream, a really big fucking dream, and it’s one that just won’t go away, but yet you fail to go all in, fully, NOW, what you’re saying is perhaps the saddest thing of all, which is “I value the intimidation and possibility of fear more than I am motivated by the incredible possibility of achieving my dreams.”

Which is really just another way of saying you don’t believe in yourself.

Which is really just another way of saying you don’t feel you’re worthy.

Which is really just another way of saying you don’t VALUE yourself enough to see that the dreams and joy that so many other people EXPECT for themselves and also create, are not possible for you.

Because, you know –

It’s just you.

And why should YOU get to live like that, do that, be loved like that, feel or look like that or have THAT sort of fame and fortune?

Well, why shouldn’t you?

Let’s play devil’s advocate here, why SHOULDN’T you?

Because you’re lazy or undisciplined or you’ve done things you feel ashamed of or you don’t have all your shit together yet or you don’t really know what you even WANT never mind how to get there, and besides which you’re FAIRLY certain you’re just pretending at this whole be a grown-up thing!

You wanna know something?

Me too.

And then some.

You wanna know something else?


And then some.

The more you create and ALLOW success – abundance – happiness – love – and so on – into your life the more you learn to ignore or just act in SPITE of all of those fears and uncertainties, and over time you BUILD your self-belief and self-worth.

But that shit doesn’t go away.

I know people who are making multi-MILLIONS of dollars and are super ‘successful’ in so many areas of life and they still struggle with this stuff.


The difference between somebody who is successful and somebody who is not, is the successful person does the work regardless of whatever other inner or outer mayhem is going on.

But the difference between somebody who is truly successful ON THEIR TERMS (as opposed to simply acquiring the markers and trappings that create an apparent external success) is that that the first person valued themselves enough to accept nothing less than the BEST.

If you valued yourself as an incredible, exquisite, precious, HIGH WORTH person, you’d accept nothing less than the best in your fitness –

In your relationships, and how you give and receive love, how you’re taken care of or treated –

In your business, and what you will or will not do for money, or with your time, what you will truly UNLEASH from within and the real power you’ll allow your gifts to flow with –

With money, and how much you just EXPECT to receive because why the heck wouldn’t you –

In social situations or at events and in how you presume you’ll be treated or acknowledged or fit in –

In every freaking part of life and whether you settle or worse still assume that YOU don’t get the good stuff or whether you always, always, ALWAYS demand the best, what is right, what is true, what is WORTHY of someone of VALUE like you.

If you’re struggling to receive the money you want –

If business is nothing but struggle and you find yourself doing shit you don’t really wanna do for people you don’t like and in a way that doesn’t suit you –

If love seems to evade you and you accept people treating you like garbage –

If what you see in the mirror looks like a before picture for The Biggest Loser (or indeed anything that doesn’t make you feel proud, happy, uplifted) –

If your friends and peers drain you rather than elevate you –

If LIFE drains you and contracts you rather than allows you to expand –

If you’re indecisive, unsure, overwhelmed, and stuck no matter how many people you try and ‘learn success’ from –

If you’re any or all of these things or if you simply KNOW that you’re putting up and shutting up in even one area of your life, because deep down you don’t think life could be like that for YOU –

Then you need to stop trying to improve on ANY of these areas –

Via formulas or templates or even ‘doing the work‘.

And you need to take a good hard look at what you really think about yourself.

What you think you’re worth.

What you WANT to think and believe about yourself.

How your life would AUTOMATICALLY be different if you already DID.

And what you’re going to fucking do about it.