At a certain point, if you are who you say you are and have always known you must one day beCOME, you will give in –

Let go –

Possibly in a throwing your hands to the heavens and rolling your eyes so damn far back in your head it’s a wonder they don’t fall in sorta way –

SCREAM your surrender to God –

And decide from this moment forward, come hell or high water, and even if it NEVER MAKES YOU A CENT AGAIN, you’re going to trust in the magic of your soul.

Even if it never makes you a cent again, come hell or high water and ALL the things you’re most terribly scared of?



You’ll understand that there is no other choice, there is nothing you can do or say or even consider aside from giving in to this.

That, should your deepest fears of being unsafe, unprotected, vulnerable, exposed, raw, real, MOST you come to life, should you find yourself on the street floor weeping and crying and gnashing your teeth and everybody thinks you are just TERRIBLE, the WORST, how DARE you, who do you think you are, then SO BE IT.

Because no longer can you lie.

No longer can you hide.

No longer can you give your life for anything other than for what it was given you.

The thing is, when you make this decision, and this time you actually mean it, the freedom and joy and lightness which will IMMEDIATELY ensue, will be so profound, so all-encompassing, so real, so EVERYTHING you’ve been searching and waiting for, that you will sit in shock and horror at the realisation of how damn hard you’ve made it up til now.

Even though IN this moment, your choice to honour the only thing that actually matters has not yet granted you the money –

The wealth in other forms –

The recognition –

Or fame –

etc –

that you perhaps hope it one day WILL and SHOULD and PLEASE –

and even though you have indeed just submitted to the idea that it may NEVER, and that yet you will do it ANYWAY –

even despite these things, the thing IS –

You will have the absolute peace and certainty that you JUST won the entire freaking game, and that from this moment forward?

Everything else you create, allow in, become? Is the cherry on top of the WHOLENESS you’ve spent your entire life searching for and have in this moment now found.

Right where it always was –


The thing IS, also, and I trust you know this, you feel me, you GET it, the thing IS –

The money you want
The being seen-ness which your soul craves
The desperate desire to unleash your truest art into the world
The worries and fears around how to build it all into an empire – 
and perhaps even a life –

All of these things have been evading you because of your refusal to PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST and first things are and only can be YOU BEING YOU. Doing you baby boo, and knowing that no, you don’t need to have a CLUE –

about the perfect strategy
or marketing plan
or way to brand or grow or sell or be seen

– if it’s not all built on a foundation of you showing up for your deepest truth, and falling all the way into the magic which you came here to be.

“But Kat, what do I gotta sell and say and share and HOW? I wanna grow my audience and make more of the monies and have more people listen and feel SAFE, and FREE, and RICH!”

YES my child.

I know you do.

And I want you to know you GET to.


What use is it to you to have the very bestest marketing and sales and growin’ things plan in the WORLD, if it’s all piled upon a house of cards so flimsy, so SURFACE based, so FEAR-led, so.not.you?

What, you think that somehow you can build the wrong damn thing by BEING the not real you and then, once you got rich and seen and shit you can turn around and do a quick switcheroo, become all that you’ve been refusing to be and bare your raw naked soul the way it’s always MEANT to have been?

You think that you can get to where life is magic and flow and YES by, uhhhh –


That’s just bad math girl, and I KNOW you’re not that stupid.

So, let me ask you –

Are you willing today to be honest with yourself?

Are you willing for today to be the day you FINALLY admit that no matter how much some bits of it may be ‘working’ on the surface of it, that the REALITY is it will NEVER, never EVER ever ever, feel as though it’s working if it’s not 100% based on a structure of you following the flow of what you’re being led to do, from soul.

The thing with following the damn flow is –

and I get that this is a little irritating for some of you –

you can’t very well follow it if you refuse to damn well give in to it.

That’s all there is to say about that.

And so you create your life accordingly.

And to poorly quote Dr Seuss –

whichever way you go?

There you will ultimately be.

That’s all.


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