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Have you ever wished you had a secret weapon you could use to guarantee that your every word makes you money? A way that you could KNOW people would not only line up to be a part of what you’re offering but practically beg you to take their money in exchange for your services? A bullet-proof SYSTEM for turning your knowledge, skills and passion into a virtual cash machine, allowing you to create the business and life of your dreams and live your ultimate lifestyle NOW?

Guess what? You do have a secret weapon and you CAN create your ultimate lifestyle business now!

And when you join me in Write. Speak. Sell – The Simple System to Turn Your Words Into Profit, Guaranteed! I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you too can turn your every word into cold, hard, cash. Not to mention change the world in the process!

Hi gorgeous!

My name is Katrina Ruth and I’m excited to share this program with you. In Write. Speak. Sell. I’m working with YOU to help you unleash the REAL you onto the world in a way that stops your prospective clients in their tracks and has them falling over themselves to pay to work with you!

You really CAN turn your passion into profit, and you can create an incredible lifestyle biz that supports you to do what you were born to do, reach countless thousands of people, and make more money than you’ve ever allowed yourself to dream possible!

And I’d love to show you how.

Join Write. Speak. Sell. today and work with me for 6 weeks to learn how to turn your words into profit, guaranteed!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You have a general idea of how to write a sales email or a sales page, but every time you sit down to DO it, something inside of you just wants to curl up and die. You feel embarrassed to really ‘put yourself out there’ and whilst you know you’re kinda underselling yourself you’re too scared of sound ‘salesy’ so you just leave things as they are and hope for the best. Or worse still, you’re still sitting on that dusty old sales page trying to figure out what to do with it!
  • You’re scared of sending too many emails during a launch because you don’t want to be too pushy, but yet you know you’re leaving a TON of money on the table …
  • Last time you blogged consistently was when you were writing your teenage crush journal to share with your girlfriends … now, when you do blog you have a sneaking suspicion that nobody is really reading it anyway, and even if they are they’re not BUYING!
  • You’ve tried doing Strategy Sessions to sell high-end in your business and frankly you just HATE it. You feel like a robot if you’re following a script (and there’s that word again, salesy!) but if you DON’T follow one you feel as though you’re flying blind … and headed for a crash. You’re spending time on the phone without getting the results you want and you’re over it!
  • You’ve heard of people selling BIG amounts straight off teleseminars or webinars but you have no idea how to do that successfully. Do you need a script? A system? A format? A hook? What’s a hook anyway?! How do people pull in those big numbers!
  • You have a voice and you desperately want to get it out there but you just don’t know HOW. You feel like your better writing might be you accidentally copying the language of your already-successful mentors and gurus and you’re worried that you’ll never figure out how to really be ‘you’.
  • You totally ‘get’ the idea of being super authentic and ‘real’ in your writing and speaking but why is it so hard? Surely ‘doing you’ should come naturally?! How do you take off the filter without sounding like a complete wanker? How do you naturally attract the clients who are drawn to the REAL you and therefore are awesome to work with? How do you build a BRAND around being you, and become a cult leader?!
  • You love the idea of selling from the stage, either on or offline, but it also makes you want to shit your pants – terrifying! Plus, what if nobody buys?
  • You want to make more money, faster, by sharing your TRUE message and reaching your true community in a way that is natural, aligned, and feels freaking awesome!

If any or ALL of that sounds familiar, then you need to join Write. Speak. Sell. Home Study Program today! We’ll be working to turn your every word into PROFIT and create a simple and elegant sales system to launch your Next Big Thing from a place of ease, flow, and so that you actually make MONEY.


Join Write. Speak. Sell. today, and save over $100!! Was $397 Now Only $277!

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Here’s what I’ll be sharing with you!

  • How to “find your voice” (and what that means anyway), so that you can create a powerful message designed to create momentum, action and SALES in your community.
  • The fastest way to grow a list of truly awesome people – by making a stand for what you DO stand for, and standing clearly against the rest.
  • How to write blog posts that make people fall off their seat in shock – in a good way that has them thanking you and telling you “I can’t believe you said that”, then asking how they can work with you.
  • How to write from the heart sales pages that just pour out of you – not a template or salesy approach in sight – in as little as a couple of hours and create tens of thousands of dollars in recurring income for you.
  • The foolproof method to confidently speak and sell from the stage, with conversion rates as high as 100% just by tuning in to the message YOU want to share and your audience wants to hear.
  • Exactly how to format and deliver group based webinars and telecalls designed to make upwards of $80,000 a pop.
  • How to fall in LOVE with your strategy sessions by getting into a CONVERSATION with people rather than feeling like you’re just pitching them – and how to flat out overcome any objection that is thrown at you, just by speaking your truth in a way that compels people to want to work with you now.
  • The simple method I use on all my sales emails – such that they make in excess of $60,000 each and NEVER read like a ‘sales email’ – in fact, people actually thank me for sending them sales emails! This can happen for you as well, and I’ll show you how.

Your words are your MOST effective asset in your business, but are they working FOR you or against you right now? You don’t have to be a “writer” or “speaker” in order to write and speak to sell but you DO have to understand how to use your words to compel people to take immediate ACTION. Let me show you how!

How Write. Speak. Sell. Works

Join Write. Speak. Sell. Home Study Program today and work with me for 6 weeks to learn how to turn your words into profit, guaranteed!

  • You’ll receive a module each week for 6 weeks, taking you through the exact processes I use daily in my business to write and speak to sell.
  • You’ll also receive templates, worksheets, and exercises designed to help you bring the course material to life in a way that you can use – and sell with! – right away, while you’re still completing the program!

Don’t miss out, register for your place below NOW!

What Can You Expect to Achieve by Being Part of Write. Speak. Sell?

Everything I’m teaching you will serve you in your business for many years to come. I promise you that implementing even a small fraction of the powerful writing and speaking tools I’m going to share you will have you growing your list AND your income faster than you ever believed possible … and within months, no less. All that being said, there are 5 VERY specific and awesome benefits you can expect to achieve when you join me.

  • Get Your Next Sales Campaign DONE. We’ll be working through the program on your next big launch, and putting together the ‘actual’ sales and promotional materials, both written and spoken, for you to use either right away or when you’re ready to go live.
  • Grow Your Tribe. We’ll be using the power of viral blogging to grow your audience FAST. I regularly add over 500 people a week to my email list and you can do the same. What’s more, we’re adding people who want what you’re selling!
  • Show People What You’re Really Made Of. Stop pussy-footing around playing it safe and position yourself as the WARRIOR LEADER you were born to be. You want to stand out and make a difference, let alone money? You need to be a leader, and have a TRIBE of people who would walk over hot coals to work with you. And you will.
  • Turn Your Every Prospect Into a Hungry Buyer. One of the things about being a leader? Is you have followers. And followers? Follow. And they ASK you how they can work with you, they are just WAITING for you to sell them something because the power of what you give them each day is that incredible. We’re going to make this happen for YOU so that you never again have to worry where your customers are going to come from!
  • Plus learn a replicable system for recurring sales and list growth, so that you never have to worry about where your next dollar is coming from again! I’ll be sharing with you how you can create a ‘set and forget’ sales system using powerful hook-driven emails, to sell your entry-level program or offering on REPEAT, so that each and every morning when you wake up you have new buyers who’ve paid you money!

If you are currently NOT growing your business in the way you want to and not making the MONEY you want to be making then you simply have to be part of Write. Speak. Sell. Home Study Program!

Join Write. Speak. Sell. today, and save over $100!! Was $397 Now Only $277!

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A little about me, Katrina Ruth

I’m an author, speaker and entrepreneur, Mum to my beautiful 8 year old daughter and 4 year old son, and I am passionate about helping kickass women entrepreneurs like you design the business and life of their dreams. My special gift is in inspiring, motivating and empowering women who already know they can HAVE it all to get out there and TAKE it all. 

I am blessed to be living my dreams as a best-selling author and an internationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur and coach, as well as the founder of my AWESOME (if I do say so, and I do!) Rich Chick Coaching Institute, Rich Chick Certification Program, Rich Chick Business Mastermind, and Rich Chick Magazine.

I’ll be honest gorgeous, not everything I create has the Midas touch. I’ve had more than my share of failed ideas and launches over the years! But that is PRECISELY why I have honed my writing and speaking abilities to a point where I know exactly how to speak to my audience in a way that sells BIG and sells fast. It’s exactly why my business now does in excess of $80,000 in sales each and every month, and growing.

And look, it doesn’t hurt that I love to write and I love to speak. But the passion I’ve always had to share my message didn’t always result in the big paydays it does now! And nor did it mean that writing and speaking always came easily to me. I spent 3 years carefully trialing every possible sort of online launch out there. Blog posts, emails, sales pages, group and individual calls, you name it and I’ve done it.

I know what works and I know what doesn’t.

And in Write. Speak. Sell. I want to save you the time and effort of having to figure everything out yourself and show you how you can fast track STRAIGHT to where things are just WORKING and you never again have to try and ‘hard sell’ or worry about whether your list will grow and people will buy your stuff!

If my story resonates with you, and you want to turn your EVERY word into profit, then what are you waiting for? Join Write. Speak. Sell. today!

Your business depends on your ability to communicate your message in a way that makes your prospects want to take action NOW. Is this truth currently working FOR you, or AGAINST you?

It might be nice to think that the ‘build it and they will come’ approach to business is something that actually works, but in the real (online!) world things just don’t turn out that way.

If you want to stand out from the crowded marketplace that is the world of online business, then you need to be DAMN good at one very important thing – being you, and doing a fine job of it.

Sounds simple in theory, right? I mean if you’re not going to be YOU then who are you going to be? But tell me –

When was the last time you wrote something that resulted in DIRECT sales for your business?

When did you last deliver a call that made you in the tens of thousands (or even thousands) of dollars?

Do you have people referring you to their friends daily because your message is that damn powerful?

Do you KNOW that if you needed to make an extra 5k … 10k … or even multiple tens of thousands you could put something together that would sell TODAY?

If you can’t hand on your heart answer yes to all of the above, then learning how to write and speak to sell is not just a good idea – it’s essential to the survival of your business.

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If any or ALL of that sounds familiar, then you need to join Write. Speak. Sell. Home Study Program today! We’ll be working to turn your every word into PROFIT and create a simple and elegant sales system to launch your Next Big Thing from a place of ease, flow, and so that you actually make MONEY.

Join Write. Speak. Sell. today, and save over $100!! Was $397 Now Only $277!

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Gorgeous, isn’t it time you started making the money you SHOULD be making? Stop messing around with time-consuming and NON aligned systems and strategies and just start getting the REAL you out there into the world in a way that makes people sit up and pay attention and then GIVE YOU MONEY! Join Write. Speak. Sell. today to find out how!

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If any or ALL of that sounds familiar, then you need to join Write. Speak. Sell. Home Study Program today! We’ll be working to turn your every word into PROFIT and create a simple and elegant sales system to launch your Next Big Thing from a place of ease, flow, and so that you actually make MONEY.

Join Write. Speak. Sell. today, and save over $100!! Was $397 Now Only $277!

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